Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Grip Plyaz "F*ck That Hipster Sh*t" t-shirts

Kei Opens Doors and Grip Plyaz are bringing you the t-shirt of the year for the song of the year, "F*ck That Hipster Sh*t."

In conjunction with hip-hop artists that wear skinny jeans and ‘streetwear’ and hate being called a hipster, Kei Opens Doors Management & Grip Plyaz will be pushing “Fuck Dat Hipster Shit” track as a single to prepare for the release of Grip’s 3rd solo project, Purp, Wind & Fire

“Fuck Dat Hipster Shit” is more than just a song; it’s a motto for today’s generation of ‘differently dressed’ kids that play a role in today’s hip-hop culture. The song is a statement of epic proportions that deserves that extra push to a generation of hip-hop artists that want to be recognized for more than their attire; and also to draw positive attention to the under-indie hip-hop scene in Atlanta.

The shirt is already dope, but if they really wanted to kill'em they should've put "I don't ride bikes, I'm too damn cool" as quote. But yeah, if you're feeling the song, shirt and message behind it, cop one over at Kei an'nem spot,

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