Monday, November 16, 2009

Jody Breeze-"Oh My God"

Jody Breeze and Zach Wolfe hooked up again for this one. I was actually at this shoot and had a chance to sit down with Jody to talk about his "Uptown Freestyle" video. That interview didn't really...I guess, go too well with either one of us so we're supposed to be hooking up later to really talk.

As far as this video is concerned, you'll see alot of faces you may not know but one that sticks out is that one Mr. Adam "Pac Man" Jones. I chopped it up with dude for a little bit and it sounds like football is the farthest thing from his mind right now. But he did say that he was happily engaged and is going to be coming out with a reality show/documentary about his life. Hell, I thought ESPN and the news in general had that covered, so it will be interesting to see his side of things.

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