Monday, November 16, 2009

MacBoney-Mac Hussien mixtape

I've been praising MacBoney solo music for a while now, telling folks to lookout for the stuff he was set to release. He's encountered a few setbacks over the last couple of years that's prevented him from doing much but today he dropped his latest joint Mac Hussien and I'm expecting nothing but fieness from it. If you're a Mac fan I'm sure you're going to want to check this out. I haven't gotten a chance to listen yet (its currently downloading at 75%) but I wanted to share it ahead of time.

Here's a song featuring Mistah FAB, 5 Mics and Kingpin Skinny Pimp to whet your appetites.

DOWNLOAD: MacBoney-Mac Hussien mixtape

Spotted at BLVDST

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QuantumPeach said...

Mac Boney has always been my fav out the P$C set. His voice, delivery and I like the way he says his "s" words....silly but true!