Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cee-Lo and the Good Time Guys-"Hello Miss"

Cee-Lo and the Good Time Guys-"Hello Miss"

Alright so...I see this track floating around on the web today, and just like many of you I'm sure, the first thing I think is "wellgiaaaaatdaamn Lo, already shawty?" Just when we were getting used to seeing the Goodie Mob back together here he comes with some left field ish right?

Well, from what I know, this Good Time Guys project has been in the making for a minute and this song is like 4 years old...If you remember Cee-Lo was working on that Happy Hour project with Jazze Pha (many of those tracks can be heard on Big Zak's Major Visibility) and the Gnarles Barkley stuff around the same time. But on top of all that he was also running around the city with Kool Ace (ya'll probably recognize him most from UGK's "Pimpin Aint No Illusion" or Erick Sermon and Too $hort's "Buy You Some" remix that also had MC Breed on it), his manager Hank and this cat named Mente calling themselves the International Good Time Guys. I don't remember hearing any music out of it, hell I think it was damn near the same thing as what he and Jazze had popping at the time. I just remember them popping up at random events in the city rocking zoot suits and shit. Obviously out of all these visions Cee-Lo was having at the time...the Gnarles Barkley stuff took off first.

So, when I saw this song floating around, I didn't get too alarmed at the thought of the Goodie Mob stuff getting postponed on being placed on the backburner that fast. One, because dude has proved that he can multi-task musically. And two because from what I know the Good Time Guys stuff is already done for the most part and is just finally leaking onto the net.

For the life of me I cannot remember where I heard this beat from though. I know I've heard this beat in the form of another song, I almost want to say I heard Big Gipp on it first because thats the voice I'm hearing in my head. I 98% sure Cee-Lo produced it too. Shied, I might just be remembering hearing it 4 years ago.

But yeah, I guess I'm making this post to calm the spirits of people thinking that the Goodie Mob reunion is already a wrap. I'm not prophesizing, I'm just letting you know what I know in case you didn't know...understand?

UPDATE: AH HAH! Now I know where I heard this beat from...Bobby Creekwater feat. Mistah FAB "Drop Top Muzik"

ANOTHER UPDATE: The homie Spree Wilson just reminded me again that the original version of this song is titled "Hello Bitch" so it looks like Bobby got his hands on it and did his thing on it years later.

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Anonymous said...

New Cee-Lo, thats whats up. I somehow overlooked that Big Zak post, I'mma big Cee-Lo fan, so I'm looking forward to those features