Wednesday, November 25, 2009 Ticket Giveaway: Big Boi x Clipse x Yelawolf at The Gallery at King Plow (LAST PAIR!)

Wow. Ya'll really want these tickets. Yesterdays contest recieved alot of participation and everybody got the answers right, unfortunately there could only be one winner. Just for kicks, here are the correct answers. I only asked for three but as you can see there were four...upping your chances for winning.

1.) Has served in the US Armed Forces
2.) Has been nominated for a Grammy (In case you're wondering...Clipse was nominated for a Grammy with Justin Timberlake for Best Rap/Sung collaboration for "Like I Love You")
3.) Has owned a clothing line
4.) Has been Punk'd by Ashton Kutcher
5.) Has been signed to Jive/Arista Records
6.) Has recorded a song with Bun B

Anyways, here is today's trivia question:

Big Boi is known for representing Atlanta. Clipse are known for representing Virginia Beach. But neither of them were actually born there.

What are the birthplaces of both Big Boi and Clipse respectively?

Just like yesterday, the first person to answer the question correctly in the comments section gets the tickets. Make sure you leave an email or twitter name or something so I can contact you if you win. Good luck folks.

Tickets also available Gallery Group Atlanta


Miss Solow Dolow said...

Big Boi - Savannah, GA
Clipse - Bronx, NY

Boaw Boaw

Danielle said...

Dammit! She wins, lol.

Anonymous said...

can u buy tickets at the door? SOMEONE HELP ME OUT HERE! lol

southpeezy said...

@ anon

yes, i believe you can buy tix at the door

Ol jesus said...

first devin now this man when i get the real internet ima make yo site my home page mane i miss everthing