Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Up In Smoke: Georiga Bans Smoking in Mental Hospitals and Prisons

The State of Georgia is either demonstrating that they don't care about its institutionalized and incarcerated, or that care about them too much.

Yesterday I read a story in the paper about the State banning smoking in all of its mental hospitals and now this morning I just read one about them doing the same in its prisons. Um, I don't care to share how I'd know, but those two places, if any, are where smoking should actually be allowed.

I'm sorry if I offend any of my health nut readers out there but a good cig is what keeps a person from snapping sometimes in these types of places, especially the mental hospitals. The way they dope people up in those hospitals is unheard of and many times a square is what keeps a person...on their square.

As far as the prisons? Of course at the end of the day it comes down to dollars and sense as the state looks to trim some fat from its $226 annual inmate health care bill (thats 17% of the state budget overall by the way) and see banning smoking as one less health issue to deal with. But I mean, c'mon. Aren't the prisoners already in there for doing something illegal? Why give them another law to break?

What do ya'll think?


Mr.J said...

This is a bad idea by the state of Georgia! Although smoking is not the greatist habit to have it keeps people with something to look forward to in those institutions.

404 said...

From a lady that keeps a fresh pack of squares in my handbag and bout 3 packs in the freezer...This is some bullshit....SMH