Thursday, November 12, 2009



You know its a crazy time in music when I can sit here and say "wow, its been a minute since we heard from {insert name}" when its actually only been five months. But we all know in this rat race/post first internet rap age we live in, five months feels like five years...

That said, I put a few of ya'll up on Cyhi Da Prynce back in April when his What Tha DEC Been Missing mixtape dropped. I thought it had some dope stuff on there but it seemed like after he dropped a video for "Georgia" after a month or so of doing shows around the city, he kinda fell back.

I just happened to see Prynce for the first time in a while at this industry party honoring Bu Thiam (Akon's brother) last week and he seemed and sounded to be on the up and up. So I guess it was just in the cards for Greg Street to hit me out of the blue yesterday with some new music from him.

This track "Studder" is a leak from his follow-up mixtape What Tha DEC Been Missing Vol. 2. Greg said it blows the first volume out of the water, so I'm anxious to see if that rings true. I like Vol.1 but just wanted to hear more original songs more than beat-jacks. Like I said in earlier posts, what I like about Prynce is that he tries to apply a concept in everything he writes and he does it here with a st-st-studdering flow through the whole song.

No need to be alarmed, he actually does a dope job in pulling it off without it sounding too gimmicky or worst...annoying. Its late and my mind escapes me, but the only time I can think of someone applying a studder in a rhyme on purpose was when Big Pun did it on "John Blaze" 11 years ago.

But yeah I'm rambling, check out the song and be on the look out for the video soon. Oh yeah, he mighta snapped when he said "slow to serve you like Checkers"...lawd knows Checkers is slow as hell!