Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lil Boosie Sentenced to 4 Years

As you guys saw, I just interviewed Boosie last month while he was here in Atlanta for the BET Hip Hop Awards. His infamous "keep ya head up" quip spread all over the internet, but it was what he said after that let me know that he at least had an ounce of optimism left in the middle of his current situation. He talked about about how he's not doing the reported 2 years, but only 1, and how show promoters were already trying to book him for his first Saturday out of prison. On top of that he planned on releasing an album, Free At Last, weeks after his release. Pretty much, he felt that going to prison was going to provide priceless publicity for him. Well, that still may be the case, but it looks like he's going to have to wait an extra three years to capitalize.

Boosie apparently violated terms of his probation and was sent straight to jail yesterday and got 3 years added to his sentence. Unfortunately, I can't say I'm too surprised. You could almost see it coming. Hell, there was some shit that went down the day of our interview that could've gotten him sent to jail that day too. Not gonna get all into what it was, but, it wasn't the smartest thing to be doing. Which was evidenced by the manner in which his manager picked up the phone (0:57-1:08 mark) when she heard what happened, which led to us doing the interview in the hotel...to keep him out of more trouble.

I don't know what needs to happen to let Boosie know that he needs to slow his roll and smarten up, but hopefully this 4 year sentence will be the last reality check he needs to cash before the Bank of Life says "insufficient funds."

Oh yeah...what the hell is going on in Louisiana anyway? Wayne, B.G., Boosie...jail is becoming more known than the studio for this state's rappers.

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