Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Who Me?: Maurice Garland Interview at VIBE.com

Yeah, I'm kinda tripping right now. But shouts out to the homie Jozen Cummings at VIBE.com for reaching out and thinking enough of me to interview me for theri Best 50 Rap Blogs feature. I ranked #42.

Man, this is a real surprise. When JC hit me and said they want to feature me, I almost didn't know what to say. I'm used to being the one doing interviews, not getting interviewed. It actually turned out better than what I thought, ya'll know how I can get the rambling sometimes...like now.

But yeah, check out the interview: THIS IS WHAT IT LINKS LIKE: Maurice Garland

*shouts out to Hannibal Matthews for the photo...its getting around.


M said...

congrats dude.. i have been reading you for about over a year now and your shit is on point... you are as ATL as Monica Kaufman!

Баян said...

so u's a celebrity now ha? LOL

good one

"Maurice is the Ted Turner of hip hop in ATL" ain't that nice?

"rap blogs are the new streets, breaking music and news"

the author says exactly what i've been thinking for a while: bloggers are the nu DJ's

i also agree witcha that Yelawolf is on some totally otha shit

Kinshuner said...

Congrats Maurice, looks like all of your work is paying off. Keep it up!

Chris (CT) said...

Comgrats my boi....this is Chirs from FVSU (WGUR)...man you and slim have come a long way man...do it big!!