Friday, April 30, 2010

The Boondocks: What the F*ck Took So Long! w/ Colonel Stinkmeaner

This is my dude!

Pill-"Ok Denn" video

New video from Pill. Shot in some familiar surrounding so you may recognize the faces. His family makes some cameos too. Don't feel like you're part of it after seeing all these videos?

Anyways, Pill will be hooping tomorrow with OJ Da Juiceman, Shawty Lo, DJ Holiday and DJ Infamous at the Converse Band of Ballers Tournament. If you can't make it, I'll let you know how he does.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mike Bigga (aka Killer Mike)-"Mass Appeal/GURU Tribute" freestyle

Mike Bigga aka Killer Mike "Mass Appeal/GURU Tribute"

The homie DJ Wally Sparks just shot over this footage and track he recorded with Mike on the day Guru passed.

Stankonia Studios presents "Inside the Music" (part 2)

On May 28th Stankonia will be hosting "Inside the Music" where folks will get an educated tour of the famed studio as well as hear music from approved music groups. Here is a brief video featuring John Frye (Studio Manager) and Chris Carmouche (Grammy Award Winning Outkast Engineer) talking about it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 Hosts NO GIMMICKS This Saturday at 529

Can't afford the fight? Don't know anybody else that can? Don't feel like standing in a crowded lounge to watch it either?

Well, brang yo'ass to The 529 and enjoy some live music from Nappy Roots, Laws, Wil May, Aleon Craft, Mums FP and Lindsey McFly.

The show will be hosted by yours truly so make sure you bring a few dollars to buy your boy a drink. I guarantee the more drinks you get me, the better the show will be. Think of it as an investment.

Governed By Loyalty + Fadia Kader prsnt:
No Gimmicks

529 Flat Shoals Ave
Doors Open 10pm
Show 1030pm

B.o.B feat T.I. and Playboy Tre-"Bet I Bust"

B.o.B's debut album B.o.B presents the Adventures of Bobby Ray finally came out today. Here's the video for "Bet I Bust" featuring the homie Playboy Tre. Very happy to see this whole thing starting to blossom. I've been fortunate enough to see B.o.B's career develop from Day 1 and Tre has been there the whole time too and he is finally getting some shine too.

Directed by Gabriel Hart.

Big Boi: The Road to Lucious Leftfoot-Son of Chico Dusty part 1

Zach Wolf and Dax of Snort This came together to produce and present Big Boi's Road to Lucious Leftoot web series. In this first clip Big Boi goes back "around Frazier Homes in the Westside projects."

Behind the Scenes: T.I. "I'm Back" videoshoot


The homie Randy Roper just released these pics his dude Clevis Harrison scored at T.I.'s video shoot for "I'm Back." Courtesy of Hit the jump for more.












Southern Hospitality Is "Adrenalated" For Converse Band of Ballers"

Pill, OJ Da Juiceman, Shawty Lo, DJ Holiday and DJ Infamous have homecourt advantage in the Converse Band of Ballers Tournament this year and they don't plan on squandering it. Expect alot of elbow throwing and shirt grabbing from this team. They don't call it the Dirty South for nothing.

I'm still giving away tickets to the game this Saturday. The first person to email me the name that Pill, OJ Da Juiceman and Shawty Lo are signed to gets a pair. Email the answer to

Friday, April 23, 2010 Interviews Yelawolf (final part)

In the last clip of my interview with Yelawolf we talk about those inevitable Eminem comparisons and him signing to Kawan "KP" Prather's Ghet-O-Vision (the imprint that discovered T.I., Youngbloodz and Ray Cash).

Thanks to all of ya'll for checking these interviews out and/or posting them on your sites. Hope you enjoyed them. Just wanted to go ahead and put them out there since everybody seems to finally be opening up to Yela and giving him a shot after all these years. He had a very interesting story (hell, some of it was even left out believe it or not) and I just wanted to help tell as more people get turned on to his music via touring and his new deal with Interscope, that I hope will work out for the better. The first four parts are under the jump in case you hadn't or wanted to check them out. Holleratchee.

Talking about his Alabama roots and bringing his world to Hip Hop...

...talks specifically about how he got introduced to Hip Hop and when he actually started understanding it. We also got into his many musical influences and how they made him the artist he is today...

...talks about being "different" for most of his life, the influence his mother's lifestyle left on his life and being homeless out on the West coast...

...talks about his time in Alaska, starting his rap career and his brief stint on Missy Elliot's "Road to Stardom" reality show...

West Coast Weekend This Weekend!

Man I really hate that I'm going to miss this, the homies from the West really know how to get down...and you know they're going to be playing all the classic too? Damn.

West Coast Weekend is here and trust its an experience that you do not want to miss. If you are from the West or just have love for the music, people and lifestyle join the celebration.

First up this Friday we having a Blocc Party on Peters St check us out @ Fuse and 255 Peters from 6-9pm.
Then we moving the party to Djangos (495 P'Tree St.) for the CAtl party. A Reunion for all the folks from the West that reside in the ATL. We also have Death Row recording artist Danny Boy album release so we letting everybody in free till 10 pm.
Then Saturday its the 16th Annual Cali PicNic @ Washington Park. were gonna make sure you get the full West Coast Vibe. We have everything from A Car Show to the Roach Coach (Taco Truck).
The party dont stop cause we have the after party @ Club Inferno (393 Marietta St.) with A Very Special Guest Dj From Compton......

I went to the picnic last year and had a ball. So if you're in town try to fall through to some of this stuff.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Senor Kaos-"Soliloquy of Kaos" (GURU tribute)

<a href="">Soliloquy Of Kaos by SeƱor Kaos</a>

The homie Kaos says:

I'm a firm believer in honoring your heroes while they're still here. Here is a song I did that was featured on my Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything Project in 2008 I re-made Gangstarr's classic "Soliloquy Of Chaos" track. One of my favorite Gang Starr songs... which also bears my name.

Sunset Lounge - Evolution of The Day Party (video re-cap)

Shied man...if you aren't up on the Sunset Lounge parties that go down at Shout one Sunday out the month, you are truly missing out. I've been going to them since they started last year and they are off the chain.

This past Sunday they had $5 Belvedere specials so you know I indulged and balled on a budget and got my friends a couple rounds. As you can see from this video its a nice crowd and the ladies come out in full force.

I missed the night action truthfully. I got their around 4pm and was kinda feeling a certain way by I had to get up out of there before I embarrassed myself. But yeah, I had a ball. Be on the look out for the next one.

Shout out to J Carter, FCC and Moetown Lee for putting this on. Interviews Yelawolf (part four)

In this clip Yela talks about his time in Alaska, starting his rap career and his brief stint on Missy Elliot's "Road to Stardom" reality show.

Part One|Part Two|Part Three

jayWEST: drugs + candy listening session

jayWest is an artist here that I see all the time but can't really say that I'm all that familiar with his music. But he's good people and we have a few mutual friends. Decatur Dan went to a private listening session he had for his upcoming project drugs + candy. If you missed the dope trailer for it, check it out below...not really suitable for the kiddies though.

Scarface feat. B. James and Monk Kaza-"Dopeman Muzik"

I bought this off of iTunes late last night after I saw an ad for it. It said it had been about two days ago. I'd been listening to the snippet for this song for a minute, waiting for it to finally drop. I was actually perplexed as to if I wanted to post this, because obviously 'Face is trying to make a dollar off this project, so I'm just streaming it. But I know some expert is gonna find a way to rip it though.

Man this song is so hard. And where does 'Face find these dudes? Neither one of these guys have any identity on the net, not even a myspace page. Make sure ya'll go and buy this joint off iTunes if you like it that much, its only 99 cents. The whole mixtape comes out May 5th.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 Interviews Yelawolf (part three)

Another part of my interview with Yelawolf. Here he talks about being "different" for most of his life, the influence his mother's lifestyle left on his life and being homeless out on the West coast.

Jay Electronica and Sean Price Calls Out Jim Jones

Things are already getting chippy as the Converse Band of Ballers tournament gets ready to hit Atlanta. Check out Jay Electinterview...I mean Electronica calling out Jim "Baaaaallliiiiinnn" Jones.

Don't forget about the contest that I have going on right now either. I'm giving away tickets to the game.

Speaking of which, Sean Price will be performing at Lenny's later that night. To be clear it has nothing to do with the Converse event.

And yes...I've got tickets to these as stay tuned.

Davinci-"Ben" video

This is one of my favorite tracks from Davinci's The Day the Turf Stood Still album that I told ya'll about a while back. Like I said in the earlier post, there's not much left that hasn't been rapped about before, but that doesn't mean you can't find creative ways to present it. This song and video proves that.

Previously: INBOXication-Davinci

Bobby Creekwater-"I Hear Them Talking"

Bobby Creekwater-"I Hear 'Em Talkin"

This is the first shot from Bobby Creek's new mixtape Not Now, But Right Now that he's putting out with the Coalition DJ's. I got a chance to hear most of it last night and its pretty dope. It's slightly different from what you've been hearing from Creek over the last couple of years, but its still him. You get a better feel of what I mean when I post the interview I did with him later. The tape is set to drop around the second week of May.

Converse Band of Ballers Tournament Ticket Giveaway!!!

The wonderful folks at Converse are going to be bringing some hoop to the A, Above the Rim style.

Their popular 3-on-3 Band of Ballers tournament will be coming to Atlanta on May 1st and I'm really looking forward to it. Jim Jones' team are the reigning champs and they will be defending their crown against squads featuring other music cats including Southern Hospitality (Shawty Lo, OJ Da Juiceman and Pill), Bad News (Jay Electronica, Sean Price, and Donnis), The Black Lips, Of Montreal, Steel Train and Jermaine Dupri & the So So Def Family.

I'm not sure who I'm going to put my money on. Pill always talking about how he's a beast on the court, hell he even told me he whupped {one of your favorite multi-platinum rapper/producers} on the court out in L.A. once so we'll see. I think the team I'm going to keep an eye on is The Black Lips. I've been to one of their shows and heard about others. All I'm going to say is they aren't the type of dudes I want to be having any competitive contact with...expect some Dennis Rodman/ECW type antics from those cats. Other teams, you've been warned.

But yeah, I'm going to be giving away some tickets to the tournament up until the 29th. So lets go ahead and crank up some contests.

I'm curious as to who out there rocks Converse, for real. The first person to send me a twitpic of themselves with a pair of Converse gets a pair. Don't try to be slick and just take a picture of yourself at Foot Locker either. I want to see a real picture. They can be Chucks, Weapons, Jack Purcells...hell even some One Stars from Target. Any pair of Converse will do.

Send a Twitpic to my page @maurice_garland.

Keep coming back to throughout the week for more contests and chances to win. Good Luck.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hated waking up and hearing this. With everything swirling around his well being over the last month or so, "Rest in Peace" couldn't be a more appropriate phrase.

In regards to Guru's stamp on the game, the homie Noz over at CBRAP probably said it best:

There’s been some question in the internet era about Guru’s capabilities as a rapper. They should be dismissed. His is the greatest case against the modern, dogmatic definition of lyrical lyricism. Because Guru’s strength lied not in hot punchlines or clever multi-syllable rhymes but purely in his ability to instill wisdom. Maybe that particular brand of wisdom has aged poorly or maybe it’s just that the whole positive (and never negative) aspects of his raps don’t hold up under the cynicism of today’s new jacks, but to grow up listening to Gang Starr was to be schooled. Having a Gang Starr tape was like having a wise uncle. And yet Guru was never soft. NWA presented the idea of street knowledge only to quickly tip the scales too far to the streets. Many of Gang Starr’s successors only ever focused on one side of the coin. Guru was balance. And he will be missed.

[new posts will be under this one for the rest of the day] Interviews Yelawolf (part two)

In this second part of my interview with Yelawolf, he talks specifically about how he got introduced to Hip Hop and when he actually started understanding it. We also got into his many musical influences and how they made him the artist he is today.

Oh yeah, thanks to everybody who checked out and posted part one of the video. There's plenty more where this came from (trust me).

Hollyweerd-"Supa Eazy"

Hollyweerd-"Supa Eazy"

It finally look like the homies from Hollyweerd are about get theirs. This is the first leak from their upcoming mixtape Edible Phat 2 hosted by Don Cannon. Their a pretty big development going on in their situation right now, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to tell I'll hold off on spilling the beans. But just know that its a good move and a good look for this talented group. I already heard the mixtape and its pretty damn dope, I really think they are going to turn some heads with this one.

"Supa Eazy" is produced by Operation A.D.D...and Tuki snaps as usual.

Pill-"Shottas" (freestyle)

Pill gets his "Rude Boy" on with this new freestyle from his upcoming Gangsta Grillz mixtape, The Overdose with DJ Drama. This joint is probably one of my favorites off of the tape. Kinda made you realize just how jamming this beat is.

Monday, April 19, 2010 Interviews Yelawolf (part one)

So yeah...I've been rocking with the homie Yelawolf for some years now. In that I've been able to see alot of stuff materialize over the years and really get to know dude. Team 'Wolf (J.Dot, KP, Bear and Burn One) thought it would be a great idea for me to do a in-depth, on camera interview with him before he "blows up."

This interview was done right before Trunk Muzik dropped, but I'm just getting around to sitting down, chopping it up and adding little stuff to it...the interview was long as hell (shout out to Elan and Sentry Studios for the camera work).

We did the interview at producer She'kspere's studio and basically talked about his entire life up to this point. I figured I'd start sharing this as folks are finally starting to warm up to 'Wolf's music and become more interested in him. I'll be posting up the rest of the interview throughout the week.

Trap Or Die II-The Movie

Me and Decatur Dan was just talking about how saturated this whole "trailer" thing is getting in blog land. I guess that's why he chose to name this joint he shot for Jeezy a "movie." But nah for real, Dan put his foot in this one. If you like the one he did with Don Cannon, you'll really enjoy this one.

As for Jeezy...everybody knows I've never been the biggest Jeezy fan. But that Trap or Die is undeniable. Its the only Jeezy product I've actually bought with my own money and might actually get mad over if someone were to scratch it or steal it from me. That said, I'm actually looking forward to Trap or Die II. I'm curious to see if it will make the same impact that part one did. Because living here when it, its probably one of the only times that the thrown around phrase "movement" was actually appropriate.

And yeah...who told Jeezy he's Malcolm X?

"Just because a cat has kittens in the oven, that doesn't make them biscuits."--Malcolm X

Friday, April 16, 2010 Talks With Sean Falyon

Last night I went up to the adidas store at Lenox Mall (whaddup D) and caught up with the homie Sean Falyon at his release party for his newest project Sean Falyon Be Everywhere. This is the first interview I've done with my new camera (thank god for that), so if it ain't up to MTV standards, I apologize, I really do...I'm still learning how to freak the thing. But yeah, check out the convo as he talks about everything from how he wound up in Atlanta to some of the highlights on the project. Tell me what you think of the editing too, been a minute since I've touched this software since I was cameraless for a hot minute.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Boondocks: Will.I.Am feat. Thugnificent-"D*ck Riding Obama"

Cant' wait 'til May.

Spotted at RR

Dave Chappelle Returns to Stand Up in Hollywood

Man I miss this dude.

Oh yeah, I went to see frequent Chappelle's Show contributor Bill Burr last weekend at the Punchline. Hee-larry-us.

Pill-"Real M*thaf*ckin G's" video

*this video is not for soft ears*

This video is snapshot of Pill's upcoming Gangsta Grillz mixtape. I've heard everything they've recorded so far and its pretty raw. Its the strongest I've heard Pill rap, ever. The Prescription had him fresh in the game, finally taking it serious and just trying it out to see what happens. The Refill had him a little more confident after he saw that folks was fuggin with him. The Overdose has him sounding like he's really ready to make an impact with his impending debut album The Medicine.

Decatur Dan been doing his thing with the videos in case ya'll aren't noticing.

Previously: Pill "Real M*thaf*ckin G's"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wiz Khalifa feat. Nesby Phips-"Supply"

Showing love to my birthplace and the homie at the same time with this one. Pittsburgh's Wiz Khalifa dropped his highly-anticipated mixtape Kush & OJ today. I haven't been able to get all the way into buddy music like that yet, but after checking out his show at the Loft last week I think I'ma open up to it some more.

The other reason I'm posting this is because the homie Nesby Phips has an appearance on here as producer and MC.

Oh yeah, for you history buffs out there...Wiz borrows the hook from Ghostface's "Daytona 500" and the cover from David Ruffin's Gentleman Ruffin. One of other favorite rappers right now Killa Kyleon appears on the mixtape too and that shit is jammin as well.

If you want to peep the rest of the mixtape click the link below.

DOWNLOAD: Wiz Khalifa-Kush & OJ

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Don Cannon is Hosting Trap or Die 2?

Given the history of this mixtape and all the parties involved in this circle of friends since then...this is very interesting.

Props Decatur Dan on the dope ass editing.

Playboy Tre Freestyle at S.O.B.'s

Playboy Tre introduced himself to the crowd at S.O.B.'s during B.o.B.'s set. This is some soul-touching ish right here, its a verse from "Earline's Son" from Tre's upcoming project Last Call. I'm curious as to what song B.o.B could possibly follow this up with.

Spotted at RR

Monday, April 12, 2010

Stankonia Studios present "Genesis"

The homie Jeron of Royal Flush was telling me about this last week. Him and Kei of GBL are going to be hosting a new music event at Stankonia that will also give people a history of the studio. Here is the promo for it.

LATE PASS: cARTer feat. Bun B-"Houston Summer"

cARTer feat. Bun B-"Houston Summer"

So, I was up in Slice last week at Sean Falyon's mixtape release party and DJ Dibiase dropped the needle on this joint. He said the homie Bem put him up on it. Bem said he got it off of illRoots. I went over there thinking the song was gonna be new, but I'll be damned...this joint dropped last September. Crazy, so much music comes out on the internet on a daily basis you miss out on some good ish sometimes.

But yeah, this song is RIDIN!!! I don't know much about buddy other than he's from Houston but currently lives out in Los Angeles. I'm telling you shawty, if you haven't heard this song yet, you got to check it out, I promise you'll dig it. I've been chillin' and riding to this song all week. Its perfect riding music for the weather right now. I'm hoping that his team try and push this song again, seeing as how the title is going to be appropriate over the next few months.

I'm listening to the rest of his Legal Trappin' mixtape right sounds cool. I'ma have to test it out in the car later on. He has a joint where he uses the old Pharcyde "Runnin" beat thats pretty jamming.

But yeah, ya'll check out "Houston Summer" is straight fie.

warrenJae-"Came To See"

warrenJae-"Came To See"

New music from warrenJae and this joint is pretty jamming. I wonder who he's going at at the end though. *calls Randy Roper*

Mike Bigga (aka Killer Mike)-"Gangsta"

Mike Bigga (aka Killer Mike)-"Gangsta"

Mike told me a little about this song when I ran into him at the Wiz Khalifa/Yelawolf show last Thursday. This song is truly "gangsta" from start to finish as he speaks on everything from your favorite rappers emulating Italians and Columbians mobsters that don't even like "negro" to what lawyers you should hire when you get jammed up.

A Day In The Life of Davinci

TSS cameras caught up with Davinci to get a peep at what life was and is like the Fillmore district he grew up in.

Previously: INBOXication-Davinci

Scarface Dopeman Music mixtape snippets and tracklisting

Scarface-Dopeman Music snippets

Some snippets of 'Face's first ever mixtape popped up on the web late Sunday night. As much as I am looking forward to this, I was hoping that 'Face was gonna work with Willie Hen on this joint. I see, Young Malice name on it, who is cool, but I would've really liked to see Willie Hen on here. Oh well, can't have it all.

1. Picking Up The Pieces
2. Dopeman Music (feat. B. James & Monk Kaza)
3. Lyrical Assault (feat. Malice & Mr. Lo Key)
4. FaSho Money (Skit)
5. Gwap (feat. B. James & Monk Kaza)
6. Get Lost (feat. B. James, Monk Kaza & Rodney Gant)
7. The N Word
8. The Ghetto Report (feat. B. James & Monk Kaza)
9. 2 The Beat (feat. B. James & Monk Kaza)
10. Wanted
11. Hustle Game
12. Riff Raff (Skit)
13. In My Blood (feat. B. James)
14. Bad Man (feat. Papa Reu)

Spotted at HHNM

UPDATE: If you need some more snippets in your life, they have some at Amazon's UK site.

Friday, April 9, 2010

CunningLynguists-"Cocaine" video

This video is pretty cool. Puts you in the mind of some old Public Enemy. As for the song its self, its pretty dope too. Talks about what all of us already know...crack gets you more jail time than cocaine, especially if you have the right "paint job."

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Murs and 9th Wonder feat. Suga Free-"Let Me Talk"

Murs and 9th Wonder feat. Suga Free-"Let Me Talk"

Just got put up on this five minutes ago. Interesting combo here. The song is about arguing with women and Suga Free is hilarious on this song. This ngh said he will drop kick you in the medulla oblongata if you do something to his Impala.

Fornever in stores next week.

Sean Falyon Be Everywhere (mixtape)

I may be a couple days late posting this, but if you come to this site often, you'll know that not late on Sean Falyon as an artist. This is his latest offering and it may be his strongest project to date. It includes features from Playboy Tre, Freddie Gibbs, Scar, Lloyd, GLC, Bonecrusher and El Prez, but know that Falyon isn't one to get outshined on his own tracks. Check it out, pronto tonto.

DOWNLOAD: Sean Falyon Be Everywhere

Pill-"Real M*thaf*ckin G's" (freestyle)

Pill goes in over Eazy-E's classic Dr. Dre diss track. This is the latest leak from Pill's upcoming Gangsta Grillz with DJ Drama, The Overdose. The homie Decatur Dan is diligently putting together the video for this joint, from the sneak peeks I saw its gonna be a good one.

Shouts out to the Educated Villians

B.o.B Explains His Relationship With Grand Hustle

This has been a question on the minds of alot of people since B.o.B's debut album is set to finally come out later this month. Shouts out to UNN

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Random Jam: Pharoahe Monch-"The Light" (1999)

All this nice weather and pollen outside reminded me of this video. Sorry for the absence over the last couple days. Duty calls.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Boondocks Season 3 Trailer just posted this up and said to peep this as soon as possible before Sony comes and snatches it down, hense them naming the video "Anita Baker."

Friday, April 2, 2010

Dekalb County Task Force Can't Decide What Schools To Close

If you were following me on Twitter last night you probably already got the gist of what went down at this meeting, but I figured I'd still post up this news clip.

Basically, Dekalb County put together a task force that for the past two and a half months, did research and were supposed to vote tonight as to which elementary schools they were supposed suggest to the Board of Education to close. On Tuesday they whittled the list of schools for consideration down to 10.

I got interested in this because I saw that my old school, Atherton, was one of those schools on the list. Even beyond that, most of the other schools on the list were pretty much in the same neighborhood, and all of them were in South Dekalb...

So tonight, the task force was supposed to come up with the four schools they were supposed to suggest to close...or "consolidate," which was the word they started using more as the night went on. Those schools were Kelley Lake, Gresham Park, Knollwood and Peachcrest.

Throughout the night these folks sounded pretty indecisive. Nobody really wanted to make a decision, except for Ron Broussard, who you see above. While I didn't really agree with some of the actions he wanted to take, because hell, nobody wants to see a school close...that can really jack up the surrounding community. But he seemed to be the only dude there ready to make a decision. Even though it was ironic that when a school located in a more affluent community, he was animate about not closing it. Everybody else was very wishy washy. Which led to them not making a decision at all. Instead, they are putting the decision in the hand of Board of Education, who can easily decide to say "fuck it, we gonna shut down more than four" and not even explain why certain ones were closed. Which was supposed to be prevented, that's why they put the task force together in the first place.

It seemed like the task force was afraid to make a decision in front of the people, in fear of being attacked on the spot. Sure, they were taking a stance of "no school should be closed" but it didn't really come off as a thing where they really meant seemed more so seemed like they was coming from a place of not wanting to be responsible.

At the end of the day, like Broussard said in an outburst...the last two months were a waste of time. Parents still don't know if their kids are going to have a school to go to next year. The meeting where the final decision is supposed to be made is going to be on April 14th at 10 am...while everybody is at work.

In my opinion...I don't want to see any schools closed either. My thing is, they are going to close schools anyway. I would've liked for them to at least come up with this list, so that the people affected can at least make plans to protest/appeal, make plans to start adjusting or offer suggestions that make sense. If a school has 500 seats, is failing and only has 120 kids in the school...then yeah "consolidation" should be considered if that's the most viable option. However, the community needs to know that the it will be a move up. Kids that are going to a "good" school shouldn't be forced to move to a school that is already deemed inadequate. And on the flipside of that, the kids that are going to a failing school, if moved, deserve to get moved to a school that is better.

And again...I have to ask what the hell is really going on in the school system. When I was in school, Dekalb County was booming. New neighborhoods were popping up every month it seemed. They didn't have enough schools, that's why they had us in the trailers. After while they finally decided to start building more schools to deal with the overcrowding. But now, years later, you're telling me that that there are too many schools? I don't know about ya'll...but I don't see people disappearing. Yeah, more apartment complexes are being built instead of houses...but the fact is that people are still here and are still coming, with kids and making kids.

Then they keep talking about the need to save money. But with the school closings, they really aren't firing that many people, they are just moving them. So, you still paying salaries. So, really no money is being saved. Then, they haven't even said what (if anything) they are going to do with these buildings when the schools are closed. Will they become community centers? Libraries...shit, Walgreens? They aren't telling us anything.

But yeah, this post is getting lengthy, just wanted to share this information with ya'll. I encourage you to follow this story if it effects you or anybody you know. I'ma try my best to keep up with it myself.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Atlanta Hawks On Cover of SLAM (Finally)

Perfect timing for this cover!

The homie Lang Whitaker (who is also EIC) wrote this long-overdue Hawks cover story for SLAM Magazine. This is a great look, especially after that molly-whopping we gave the Lakers last night. I can't wait to run to the store and get like five of these joints. And they BETTER have them at the store too. Its a double cover with the Oklahoma City Thunder (Durant, Green and Westbrook) and you how know Atlanta likes to treat the Hawks in their own city. There's a Sprite/Lebron billboard walking distance from the arena for crying out loud.

But yeah, I can't wait to get this. This is the first time a Hawk has ever been on the cover of SLAM. That's right, no Smitty, no Mookie, no Mutumbo (Nique was in the twilight of his career or out of the NBA by the time SLAM really got going). So this is a long time coming for Hawks fans like myself, make sure ya'll go get one, ain't no telling when we'll see this again.

Inspectah Deck Explians His Brief Appearance on 2Pac's "Got My Mind Made Up"

Good stuff right here, I always wondered this myself.

Wu-Tang Clan's Inspectah Deck was on Tony Touch's Toca Tuesdays radio show the other day. A caller (from Pittsburgh *cough*) asked him why his "I.N.S. the Rebel!" adlib is at the end of 2Pac's song "Got My Mind Made Up" (that featured Daz, Kurupt, Method Man and Redman) from the All Eyez on Me album. Interesting stuff.

Spotted at Xclusives Zone

Big K.R.I.T.-"Children of the World" video

New video from Meridan, MS rapper/producer Big K.R.I.T.

I've had a few conversations with folks asking me what I think of dudes music. I like it. Am I going apeshit over it like everyone else on the internet right now? No. That ain't because I'm not impressed persay...its more so because I've been on dudes music for quite some time so it don't necessarily sound "new" to my ears. Now to think of it, K.R.I.T. might be the first artist I ever did a photoshoot (with a camera I bought) with. But hey, jammin is jammin and this "Children of the World" joint is dope, so check it out.

Spree Wilson-"How Long?" video

The homie Spree Wilson just shot over this new video for his song "How Long?" Vastly different from the Hip Hop stuff you might've gotten accustomed to seeing from him though. The video is directed by his creative partner Novel and basically shows how Spree's creative process goes. Check it out.