Thursday, November 19, 2009

Star 94's Dating In The Dark (or the light?)

Alright, so I stumbled across this flyer over at The D Diaries just now. Apparently Star 94 is has this thing every third Thursday where they have speed dating inside the Dialog in the Dark exhibit at Atlantic Station. Basically it speed date in the dark, at the end of the night you make a match and then you go over to Strip for drinks and food with your match and you can meet the other folks that was in there with you.

Now, I've been to Dialog in the Dark and it was a (no pun intended, hell, cant be intended really) eye-opening experience. Been wanting to go back myself and I'm still encouraging others to check it out. Its dope.

So, naturally this Dating in the Dark thing really intrigues me. It really looks fun. I've never been to any of these speed dating things but they look pretty interesting. So combining it with Dialog in the Dark is sure to be an unforgettable experience...which can be good or bad.

My thing is this. Its hosted by Star 94. If my memory serves me correct, that was the country station back in the day. Now it looks like its taken the Pop route music wise. But it looks like its mainly White pop. I mean shit, I went to their website and they had got damn...Pink, Nickleback, Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkston at the top of the page. Sheid, they ain't even have Seal, Mariah Carey OR Beyonce on that mahfuggah...and EVERYBODY loves Beyonce.

So from seeing this and the pics on their website, its pretty safe to say that um, ain't no sistas gonna be at this joint. Hell, no Black people period for that matter. Really, no Asians, Latins or Eskimos either! Now, I've been the only Black dude in the room on several occasions. Concerts (I went to see Soul Live at Variety Playhouse once and I was the only brotha there other than the ones in the band), networking events, bars and lounges, bougie dinners, certain restaurants, etc. I'm good. I'm cool. I don't be feeling nervous at all, I'm good.

But this is different though, like....shit, its blantant flirting and fraternizing going on at this thing, en masse. And I can't help but think that say I mess around and meet some White girl in the dark and hit it off, then we go outside to have drinks...she looks at me like "dude." I mean, my feelings wouldn't be hurt or nothing, but still.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against White women either. Hell, some of them be cool and cute. I've hung around (in a group with friends) and have worked with a couple here and there over the last few years. I find Cameron Diaz and Charlotte from Sex in the City to be attractive, hahahah. I appreciate beauty in every color. Its just that, I myself have never dated one. Hell, I think the only time I've even been in alone in the same room with a White woman was when I was getting a suit tailored once. Don't judge me shawty...its just the path my life has taken. So yeah, I have little to no expereinece in this area and litterally (and figuratively) going in blind to it may not be the way to go.

But yeah, what ya'll think? You feel me on this one? Disagree? Have anything say/share? Are you going? (that question is for everybody btw)


R.E. said...

LOL @ don't judge me shawty.

Fux it, man. I listen to Star 94 in the car. Lets go out there and holla at some Beckys.

southpeezy said...

@ R.E.

shied man, you have a vested interest in Star94...they have a page on ya girl Prisilla on there, ahah.

R.E. said...

Yep. They play "Dollhouse." That's all the color you get though. Ha!