Friday, May 30, 2008

Go Jaguars!

Well, looks like someone else got crunk on my birthday. Last Friday, on the last day of school, a student and teacher at Stephenson High School got in squabble. Another student in the class (which happened to be the in-house suspension class) caught the whole thing on her camera phone.

First off, I think I spent the last days of my 11th grade year in in-house suspension, so I know how tense that kind of environment can be. You ready to settle every beef you had with every teacher. I myself had extra incentive to go crazy since I knew I wasn't going to be going to that school next year anyway. But, I chose to use at least some of the home training I had left and chill out.

But damn, these kids today are off the chain. Back when I was in school, sure, I had teachers I hated. The most I ever did was cuss at a couple of them, I never thought about actually putting hands on them. But I guess that's a thing of the past now.

Channel 2 ACTION (how appropriate)News has the story and video at their site. I know its wrong, but I'm laughing at this one. Shows that my Redan is a much more illustrious institution than Stephenson. I mean for crying out loud, Stephenson is the same school that Lil Jon, Lil Scrappy and Trillville shot their "Neva Eva" video at. How appropriate and ironic is it that the opening to this video is almost a carbon copy to the actually fight footage. Crunk 101 is obviously the best class going there. {snickers}

Thursday, May 29, 2008

ReDISCover: Ice-T

I can be a sucker for nostalgia sometimes. Either than or I'm getting old(er). There's not much new rap music I care to listen to or allow myself to listen to for that matter. That may be somewhat of a shock to you being that I write for a few rap and urban music/lifestyle magazine, but please, don't be surprised. Most writers and editors at magazines that shape and determine what's hot and not don't listen to the shit they write about either. The crazier thing is, from what I've noticed, it seems like the less you know about the music you write about, the more money you make.

I guess subconsciously not knowing what the fuck you're talking about comes across as being intuitive. I know you all have read interviews thinking "why did they ask that dumb shit?" I used to think it was because they might have been asking on behalf of readers who didn't know, being that most journalism courses teach you that you are supposed to write for readers as if they don't have an education that goes past 7th grade. But nah, alot of times it was because the writer or interviewer themselves didn't know either, or they just dumb and lame like that.

But yeah, like I was saying, I don't listen to alot of the "new, hot" shit that the media promotes. I go to shows and actually talk to folks. That's how I stay up on most of the shit thats going on out here. I listen to old shit for the most part. And its not always because it reminds me of what I was doing when I first heard it. Most of the time its because its still relevant and applicable to what's going on years and even decades later. Plus, I grew up in a household where older music got played just as much as the new shit, typically because there was a time when the classics and contemporaries were both dope for the most part.

Sorry for rambling, you know how I get.

Anyways. I rediscovered some of Ice-T's music recently. One thing I always respected about Ice was that all of his songs were reality based. This drug tales and crime sprees always ended with death or jail. Scared white folks like the president, politicians, news journalists and others labeled music like his "gangsta." When really really, it was political. Record labels, and even some of the artists themselves gravitated to the term because it sold. I can't be too mad at them for that. I mean, would you buy music from the "political" section at the record store?

Anyways, I just wanted to share some my favorite Ice-T songs/videos. I've also threw in some interviews just to remind us of a time when rappers actually stood for something and represented a community of people, and above that spoke intelligently because they knew the power of having a microphone. Not just niggas in their crew who dress like them or people at their record label. Enjoy.

Ice-T on Arsenio Hall Addresses "Cop Killer" controversy



Two Part Ice-T Interview From Germany

Ice-T-"New Jack Hustler"

Ice-T-"Bitches 2"

Ice-T-"Mind Over Matter"

Ice-T-"It's On"

Ice-T-"99 Problems"

The Matrix Unplugged

Whats up folks. I'm back sorta. I know its been a week since my last post, which like 7 years in blogtime. But hey, I'm a writer who happens to blog, not a blogger. I've learned that about myself over the last few months. I'm not a blogging ass nigga like that. I mean, I enjoy reading some blogs, and I've written some spirited ones myself from time to time, but I really ain't a blogging ass nigga like that.

I just had to unplug from the matrix for a little bit. And I have to tell ya, it feels damn good. I actually felt good not knowing what stupid statement Lil Wayne made. Felt even better not knowing what GaThugBoi87 had to say about it. Anyways, I'm kinda back, but not all the way. I am actually challenging myself to a blog diet. The ones I used to go to out of habit, but never really offered any information relevant to my life...are getting cut out. I mean, I like some of what the information highway has to offer, but, that shit gets on my nerves sometimes.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thank God For The Internets...

The homie Noz just hit me with an early birthday present.

During my freshman year at Fort Valley State a smoking partner, er, close friend of my mine had a tape he threw on one night when we was blazing. It was a tape of Goodie Mob, Pretty Ken (dope MC/Cee-Lo's cousin/founder of the Attic Crew/last verse on "Dope Boy Fresh")and Black Thought of the Roots "freestyling" over Rahzel's beatboxing. He taped it off of 88.5 back in '95.

Since my friend treated himself to my lighters and snacks, I treated myself to his tape one day. Since he smoked 10 times as much as me, I doubt he even noticed it was missing. Karma is a bitch because I wound up losing the tape a few months later.

The same way I thought I'd never hear Goodie Mob's "Hold On" ever again, I felt the same about this moment in time. I asked Cee-Lo if he had a copy of it back when Goodie Mob came to FVSU for Homecoming in 1999. He said he "had laying around somewhere." I asked Khujo about it last year when I was doing a Classic Material for XXL on Soul Food. He said he had but didn't know where.

Now, low and behold here it is on the internet. Man. I stumbled across a great birthday gift before my birthday even came. Thank You Internet, you are good for something after all!

Oh yeah, I put "freestyling" in quotes because if you own Soul Food, you'll recognize alot of the lyrics here.

Goodie Mob, Pretty Ken & The Roots 1995 Freestyle
(scroll down to "Roots & Goodie Mob")

As you can see, there are also links to some lengthy interviews with the Goodie Mob. And while you're here I might as well tell you that ?uestlove and Black Thought will be at MJQ on Friday night right after their show with E.Badu at the Fox.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bun B feat. Bulletproof, Chino XL & Killer Mike-"Some Hoes"

Mr. Zela just sent me this joint.

Two things:

I ran into Bun again last week at Verve during his listening party. I already talked about how cool dude was. But it fucked me up when he told me that he reads my blogs. No, not Black Ice @ XXL. But this one and WOW! I don't even check that shit and its my site.

Two. Killer Mike's verse is a feather ruffler. Crazy shit. He reads my blogs, I listen to his raps and it we sounds like we feel the same about alot of things.

Two more things:

One. I could have done with out the Bulletproof dude.

Two. Chino XL still be snapping.

Bun B feat. Bulletproof, Chino XL & Killer Mike-"Some Hoes"

Weird Science

This makes my 2nd Grade book report on Andrew Young look like shit.


What grade did he get for this?
What class is this for?
Did his parents help him?
What did the other kids do theirs on?

He's probably the same kid that came up with this scientific gem.

I Ain't Goin' Nowhere....

No, I don't mean that in the "you haters can't take me down" type way...I mean literally, I ain't going nowhere. Have you seen these crazy ass gas prices??? Of course you have. This is some bullshit. I like to go out, but damn, living in Decatur, unless I'm hitting up Chit Chat or Scores or something, shit is really a hassle. At the top of the year it only cost me about $40 to fill up. Now, that shit up damn near $20. Shit, these clubs and other spots need to start coming down off their admission and drink prices just to show appreciation to muthafuckas spending that much money just to get there. I mean, one of the good things about living in Atlanta and the South period was that you didn't have to catch a cab to get around. But now, you might as well. Everytime you hop in your car its like you're spending a dollar a mile to get to wherever you're going.

Another reason I'm not going out anymore is because of this crazy ass gun bill the State of Georgia just passed. Governor Sonny Purdue powered through a bill making it A-O-K to pack heat at the park, in restaurants that serve liquor as well on public transportation vehicles. Meaning, that you can tote your pistol where you damn well please as well as you got a permit.

He and the other people that voted on this bill feel that tragedies such as school shootings can be prevented if everyone is armed at all times.

I'm kinda back and forth on guns. One part of me says that we all should have the right to have guns as long as the police have guns, we have the right to defend ourselves from them. The other side of me feels that the best way to cut back on violence is to eliminate guns altogether. I mean, as long as they are on the street, people are going to keep shooting them.

So, knowing that gas prices are outrageous and that niggas gonna be having guns up in the club give me absolutely incentive to go out. That kinda sucks, my birthday is on Friday.

What do you think?

Friday, May 16, 2008

"I Got My Trappin' Drawls On"

R.E. emailed me a song by this dude from North Cack named Big Prime, telling me I had to hear it. When someone says that, its not always guaranteed to be dope...

When I got the email and saw the name of the song, I didn't know what to think. When I listened to the song, I didn't know what to say.

The song is about wearing the same drawls for a week while "grinding in the trap." I've never lived the trap life because I'm not a fan of going to jail. But shied, wearing the same drawls for a week sounds worst. At least in the pokey you get clean drawls (i think).

I mean, I heard songs about the ills of trap life, and some of them have touched on wearing the same clothes. But they spoke on them in a way that sounded gloomy. This track right here (the beat ain't bad), sounds like he's celebrating being funky. Hell, it sounds like he's the junkie and not the dealer.

At least its partially realistic though. Because all these other trap/coke rappers walking around rocking ice is pure fantasy. None of the drug dealers I know look extra fly. They all dress bummy and smell like crack and vinegar.

But yeah here is the song for your listening pleasure. I was debating posting this because I usually don't paying stuff like this too too much attention. Mainly because when you do, even in ridicule, you'll mess around and make it popular ("Smell Yo Dick," "Fry Dat Chicken").

Big Prime feat. Shawty Lo "Trappin Drawls"

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Yeah, its that same kid who stole his grandmother's SUV a couple weeks ago. Damn, are we watching a career criminal in the making?

Dwele Album Preview

This is a pretty dope idea. First time I've seen this. Dwele has his album preview in the form of a youtube video so that people like me and you can go listen and them post them up on blogs. Very user friendly for the folks who still don't know how to download zshare links and stuff.

As far as the music is concerned, its the same ol' Dwele. Which is good and bad. Its hard to not like his stuff because most of it is easy on the ears and grooves. But, my main gripe about his albums is that they always sound like ONE LONG ASS SONG. I went to a Dwele show a couple times, and both times the show was over before I knew it because most of the songs sounded alike. Outside of "Find A Way" I just thought he was doing extended remixes of the same 2 songs.

Hold up, this song that starts at the 4:40 mark is kinda dope, and different for him. Anyways, listen for yourself and enjoy.

Twista & Speedknot Mobstaz-"Money To Blow"

I'm about to interview these dudes in about 20 minutes so I figured I'd post this. I coulda swore we we're in a recession though. I'm gonna ask them if I can borrow some of this money they blowing. LEMME HOLD SUMPTHIN!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Morehouse Has Open Doors

If Morehouse is ready for a White valedictorian, surely America is ready for a Black president.


Uh Oh

While I was up working and eshopping waaaaaaaaay past my bed time, I thought I'd check my myspace right quick before I took it on in to the bed. Started clicking around and stumbled across Josh Smith's myspace page. Can't say that I know buddy like that, but when I do see him, he does at least remember me from when I used to cover the Hawks. His profile is set to private and I was about to send a friend request on some "whats up, good job, looking forward to next year" shit, but then I peeped his $tatu$ me$$age. Its clear what he's out for and judging from his rumblings over the season about not being offered an extension...this off-season will be very interesting. Billy Knight who drafted him out of high school just resigned and Coach Woodson who has had a few headbutts with Josh is still here and quite possibly bought himself more time after this year's playoff performance.

"Good Josh" who blocks, rebounds, commits to defense and passes the ball is worth a pretty penny. "Bad Josh" who likes to snag the defensive rebound then dribble the length of the court and get stripped, shoot ill advised 3-pointers and act like he doesn't know what a point guard is worth a $3 bill.

I'd really hate to see dude leave, but I understand that this is a business. But damn thought. I hope things work out in our favor.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day from ESPN

In celebration of Mother's Day, ESPN has posted a well written story about newly re-instated NBA'er Chris "Birdman" Anderson's roller-coaster life and his rocky relationship with his mother. The happy ending is a work in progress.


Oh yeah...

For some reason, alot of folks have been reminding me of my old Myspace blogs where I used to just tell random stories or give my twisted views of the world. Just last week someone reminded me of this one in particular. I wrote it on Mother's Day last year. Peep it out here.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Message From Killer Mike

Another reason why dude is my favorite rapper.

Spotted at NahRight. Done at Mass Appeal.

Alfamega feat. Busta Rhymes-"Head Banger"

Alfamega feat. Busta Rhymes-"Head Banger"

This joint got emailed to me when was out eating lunch. Can't say that I'm a Alfamega fan like that, but he does interest me. Dude snaps when he wants to, and I tend to believe most if not all of the shit that he raps about. I've heard that he's crazy for real but every time I've met him, he's been cool.

Funny shit, I wrote a less than favorable review about that In The Streetz Pt. 4 album that came and went with the quickness for Ozone a while back. I was told that review pissed a couple people at Grand Hustle off.

I said something in particular about 'Mega's song and his publicist informed me that he wanted to meet me and "talk about it." I can't remember what I said, but I don't remember calling the shit wack, I think I just said the song was good but could have been great with a couple alterations.

So, one night I'm out at an event and his publicist told me that he was in the building and he heard that I was there too and that he was "looking for me." Bless her heart, but she told me that shit like was supposed to be like "oh no!" We wound up running into each other and he wasn't tripping. He just wanted clarification on some of the words I used to describe the song because he wasn't absolutely sure what they meant. I explained that they weren't scathing remarks, if anything they were encouraging words. He understood, offered me a beer and we threw one back at the bar. Cool.

But, the one thing that did have me worried about this big ass nigga was the fact that it felt like he followed me out of the club and shit that night. Come to find out he just happened to park in the same lot as me. He asked what I was about to get into and said I should follow him to the after hours spot for more drinks. I declined, that nigga was probably trying to throw me in the trunk {just playing}.

Speaking of which, this song kinda reminds me of "Neva Scared." What do you think? Only thing missing is a T.I. verse. Judging from what happened the last time a song with Tip, Busta and Mega dropped, it might not be a good look.

Good Knight

This showed up in my email this morning...


On July 1st, he will end six-year tenure with the Hawks after the franchise

earned its first playoff berth in nine seasons

ATLANTA, GA ----- The Atlanta Hawks announced today that Executive Vice-President and General Manager Billy Knight has submitted his resignation, effective July 1st, after six seasons with the club.

“The time has come for me to take a break and fully evaluate my future plans,” said Knight. “I am tremendously pleased with what we were able to accomplish this season in reaching the postseason, as the Hawks’ return to the playoffs energized the city and our franchise. My passion for the franchise has never wavered, but I feel I’m leaving the organization in much better shape than it was in when I took over. I also appreciate the jobs done by Mike (Woodson), his staff and the players during this season. They are most deserving of the praise and accolades they earned during a tough, seven-game series against the Eastern Conference’s top team entering the playoffs, and I wish them and the Hawks organization the very best in the future.”

Knight, 55, was the chief architect behind the rebuilding of the Hawks, taking over the position of General Manager in April 2003 after spending one season as Atlanta’s Director of Basketball Operations. In his six years, the Hawks went from an underachieving franchise with overpaid players to one whose transformation began with making wise decisions through the draft and developing that talent, while maintaining financial flexibility to acquire the best talent mix without handicapping the future of the club.

The Hawks finished 2007-08 with a 37-45 record and extended the Boston Celtics to seven games in the first round of the playoffs, the franchise first postseason berth since the 1998-99 (lockout-shortened) season.

“We respect the decision Billy has made to resign and we are grateful and appreciative of the job he has done,” said Atlanta Hawks co-owner Michael Gearon. “Billy has built a team of athletic, high character players who have enormous potential. Under his leadership, the Hawks were not only the youngest team in this year’s playoffs, but have also proven to be the most exciting team Atlanta has seen since the Dominique (Wilkins) era of the 80's. We look forward to building on Billy's success as we continue our efforts to emerge as one of the NBA's elite franchises for a long time to come.”

Formerly with the Memphis Grizzlies and Indiana Pacers in various capacities, Knight has spent nearly 25 years in the NBA as a player or front office executive.

That was pretty fast. Faster than the Hawks move usually. Wonder if Woody is next.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I-20-"Down South"

I like I-20. I think he's a decent rapper. I enjoy some of his stuff. He makes cool songs. But, I can't say that I'd just sit or ride to his stuff like that. Its probably the voice. Dude has skills and above average wordplay, but that voice man, it gets irritating to listen to after while. Which is why he probably sounds a lot better when he's doing cameos or joints that have featured artists on there with him. Listening to a full song of just him can be a task sometimes.

Funny, a few years ago when I was at The Source awards, when I-20's first single "Break Bread" came out my dude Ali said that I-20 was an appropriate name for dude because when he starts rapping your attention speeeeeeeeeds past his verse onto Luda's hook. That's foul, but its funny.

But, but fugg it, I-20's from Decatur (obviously) and reps it hard. I run into him at Kroger and South Dekalb Mall every once in a while, so he really be out here. So I got to show him love.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Yelawolf-"My Box Chevy pt.2"

Peep the new vid from my folks, Yelawolf. If you haven't peeped his STEREO mixtape yet, you're tripping.

A Friendly Reminder

When someone emailed me this earlier today, I couldn't look at it because I was on my blackberry, not my computer. Plus, I was out at Chapel Hill Middle School talking to some 8th graders.

But when I finally got back in front a computer to peep this clip, it reminded me of what I hated about riding MARTA, crazy ass mah fuggas!

For the last month or so, I've been vowing to get back on MARTA because of these outrageous gas prices. But, the fact that its starting to heat up outside and hardly any of the places I frequent right now rest right off the train line make it a hassle.

It has nothing to do with me feeling better than the train, no shame here. Anybody and everybody that knows me knows that when I was having car problems here and there, I'd hop my ass on MARTA in a second. Hell, it served as my personal limo for many years. Hell, I've seriously been considering just riding it for the hell of it every once in while just to see whats going on in these streets. Riding MARTA is how I stayed up on what was going on and what was new. Its how I found out about what music was popular, it how I kept up, er, noticed new fashion trends. A lot of times, riding MARTA is what inspired some of my best writing and blogging.

But, seeing clips like the one above reminded me of what I didn't like about MARTA. I didn't mind the homeless people asking for money, I didn't mind the rush hour crowds. It was loud, ignorant folks like the one above that made angry that I couldn't just drive away.

When I looked at this, I couldn't even laugh. This shit is actually quite sad. This young woman is obviously on some type of drug. And seeing how she accused someone on the train of raping her, lets you know that she really needs help. After saying that, I almost feel bad for calling her ignorant and loud earlier in this post, but it is what it is.

Crazy thing is, they were pulling into East Lake station. For as long as I could remember, crazy mah fuggas always seem to either get on or get off there. On the Eastside line, from Indian Creek up to Decatur Station, folks act sensible for the most part. But from East Lake to Five Points and on into the Westside, people just get loonier and loonier. Anyone thats from here knows just how accurate the patrons on the East-West MARTA line represents the people from that given area.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Young Jeezy feat. Kanye West--"Put On"

Greg Street just played this on the radio and RE told me about it. Jeezy does Jeezy while Kanye does T-Pain.

Young Jeezy feat. Kanye West-"Put On"

Not going to the Glow In The Dark concert this weekend. According to EW, it sucked. But, am going to the Hawks game right now. Peace Out. GO HAWKS!

If you weren't able to get tickets to the Hawks game tonight, don't worry there's still plenty of crunkness left to get into. Head down to the Drunken Unicorn to see FUGGIN AWESOME 3! I went to the first one and was treated to a dope ass show. I missed the second one, but judging from the youtube footage it was off the chain. I've been looking forward to this third installment since I saw the above flyer on myspace. BP was talking about the actual bear is gonna be there, I think he was was just talking shit...I hope. Anyways, make sure you FUGG with it: Killer Mike & Grind Time, Labratz, Yelawolf, Gripplyaz, Hollyweerd, Attitude...high quality shit going down for sure.

Oh yeah, tight work on the internet/myspace campaign fellas, shit was very fly. Makes me wish I was rapper just so I could get a personalized flyer!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bobcats > Hawks, Really Doe?

So, according to Tim Legler of ESPN, the Charlotte Bobcats have a bigger upside than the Atlanta Hawks. Mainly because of players like Jason Richardson and Gerald Wallace. Yeah...ok.

This is why I don't fuck with ESPN or any sports outlet too tough, they never show us any love. Last time I checked, we were in the playoffs giving the best team in the league a run for their money. But...

He did have somewhat of a point in that the Hawks don't have any of their best players locked into long term contracts. I'm confident that we can keep them though. Keeping players here has never been the problem. Our problem has been simply giving them away in trades for next to nothing.

That got me the thinking. After seeing how the Hawks are doing right now, I pray we don't end up like the 1996-97 Washington Bullets. You know, that squad with Chris Webber, Juwan Howard and Rod Strickland. The one who got to the playoffs and got swept by the Bulls, but had everybody looking forward to seeing them wreak havoc next year.

History tells you that they changed their name to the Wizards the next year (the name Bullets started getting looked at in poor taste with D.C.'s rising crime rate) and shit just went down hill from there. Webber got traded the season after next because he couldn't keep his ass out them skreetz!. They gave Howard a ridiculous contract (can you believe he was the first player to ever sign a $100 Million-plus contract? Howard? Really?) and never lived up to it. Strickland lost a step and yeah, I'm not even gonna mention the rest of those guys.

Washington Wizards basketball didn't get back on the map until Michael Jordan came on as GM and drafted Kwame Brown in 2001 (ouch!), and they was so damn sorry that MJ brought his old ass out of retirement to try and put butts back in the seats. Yes, this is what's called a failure.

They didn't get back into the post season until the 2004-05 season when Gilbert Arenas, Antwan Jamison and Larry Hughes emerged as stars. Meaning that after that promising 96-97 season, they didn't get back to respectability until 8 years later.

I don't think I can take it. Another 8 years of a playoff drought? LORD PLEASE NO! I'm knocking on wood as I write this.

Players had always complained about the lack of fan support at Phillips Arena. Hopefully our crunkness at the playoff games will show them that people don't mind cheering when you do your job and win games. Leading them to want to stick around and see what can be, instead trying to find big money somewhere else.

But, I'll worry about that another time. Right now, I'm focused on losing my voice for the third time this week as I scream at the Playoff Factory tomorrow night. GO HAWKS!!!