Friday, August 29, 2008

Ouch. Checkmate?

Alaska Gov. Palin is McCain's VP pick

"Shits chess, not checkers"-Alozno

This is about to get very interesting...She's definitely better looking than Hillary. Who knew McCain knew how to pick'em?

Kardinal Offishall @

Earlier this week Toronto's own Kardinal Offishall stopped through Atlanta to have a listening session for his new album Not 4 Sale. It was pretty damn dope. And when I say he had a listening session, that's exactly what it was. He put the CD in and just let the entire thing ride from beginning to end, no interruptions.

Over the years, I've either owned or heard most of what he was putting out. Dude been dope, but I don't think alot of cats are up on him like that quite yet. He has a very unique style that blend Hip Hop with Dancehall and Reggae. He has this one song called "Set It Off" featuring the Clipse which is pretty dope. The beat does this sick ish with that bullhorn they be blowing at those flag parties. He also go a dope joint called "Bad Like We Bad" that you hear on the first video in the background. He also has tracks with T-Pain (not no obvious T-Pain ish though), J-Davey and a track he's pondering whether to put Rihanna or Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls on. Overall, the album I heard was dope. In fact, the album is 15 tracks, but I actually felt fulfilled after tracks 11 and 12. He had a sick ass freestyle at the end of the album though that gives some real food for thought. Don't sleep on this dude's album, I think you'll really enjoy it. There are already a few tracks floating around on the web including the lead single "Dangerous" if you wanted to check them out.

Crazy thing is, when I walked in I wasn't sure I was in the right room. Akon and Sean Garret was in there going back and forth listening to tracks trying to figure out what would work for that Ray Lavender dude. All I know is, I didn't hear any Kardinal playing...but they informed me that I was in the right place and the session was starting in 15 minutes.

Anyways, me and Kardinal chopped it up for a few minutes to talk about his new album, responsibility in Hip Hop and his world travels. It came out pretty dope if I should say so myself. Check out the vids and let me know what you think...

Part 2

Random Ass Bonus vid:

In searching for more Kardinal Offishall videos, I effed around and found one that I was in at the end. This was last year during BET Hip Hop Awards weekend. Ludacris, Rawse and Bun B had a video shoot out in the middle of nowhere. I was out there getting quotes and info for this story I wrote for XXL about video directors. I actually forgot "Down In the Dirty" existed.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

UNN Report: Will Hip Hop Kill Obama's Campaign (thats me) and the Urban News Network (UNN) are partnering up to hit the streets and do some reporting on some things that matter. In a nutshell, we're going to be pooling our resources to speak on some things that aren't always entertainment industry related that are relevant to the Urban (that means everybody in Urban areas, not just Black folk, Urban is not a race) community.

This video is our first collab. In it we're asking people if they think that Hip Hop's staunch support of Barack Obama is a good or bad look for him. Let us know what you think in the comments...about the subject and the video itself.

Oh yeah, there is a Bun B appearance at the end. To go along with it, here's a pic of Bun at the DNC. He's out there helping getting people registered to vote.

The Great Debaters Vol. 1 Rhymefest vs. Killer Mike

Pro-Chicago blog Fake Shore Drive is starting up a new series called The Great Debaters where they're inviting rappers to engage in debates with Chi-Town's own Rhymefest. The first guest of the series was Killer Mike.

This discussion sounded very interesting as both seem to know a lot about their surroundings and have great analytical skills. FSD founder Andrew said that this one was a random phone conversation that turned into a debate, which is why this one is typed out. The rest of the series will be streamed audio. Here is the convo...

I. Haterville. Economics or just Hate?

AB: So Mike, you were at the Ozone Awards a few weeks ago in Houston, right?

KM: Of course I was, I’m from the soooooouth.

AB: Okay, well you know that Chicago is referred to, by some, as “Haterville”, and a lot of people claim we don’t support our artists here. However, in the South, it seems like there’s a lot of unity and camaraderie – at least that’s the way it’s perceived in the media. But at the Ozone Awards it seems like chaos with all the fights and what not

KM: In the south, there’s always going to be internal squarmishes. Shit, it goes back years and years – Master P and Pimp C was beefin’. 10 years ago Suave House and Rap-A-Lot was beefin’. But in the South it appears we are able to rebound from our beef quicker – we get off that bullshit a lot quicker and get back to making money quicker, and it usually don’t take a death. We have gangs in the South, be we aren’t as married to the principle of gangs like in Chicago. See down here, we tend to call racism what it is, so we tend to self-segregate. If you put a bunch of us Southerners in Chicago, we probably ain’t gonna seek out Lake Shore Drive – if we comfortable in our neighborhood we gonna stay there. We ain’t gonna go out and try to mingle without our people, so our problems have to be worked out a little quicker.

AB: Fest, what are your thoughts on the unity in the South versus up here?

Fest: I think it’s interesting, some of the things Mike said. Some of the things I agree with, but one thing I don’t agree with – was “Man, if people down south came to Chicago, we probably wouldn’t go to Lake Shore Drive or leave our comfort zone.” I think that’s one of the biggest problems with Black people in this country is that they suffer from the ignorance of not knowing what’s outside of our community. Like a lot of us don’t know of programs that are available to us, like scholarships, because we don’t go out of our comfort zone. Look at Bill and Melinda Gates. Bro – they had a $1 billion dollar scholarship fund for black inner-city kids, and hardly anyone signed up for it, so they shut it down. We need to go outside of our comfort zone and not be confined to our own hoods

KM: Let me jump in here real quick. A lot of times you’ll hear me talk about “self segregation”. That is not the same thing as being afraid to leave your comfort zone. What I was referring to when I said “We probably wouldn’t go to Lake Shore Drive” is that in my city, we have a true Black upper, middle and lower class community. In the South, we’re self segregating and keeping a dollar in the community when we really need to.

Fest: And go to black to vendors and buy white products…That keeps the dollar in our community.


KM: I didn’t say the dollars didn’t leave our community, but that it turns a few more times within our community. Because that keeps jobs in the community.

Fest: Yo, yo, you saying that, but if you look at the statistics, the South has the poorest black communities in the country. So how does that apply? You’re not saying Atlanta, you’re saying the South as a whole. If you look at South Carolina or Mississippi or Alabama – dollars aren’t turning in those communities.

KM: Dollars are turning in Alabama, because Mercedes are made there. South Carolina has a burgeoning industrial and manufacturing based economy, so money IS turning there. The south is no Utopia – but there is more room for growth in the South. You’re not going to grow Detroit, you’re not going to grow Chicago or Harlem – because they’re already gentrified!

Fest: That’s not true, bro. That’s not true. In fact, industrial and manufacturing jobs are depleting in America, while the technology profession is booming. Unless, Mississippi or Alabama can incorporate those jobs for our people, I can’t agree.

KM: What you don’t understand is there is a Martin Luther King Civil Rights Museum, there is a Children’s Civil Rights Museum, a Children’s Museum and there is the High Museum of Art, who through September is hosting a Civil Rights portrait exhibit. But 9 out of 10 black parents haven’t taken their children to ANY of these places. So instead of leaving my community to see the bigger world, I’d rather see the bigger world inside my community

Fest: I believe we suffer more from not knowing what’s outside of our community, and I think that’s the problem. We can’t keep justifying ignorance.

II. Chicago Hip Hop vs. Southern Rap

AB: Let’s switch it up for a second and talk Chicago Hip Hop vs. Southern Rap. (Fest and Mike immediately begin quoting various rappers from their region)

Fest: You know what I heard Kanye say on a single!?!? “And the white man get paid off of all of that”

KM: That’s a great line. But Kanye also said he wants head from a white girl!

Fest: So?

KM: Oooooohhhh...Okay I see how this is going

Fest: So you wanna go negative line for negative line? I’m not gonna get into the misogyny, because everybody is guilty of that. But if you’re looking for something you can grow from the most, line by line, you can’t say Jeezy is above Kanye.

KM: See, that’s your thing, if you’re going to use Southern rappers as examples, you’re always going to put Jeezy, Wayne and Boosie on display. Hold up – there ain’t nothing wrong with them – I listen to these guys, I’m friends with these guys, but they’re the new gangsta rap. How about I pull said something like, well “Bump J talks about drugs”, “The Speedknot Mobstaz talk about gangs”, “Do or Die talks about pimpin”. See you can’t do that, because Chicago is a more beautiful music experience than that.

Fest: Yo, you know when you can say that? You can say that when Chicago radio, or Atlanta radio play and embrace Bump J or L.E.P. the way they do Jeezy and Wayne, because those two are the ones who are really influencing our shorties and the youth in America, besides Kanye.

KM: Actually, what’s influencing your shorties more than ignorant music or gangster rap is not the presence of it , it’s the absence real role models. It’s the absence of the role models when they wake up in the morning, or the absence of the role models they see in the classroom everyday.

Wayne is from a city, that before Katrina, had a 74% black poverty rate. Jeezy, and this ain’t to let no cat out of the bag, is from a small rural town in Georgia. So my thing is, how terrific is it, that a boy can make it from that small of a town, come to Atlanta and musically takeover. That’s a great story!

Fest: That is a great story – I just wish it would be told more often. This ain’t about Jeezy, or Wayne, or Boosie because I’m not even speaking to them. It goes beyond the South. It goes to New York, the West Coast, wherever, and my thing is, the ignorance is prevalent in the absence of positive role models, which is the enemy of our people.

KM: But my thing is the South has only been on top for four years. Four years! We haven’t been around long enough to pollute the water! That didn’t start with us! That started in the 90s! Cash Money would’ve never rapped about jewelry had Biggie never rapped about platinum and jewelry.

Fest: That’s not the problem! Because then I’d have to go back and say I didn’t like Kool G Rap, I didn’t like the Geto Boys, I didn’t like NWA. I’m not saying that! I’m not saying negative or gangster rap is the downfall of our children in America. What I will say though, is that there’s no longer a balance between the positivity and the negativity. It used to be that I could listen to Scarface, but guess what, they’re gonna play Rakim right after that. I can go and listen to Too Short, but they’ll play A Tribe Called Quest right after that. Now, there’s no balance.

KM: If you look at most southern rappers who are successful, they walk in the room with a $70 pair of jeans, $5 white tee and a $60 pair of sneakers – with a chain, hat and sunglasses. Every successful “so-called” conscious rapper is usually rockin’ a $400 shirt, $600 jeans and some sneakers that regular people can’t pronounce or obtain. Who really reflects the value of the people?


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Follow The Beep!!!

Ya'll know I'm not the camera time type...but it was only a matter of time before I messed around and flipped the camera on myself. I promise not to make a habit out of it.

Anyways, I just felt like I had to share something I noticed. Have you ever been at the gas station, or the ATM kinda late and felt like you was being set up? No, not watched, but set up. I do, often. It seems like something is always beeping. It beeps when you stick your card in. It beeps everytime you hit a number on the key pad. It beeps when it gives you a receipt. It beeps when the transaction is finished. It beeps to tell you goodbye.

Last night when I was getting some gas, the damn pump kept beeping. Its as if it was alarm to let robbers, bums, panhadlers, whoever know that someone was spending some money. That ish is kinda annoying and dangerous. I just felt like I needed to share it with ya'll and see what ya'll think.

T-Pain feat. The Goblin "I Can't Believe It"

Man. I really like this song. Pretty much everyone that knows me knows that I fux with T-Pain. Even since the first album...shied, even before that when he dropped that remix to Akon's "Locked Up" called "Fucked Up." I can't front though, I wasn't really messing with dude when he was a part of that group Nappy Boys.

But yeah, T-Pain been jamming to me. Alot of folks been hating on dude since day one. I don't care, I like his music. I happened to write his first bio for the Rappa Turnt Sanga album. I also happened to kinda sorta launch the trend of everybody getting him to do hooks for their song. I suggested to E-40 (whaddup 40 Water) that he get the then upstart sanga to do the hook for one of his songs...gave him dudes numbers...and later that night they came up with "U And Dat Booty." I'm not proud of that title, but I am proud of connecting them (*check please?*). I'll forever appreciate the shoutout 40 Water gave me on 106 & Park though.

But any way, dude always manages to come out with a dope ass first single and this one is no different. Shit is jammin. But "I Can't Believe" that they let The Goblin come on this song at the end and absolutely ruin it. Really man, what purpose does The Goblin serve on this record. You can't even decipher what he's saying as he absolutely abuses the vocoder/voice box thingy. Sounds stupid.

As for this video, its pretty cool. It gets a little cheesy towards the end, but over all, its cool. Pretty creative and visually stimulating. Reminds me of the occasional alt rock video that comes up every once in a while that has you scratching your head while bobbing to the song. Its not just another typical performance video or clubs scene joint.

Check it out for yourself and share what you think.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Killer Mike's Sunday Morning Massacre: "Never/The Judas Theory"

This week Killer Mike goes in on Scarface's "Never" track. Speaking on the illegal drug trade, the prison system and "Rule 35" it. We're also debuting some new artwork (above). There will be a new graphic each week. Let us know what you think...

The freestyle was originally recorded for Chamillionare's Mixtape Messiah 4. After a few listens though, Mike decided to go ahead and put it out there now. Here is some video of Mike explaining this week's Massacre. Song link is after the video.

Killer Mike's Sunday Morning Massacre: "Never"

Friday, August 22, 2008

New Devin the Dude Promo Pics

I wrote Devin's latest bio around last month (the one on his myspace page). The new album is going to be called Landing Gear. He explained the title by saying when he'd touch down in a city for a show, people would always ask if he was straight on the "coughee"...and he'd reply "no, I'm good, I got a little Landing Gear." People thought it was funny so, he decided to use it as an album title. Hear some of the early promo shots for the project. Hilarious.

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A PSA from The Dude

High Y'all Doin (Episode 2 - PSA) from Devin The Dude on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

T.I. @ Shawty Lo's House

Well not quite. But damn near. Tip shot a video for "What Up," the song going at Bowen Homes, Lo's hood. Very ballsy. This dude has a knack for popping up in other niggas hoods.

Pics by Ben Rose
Spotted @ BLVDST

Thugnificent Returns!!!!

Its been a while since we heard from the homie Thugnificent. He's been on his grind doing big things over the last couple months. But he reached out to me late last night and insisted that I help him let everybody know what he's been up to lately...and more importantly, let a certain rap group know that he doesn't appreciate them swagger jacking his songs....

August 20, 2008
11:39 pm

Niggas, bitches, hoes, pimps, hustlas, playas, goons and every muthafuckin' grifter I can think of...greetings beloved. This is ya nigga Thugnificent checkin' in live from Terra Belle, GA! Yeah, thats right nigga, I still go back to the hood...WITH MY CHAIN ON NIGGA!!!

I know its been a long ass time since I holla'd at ya'll niggas, but I've been out here grinding. Not in that punk ass DJ Khaled type way either. I'm talking about a real muthafuckin grind homie. I'm talking about 72 hours with no sleep damn near about pass out grinding. Makin' it rain in 5 separate locations on the same night grinding. Cranking out 10 songs a got damn day grinding. Aint nothing to a boss, yasmellme!?!

But anyways, just to let ya'll know, I will be dropping some new music to feed the streets very soon. I had to do it. All these other niggas coming out with albums, so I said fuck it, time for me to drop one too. I don't have an official title for the album yet, but be on the look out for my first single entitled..."I FUCKS WITH OBAMA." I'm basically letting everybody know that Thugnificent and my 19 Million supporters (that bitch Hillary only got 18 Million...GET ON YO GRIND HOE!) really fuck with Obama. The song is gonna be leaking to the net early next week. Obama is a real nigga, ya'll need to fuck with him, for real. Me and the Lethal Interjection Crew are gonna be hitting up Denver for the DNC and do a show right outside in the convention's parking lot performing the new single. We just wanna rally as much support as we can for Obama. Real niggas do real things.

Now...lets get down to what I really wanted to talk about. A couple of weeks ago I was in Houston for the Ozone Awards and shit. This is the third muthafuckin year in a row that I wasn't nominated for the Patiently Waiting: Georgia award. Niggas need to get off the bullshit and stop hating on ya boy. Who hotter than me right now nigga? Name a nigga hotter than me. I dare you! If you can name a nigga hotter than me right now...I'll slap the shit outta ya for lying.

Anyways, I still decided to go show my support. Never know, the nigga who wins the award might not show up and they might fuck around, come to their senses and give that shit to me. Knowhatimsayin.

Anyway nigga. I went to one of the parties down there. Nothing to major, just smokin that orange lavender. Fuck purp, get ya weight up nigga. If you ain't smokin orange lavender, you aint shit nigga. But yeah, we in the VIP, fuckin with the hoes, poppin bottles. I didn't bring any cash with me to make it rain. So me and my niggas just started throwing our American Express Black Cards like ninja stars in the crowd. I had 'em hatin too nigga. You shoulda seen it. I was putting these hatin ass niggas eyes out! So fuck saying "Hi Hater"...I got the new motto for '08..."Find A Hater, Blind A Hater!!!"

Anyways, as I'm leaving the club with some these hatin ass niggas' girlfriends, I heard the DJ playing a song that sounded very familiar. So familiar, I thought it was my shit, "Booty Butt Cheeks." Nigga, don't act like ya'll don't know that shit. Ya'll nigga know about me! In case you forgot nigga, here's a quick reminder of when I came through Woodcrest and shut that shit down!!! Fast forward to the 2-minute mark on that bitch.

I STILL don't know how I ain't get an Ozone Award for that! Fuck it. Like I was saying, I thought I heard the DJ playing my shit. I was about to walk up to the booth and give nigga some props, but then he turned the music up a little I could hear it better. Come to find out, niggas are jacking my shit!!! This song had the same muthafuckin beat and damn near the same muthafuckin words! My song says "Booty Butt Cheeks"...these niggas song went "Move Dem Buttcheeks"...aint this some shit!?!

When I got to the DJ booth, I asked him what that bullshit was. He said its the new single from this group called the TMI Boyz and that the song was called "Move Dem Buttcheeks." Well I be gotdamned! Niggas stay biting Thugnificent!

Look. I told niggas to bask in this Thugnificense...I ain't tell niggas to bring a bottle and steal any of it. The "TMI" in TMI Boyz must stand for "Thugnificent's My Inspiration."

I heard these the same niggas that beat up Kia Shine at the SEA's. But in the words of the late great Bernie Mac...I AINT SCARED OF YOU MUTHA FUCKA!

NEW RAP BEEF NIGGA! Thugnificent and the Lethal Interjection Crew vs. TMI Boyz. We can do this however you want nigga. You saw what happened to the last nigga that bit Thugnificent. I didn't even have to slap the nigga myself!!!

This gonna be the last time I entertain this kinda shit though. Like I said earlier, I'm down with Change. So, make sure you support my new single, "I FUCKS WITH OBAMA." See ya'll niggas in Denver.

Thug out.

R.I.P. Julius Carry

I wasn't about to disrespect that man and say "RIP Shonuff," though The Last Dragon is what most of us knew him from. But, Mr. Carry did a have pretty productive career in television. I actually saw a lot of these episodes and just realized who I was seeing.

Crazy. I just mentioned him in a post last week. R.I.P. Mr. Carry.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Big Kuntry King Album Cover

Damn. Kuntry is my nigga. I really fuck with Kuntry. But not this album cover shawty. I get what its supposed to say, mission accomplished there. But naw shawty. Someone don't care about my boy.

What if I was one of these idiots that ain't capable of thinking beyond the surface, right. Say if I saw Big Kuntry video and said "hey, I like this song, let me go buy it" and goes to the record store looking for dudes face on a cover...

First thing I'ma see is a "Cheeseburger." Damn...the burger is in focus and his face is blurred. And he's wearing a hoodie. Not a good idea. Folks gonna think he either on some Fat Boys "All You Can Eat" shit or think its a CD by a rapping burger. Damn. Plus, money is nasty as the millions of hands it touches, fuck around and catch ebola eating that shit.

I hope Kuntry does well though.

Pic swiped from BLVDST

Oh yeah...since we on Grand Hustle. This new Young Dro song is kinda jamming. In a guilty pleasure kinda way. I ain't like at first, but after a few listens, its cool. Has alot of illicit activity in it though, so get your ears ready. Not the usual Dro though. No Fruit Loop Chevys or Sad Blue Jags

Young Dro-"We Can Do It"

Art Show This Friday: TRANSGRESSION

Friday night make sure ya'll hit up the City of Ink for their latest art show, TRANSGRESSION.

The show will feature the works of two of Atlanta's, if not the country's dopest artists. Goldi Gold and Mr. Soul.

If you're not familiar with the names, you are definitely familiar with their work. Amongst other things, Goldi Gold is the man behind those now infamous FREE DRAMA & CANNON t-shirts.

Mr. Soul has pretty much done every other Atlanta-based crew/record label logo from the Dungeon Family to Block Ent. He's also done some very recognizable album covers:

If you haven't been to an City of Ink art show, you're really missing out. They usually have good ass food, stiff drinks and beautiful people and minds all around. So if you aren't doing anything, make sure you fall through. I'm hoping I can make high school reunion party kicks off around that time. Should be interesting.

Goodie Mob Reunited

So...last night. The choice was: Free Bun B show at The Loft or Free Nelly show at The Tabernacle or Lloyd at Pure.

I chose Bun. Obviously all the women were gonna be at the Nelly show and the late night action was gonna be at the Lloyd show. I chose Bun tho. Then...I get an email from my nigga Matt The Mayor:

Sent: Aug 19, 2008 10:28 PM
Subject: Where u at????????? Urgent!!!!!

Maurice Garland
Subject: Re: Where u at????????? Urgent!!!!!
Sent: Aug 19, 2008 10:53 PM

At bun b show. What's good

Aug 19, 2008 at 11:03 PM
Re: Where u at????????? Urgent!!!!!
Man.... Goodie mob just performed at Nelly concert!! even ceelo perform with these nigga!!!


No lie...i went around to every person I knew at the show, showing them the email. Everybody had the same reaction....slight disappointment.

You can't get too mad because you're at a free Bun B show. But at the same time, you're like, damn.

I mean, the whole day. I was clowning cats who chose to go to the Nelly show over Bun's show. I like Nelly, but c'mon now. But I'll be damned, Pimp Juice brought out every fourth of the Goodie Mo-B.

Bun, who evidently went to the Nelly show before hitting the stage and I must add, reads EVERYBODY'S BLOGS...sent pics over to Eskay.

I got this pic outside after the Bun show. That's cool how they all swung over to show support. Sometimes I wish I was more ruthless with the camera. I could have easily got a pic inside. But Gipp asked me to respect their space. Which I can completely understand. Unlike the Nas/Jay-Z shit...Goodie Mob were friends and brothers before rap stardom. Same goes with the Big Boi/Killer Mike shit. After I got those pics and video of them, alot of folks were wanting me to get them together for interviews and stuff. But we have to realize, those dudes were friends and just now started back talking to each other again...gotta respect the situation and their space.

But, Gipp assured me that they was gonna look out for me later, and they did. I'm grateful for that. I'm also grateful that they let me snap this pic on the strength of remembering me from an article I did on Soul Food a few months ago.

I got some video of the Bun show that I'll post later. I'm kinda tired right now and don't feel like waiting on the YouTube uploads this very second. But I got ya'll though.

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The Coming

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This has been on my mind for some time now. I've tried my hardest to keep it to myself because I don't want to be a dream crusher or tell people what they can or cannot do. But fugg it, I have to say it...


I'm sure this thought isn't anything new under the sun. But damn! I just got finished judging a talent showcase (whats up Honey, thanks for inviting me out). I got there at 10:30pm and didn't get out of there until 2:45. And guess what...they wasn't done!

Like I said before, I can't sit here and tell people they shouldn't chase their dreams. I mean, I'd probably feel a certain way if someone would have told me "its too many niggas writing" 5 years ago.

That's why I'm saying as of this day, hour, minute, second....well actually as of last night...there should be a Rapper Cut-Off Line. So, if you weren't rapping as of last night or hadn't made any real stride in the craft or contribution to the culture, i.e. performed for more than the 5 people in your living room or printed up CDs with real ink (no magic marker)...just stop, now.

The world does not need another rapper. We have enough of those to last us until Armegeddon. All we need to do is tell the cats thats already rapping to just keep getting better or encourage them to stop as well if they are wack.

I swear, last night was not the first time I'd judged a showcase. So I knew what I was getting into. But for some reason, it just hit me like damn...its alot of niggas rapping. As each act got on stage and did their thing I kept imagining them doing something else. Something that we need.

We need more dentists. We need more doctors. We need more economists. More truck drivers. More chefs. More store owners. I need a teacher for my unborn child. A rapper? No, I don't need or want another one of those.

Of course, to some, rapping is merely a hobby. Some people paint, some people build model cars, some people rap. Cool. If thats how you pass your time, do your thing and keep it just that a hobby. But as far as more cats trying to "get on" no, please stop the madness.

Its almost as if rapping has become its own language. Its damn near equivalent to speaking English...because everybody does it. Its like rapping is the 6th Sense. Seeing, Hearing, Touching, Tasting, Smelling....Rapping.

I probably should have set if off in there last night now that I think about it. Giving someone a low score probably didn't contribute to starting the Rapper Cut-Off Line. Hell, that shit probably got interpreted as "hating." And you know niggas do with their haters! Make them their motivators, cause they on the grind, son!!!!!

From now on, I think I'm either gonna start throwing shit on stage or come to these showcases with stacks of various job applications. Maybe a couple school applications too. Something to show cats that there are other things that they could be doing and striving for.

Am I the only one who feels like this? What do you think the criteria should be to let a rappers past the Rapper Cut-Off Line?

Oh yeah...yall non-blending, no-mixing DJs need a cut-off line too. The same is about to go for ya'll "producers" that don't even know what an instrument looks like.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Shoes To Lose

Is it me...or are all of the latest joint ventures Nike has been doing with rappers ugly as hell. I understand cats be wanting to be original, but damn. Different equals ugly more times than not.

Big Boi's Lucious Leftfeet

?uestlove's Air Questo...yeah, I have a ?uestion. WTF? What makes these worst is that the left shoe has a different pattern.

Kanye West's Air Yeezy's

I can't front on the Black ones though, they get a pass

Come to think of it...has their ever been a dope shoe endorsed by a rapper? Only shoe I can think of that was dope were the Wallabee's back in the day that Ghostface put on the map.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Scarface-"High Powered"

[photo from my 2005 archives]

I was debating sharing this because I don't want no Rap-A-Lot goons at my door. Hope ya'll enjoy it though. I'm assuming its from Emeritus.

Scarface-"High Powered" [HQ Rip]

Killer Mike's Sunday Morning Massacre: "Jockin Jay-Z/10th Commandment"

In the midst of being in Houston at the Ozone Awards, obviously, there was no Sunday Morning Massacre last week. Sorry.

To make it up to you Mike stayed up until 6 this morning perfecting the latest round from the SMM. Here, he goes in on the "Jockin Jay-Z" instrumental and pretty much calls out rappers for disobeying the 10th Commandment. Yes, most of your favorite rappers are sinners.

Killer Mike's Sunday Morning Massacre: "Jockin Jay-Z/10th Commandment"

Friday, August 15, 2008

I Just Got My Check, Bills On Deck

"Just got my check, bills on deck, my girl looking at me like I ain't shit/we ain't doing shit toniiiiiiiiight"

I saw this over at UHTN and I just had to post this too. I'm not the biggest Roland Powell fan, but this ish is funny. He spoofs T.I.'s "Whatever You Like" on some regular dude ish. He's defenitely got some zingers in there...especially that Spelman line, that's just cold. But peep it out if you need a quick laugh.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Last season, after Washington Wizards guard Deshawn Stevenson called Lebron James sent the media into a tizzy. How dare someone speak against King James! From there Lebron brushed off the remark, comparing him responding to Jay-Z responding to a diss from Soulja Boy. Then, to keep things entertaining, Deshawn invited Soulja Boy to cheer him on against Lebron in the playoffs. Um, yeah...SB wasn't a good luck charm. After that Jay-Z recorded a song where he dissed Deshawn. With that ladies and gentlemen, you saw Hip Hop officially infiltrate sports.

Now that the backstory is out of the way. I just wanted to share these pictures with ya'll for sheer entertainment.

Lebron James is currently in China playing for the USA Men's Basketball Team aka The Redeem Team

Deshawn Stevenson is right here in the States getting his Plies...

...and Usher on.

Who do you think is having the better vacation? Not inferring anything, just asking a question.

Clip found @ AUM Whaddup Matt!

Killer Mike & DJ Wally Sparks On Some Hip Hop Ish

While I was out in Houston for the Ozone Awards Weekend I got up with a few of my friends here and there. One night in particular I got up with Killer Mike, DJ Wally Sparks and my dude G.Davis.

As with any room with dudes and liquor in it, cats started debating about Hip Hop amongst other things. Since I had my handy Flip cam on me, I went on ahead and captured some of the talk.

In this video Mike, Wally and G start off talking about what were Biggie and Pac's "classic" albums and then ended up talking about what were the best D.I.T.C. albums. Yes, folks down south listened to D.I.T.C. albums. Anyways, I just wanted to share this video of what I've found to become a rarity...and rapper and a DJ actually talking about Hip Hop from a fan's standpoint...with no mention of Soundscan numbers.

Kiss My Converse!

I had to take a minute say whats up to Paul Jackiewicz and the kind folks at Converse for lacing me with some free shoes for the last few months. I just got another pair in the mail yesterday and had to show them some love.

These first joints are called the Pro Leather 1976. This particular design is done in the Olympic spirit, honoring the 1972 USA Men's Basketball Team. If you don't remember, that was the squad that played in the Olympics during the Cold War and pretty much had the game yanked from them.

These next joints are also Pro Leather 1976's. Retro style. These were nicknamed "Buzzer Beaters" in 1982 when Michael Jordan (who wore Converses before he hit the pros and became that guy), hit what would become the game-winning shot in the NCAA Championship game.

I think these may be my favorites right now...I've been wearing the hell out of them.

They gave me some limited edition 2008 All Star Game joints when I first met them down in New Orleans back in February. I just don't feel like getting back up to take pictures of them.

Once again, 'preciate ya' Paul and Converse.

(ya'll ain't the only ones with Fresh Produce, Kaos. Hahaha)

Mike Jones Presents Award (post-fight) @ 2008 Ozone Awards

YES! I found it. Thank you internets! Thank you NWC Network! This is what I was talking about in the previous post. F*ck getting hit in the face, this was easily Mike Jones' most embarrassing moment of the night.

Highlight of the video @ 3:44:

DJ Khaled (after winning award): WE DA BESS! WHO?


Thursday, August 14, 2008

MTV @ Ozone Awards

pssst...Sway. Trae isn't signed to Rap-A-Lot anymore. Damn though, I was hoping they were gonna show footage of the funniest part of the show.

After Mike Jones got snuffed, he disappeared for a minute. He was scheduled to present the DJ of the Year alongside Alfamega, but he wasn't around. So, David Banner came on stage in his place.

Banner kinda had a smirk on his face when he said "Mike Jones wasn't able to make it, so I will present in his place." Then, Mike Jones came from behind the curtain...

From there it was pure comedy. First, shocked and surprised, Banner gave the mic back to Mike. Then, Alfamega, in that old-scraggly voice of his asked Mike, before a brief pause:

"You aight, boy? Are you ok?"

I'm sorry, you had to hear the way he said that shit, it was funny, trust me.

After that, Mike actually walked AWAY from the podium and just started pacing the stage talking. After asking questions like "Where H-Town at?" and "Where my Cuddie Buddies at?" he got nothing but crickets. He didn't stop there, he kept talking. I was hoping he would just shut up, because he was really playing himself, I actually felt sorry for dude. The way he was behaving reminded me of that scene in Dreamgirls when James "Thunder" Early made an ass of himself at the Rainbow Records reunion. JIMMY GOT SOUL! JIMMY GOT SOUL! JIMMY GOT, JIMMY GOT, JIMMY GOT S-O-U-L SOOOOULLL!!!

For real man, had he just came up there, showed face and presented the award and leave, he would have saved alot of face.

So then, after dude finally decides to read the script that was prepared for him, they present the award to the winner, DJ KHALED.

After that man...easily the moment of the year.

After getting his award Khaled broke into his usual WE DA BESSSSS!!! routine. But, after he said WEE DA BESSS! WHO?!? if on cue, Mike Jones came out of nowhere on the mic and blurted...MIKE JOOOONES!!!

MAAAAAAAAAAAAN! Perfect comedic timing shawty. That shit was funny. I'm really hoping some video of that pops up on the web. As many NWC (Niggas Wit Cameras) networks were there, its bound to pop up somewhere.

You had to be there...

Clip spotted @ NahRight

Related Post: Trae's Side of the Story and an apology from both

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

VH1 Hip Hop Honors Says "Not Yet" To The South

So, Eskay just posted up this years list of VH1 Hip Hop Honorees...and, I can't say I'm too disappointed. They definitely made up for last years obvious ploy at boosting ratings. But damn...when they gonna start letting from folks from Down South in?

I mean, I'm not gonna fool myself into thinking that VH1 will ever honor groups like UGK or 8Ball & MJG. I'm willing to bet money that most of the folks on that staff that makes these shows probably first heard of UGK either right after "Big Pimpin" or in the years between Free Pimp C and R.I.P. Pimp C. As for Ball & G...ha. If the people behind the show were to read this entry...they'd probably think that when I go from saying 8Ball & MJG and Ball & G, that I'm talking about two completely different groups. So that's that.

But, I am kinda let down that neither Oukast, Geto Boys (at least Scarface) nor 2 Live Crew are being recognized this year. I mean, if they gonna recognize Naughty By Nature, Too $hort (which I'm very happy about) and Cypress Hill...why not 2 Live Crew and GB.

I mean, 2 Live Crew pretty much made it possible for most of these rappers to use (and abuse) the in-your-face language that they use to sell records. I mean, if there was no 2 Live Crew, there probably would be no "O.P.P." Plus, they fought against the government over or hate what the deregulation of what can be said on recorded music has led to...that event deserves to be honored.

I am happy to see Cypress Hill get some props too. But I mean, they couldn't honor Geto Boys too? I mean, if my memory serves me correctly, both groups came into prominince around the same time. Well, at least my rear end remembers it that way. Listening to We Can't Be Stopped and Til Death Do Us Part got me in just as much trouble as Cypress Hill did. I'm sure the show will make mention of some of Cyrpess' politically charged music as it pertained to foul cops and legalizing weed. But damn, Geto Boys had their share of music like that too. Didn't they? Plus, wasn't Cypress considered "gangsta rap" at some point? It don't get any more gangsta than Geto Boys (unless you're named Ice-T).

And...for the Outkast omission? I'm starting to assume that VH1 Hip Hop Honors are (for the most part) meant to honor rappers that are either past their primes and won't be dropping dope albums, or albums period, anytime soon. Which is why people got kinda upset when Wu-Tang got honored amidst the more "old-school" acts. The same reason why I said "what the fugg?" when they honored Missy last year.

Outkast, as well as Geto Boys and/or Scarface by himself (not sure about Willie D and Bushwick bill alone), are still very much capable of dropping dope ass albums tomorrow if they wanted. That's one of the things that makes this Southern Hip Hop so beautiful is that most of the founders are still around and still put out some dope shit. That said, I believe that De La Soul can and will continue to put out dope and relevant music in the why not honor Kast for essentially being able to do the same thing. Yeah, I know De La came out in 88-89 and Kast came out in 92-93...I give you that. But, Kast should be up there with them.

I don't know, maybe I'm just being a little impatient. Maybe the VH1 Hip Hop Honors show plans on honoring 'Kast, Geto Boys and 2 Live Crew next year....hopefully along with E-40.

UPDATE: There's a heated discussion about this going on at OkayPlayer if you cared to join...

Free Bun B!

Bun B will be performing with live band Orgone FOR FREE @ The Loft next Tuesday. A couple of years ago I went to a Scion joint where Little Brother performed with Orgone and the shit was dope as hell. I advise you to sign up for this RIGHT NOW before the list fills up. I also advise you to get there RIGHT WHEN it starts because the long line may be a little discouraging to some of you.

I wonder what the ratio is gonna look like though. Scion parties be looking like swordfights alot of time. Dope music, not a whole lot to dance with or look at.

RSVP now at for which ever show is relevant to your location. I posted this mainly for folks in the A though.

Again, if you want to go, RSVP now! They don't politic at the door and you can't buy your way in...unlike some of these "Hip Hop" spots...or the culture in general for that matter...sorry, was about to go off on a tangent. I'll stop now.

Big Boi Introduces Chico Dusty

Big Boi/Daddy Fat Sax/Sir Lucious Leftfoot takes you behind of the scenes for his album packaging photoshoot by Jonathan Mannion. Special appearances from John Legend, Mary J. Blige, Hill Harper and others. Shouts out to UNN for the video.

Is it me, or does Chico Dusty look like Sam Jackson from Menace II Society.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ozone Aftermath/Trae's Side of the Story

Well, the 2008 Ozone Awards went down last night. Me personally, outside of a few technical difficulties, pretty much enjoyed the show. Was it perfect, no. But I still enjoyed it. I noticed that people love to hate on Ozone, why, I don't really know. I can be a critic of the magazine and the award show, but I just can't straight up hate on the shit. They've been around 6 years and this the 3rd awards show...they must be doing something right. I was set to write up a full review of the show last night afterwards, but fugg it, I was tired. And you know what? hahhaha, I'm still kinda tired now. Plus, based on how fast the word spread...everybody only wants to hear about one thing. Trae vs. Mike Jones

I saw the squabble from a far and really couldn't tell what happened. All I know is that the shit was wack because they started fighting before the show even began. That (on top of sitting in front of perhaps the loudest heffas in the state of Texas at the time) had me ready to leave.

Yeah, so back to the Trae/Mike Jones shit. I ran into Trae in the lobbly later that night/early this morning and got him to talk to me about what happened. Based on how folks as coming up to him in the lobby, alot of people must have wanted to see Mike Jones get punched in the face.

Here's Mike's side of the story on the radio (minutes after the shit happened, folks be moving fast now!)

But yeah, I really don't feel like retyping the review of the show that I typed into my blackberry, so here's what I want you to do. Imagine that we were having a text/IM conversation and I was giving you updates along the way (excuse the misspellings):

Bob-opened show.did the jumping jack thing....mildly exciting.
Watts djed-large gap of space
Rock city performed and crowd wasn't ready for them
Shawty lo-did dey know and crowd finally showed a little life, houston niggas too cool tho. Floorseats jumped up for dunn dunn....
Deray hosting....
Jeezy-usher win rnbrap award
Tastemaker-(presenter steph jones forgot envelope)tpain won but was late
Pimp c tribute_hez and ball did pocket of stones, short did big pimpin, david banner and big boi did players anthem....boosie and webbie did one day you gone....choir came out bun came out did angel in the of pimp and bun flashing on the screen...mama wes, pimp son came out....
Sound man fucking up at the end, DISRESPECTFUL
Shawty lo won-breakthrough award
Geto boys came out to present jprince the legend award.....he said rappers need to build community centers around the hood.....scarface look like he just got off the golf course, in gym clothes...
David banner won trillest artist award, he gave the award to scarface....
Mike jones and mega present dj award....mike was trippin, stealing attention, really trippin, was getting no love...looks like a fallen star, like eddie murphy at end of dreamgirls.
khalied won, said who the best? Mike come and say MIKE JONES!
West coast-fab and short did life of the party....glasses malone did certified and every wst coast nigga jumped on stage......reminisient of the south at 2003 source awards
Somebody stole a mic.....
Deray was funny....
Esg presented lyricist of the year...freestyled to the crowd and mentioned trae punching mikejones....
Pastor troy and banner presented hustler award...
Tpain showed up and gave his award to bun b.....ross did the boss...khaled too....did all the khaled songs,,they all did there thing...especially boosie on out here grinding....ross did here I am...turned into a sausage party after while tho
They shut show down the show without the houston set, watts said that's fucked up!!!!!!!!

That's pretty much the show in a nutshell. It got started way past the time it was supposed to, so hella shit didn't happen. But, here is the list of winners if you wanted to know.

Rick Ross – Trilla

Lil Wayne

Chris Brown - brief announcement not full presentation


Lil Wayne

Shawty Lo

Usher f/ Young Jeezy "Love In This Club"

Webbie f/ Lil Boosie & Lil Phat “Independent”



PIMP C AWARD (TRILLEST ARTIST) (Not afraid to speak what’s on their mind)
David Banner

DJ Khaled

TJ's DJ's TASTEMAKER AWARD (Trendsetter in music, fashion/style, etc.)

UGK f/ Outkast “International Players Anthem”

DJ Khaled

B.G. & DJ Drama - Gangsta Grillz: Hood Generals
Chamillionaire – Mixtape Messiah 3

Polow the Don - brief announcement not full presentation

The Game

DPG (Dogg Pound)

Snoop Dogg “Ego Trippin” - brief announcement not full presentation

J Prince



Lil Will

Lil C

Jackie Chain

Mack Maine

All Star

Snook Da Rokk Star


The Jacka

Willy Northpole

Saturday, August 9, 2008

$58 Million To Stay Home

Thank God. I don't think I could've took another Josh leaving.

Ozone Awards 2008: Day 1

Last night the Ozone Awards had its official kick-off party at Bar Rio...which was faaaar as hell from the host hotel downtown.

As soon as I walked in there, I felt uncomfortable as hell. Is it me, or does it seem like excessive frisking, hell, frisking period only goes down at "urban" events. All of the "non-urban" events I go to, I'm allowed to walk right in. The most they might do is check a bag or something. But at the "urban" events these security guards frisk you down like they saw you running from across the street with a bag of loot.

So, when I walked into Bar Rio (after some uncessary negotiating with the guy at the door) I finally got in and got frisked by two different dudes. Then, they ORDERED (not asked) to empty my pockets. The funny thing about it is that the dude who ordered me to do so made direct eye contact with me like I was supposed to be scared of him or some shit.

Then, when I got in, I tried to sit guard told me I couldn't sit there. Then, I tried to stand somewhere else...I was told that I couldn't stand there unless I was gonna buy a bottle and sit in VIP, no thanks.

Then, I decided to enjoy a guard told me I couldn't smoke, I had to go outside. So, when I went to the bar to ask the bartender for an ashtray to put it out, he started flailing his hands talking about "nonononono, no smoky" damn man, I'm just trying to put the shit out, chiil.

By this time I was stressed and ready to go. I didn't want to give this place any of my money but I buckled and started buying drinks to relax. It worked. Hell, it worked very good, because the performers they had on stage (most of which I don't really care for) actually started sounding good.

Then I started running into niggas I knew like Carl, Killer Mike and my dude Jackie Chaine. So that helped.

Anyways, I don't want to make the night sound like it was absolutely horrible, because it wasn't I think I was just a little irritable. But, I did score some footage of Trae aka Mr. Houston performing some of his songs. I fuck with Trae, but I was kinda dissapointed because Z-Ro didn't join him on stage. I was really looking forward to that.

I wrote the cover story on Trae & Z-Ro for the Ozone Awards issue. Anyone that knows about these two know that they are probably the only rap group in the world where the members absolutely do not talk to each other. What makes it even crazier is that they are cousins on top of that.

In the story they told me that even though they ain't on speaking terms, they still do what they have to do business wise, hense, they were able to crank out that ABN album that just dropped. Plus, they said they was gonna perform together at this show. Unfortunatly, Z-Ro was nowhere to be found, but Trae still handled his.

Here is some footage:

Trae Performing "Who's The Man"

Trae Performing "No Help" & "Swang" rmx feat. Pimp C (RIP) and Hawk (RIP)...damn. Trae the only living person that song. B.G. seemed to be enjoying himself at the end of the vid.

Oh yeah...

Much love to Bun B who was looking on from the balcony like a true King. It kinda made my night when I walked up to him to say whats up and he looked mad at first, but realized it was me and was like "oh, Maurice? Whats up man!"

No love to the 4 pregnant women I saw in the club last night. That shit there will NEVER be cool. "Love In the Club" is one thing..."Birth In the Club" is another.

Bonus: I went on ahead and added this Glasses Malone footage too. You probably can't tell but he had alot of Cali artists on stage with him. From both the Bay and L.A. Mistah FAB, Sam Quinn, Tha Jacka just to name a few.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Big Boi & Killer Mike Squash Beef (with extra footage)

Well here it is. The video I had of Big Boi and Killer Mike sqashing it. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get it up ASAP because my current internet and computer situation is pretty unstable right now...but props to Grim and The Smoking Section for upping it to the web right quick. for how all of this went down.

Picking up from what I told ya'll the other, Mike and his manager G.Davis were posted up in Ozone's parking lot after going to get something to eat. Just out there chilling, smoking Blacks and talking for the most part. Then, a black Range Rover pulled up. I see a couple dudes get out...then Big Boi pops out of the driver's seat.

Ain't gonna lie, when I saw this, I was really like "ok, what the f*ck?!?" I wasn't worried about no shit happening like what's been said to have happened damn near 2 years ago, but I was still like "yeah, aight, whats going on?" But, Big basically just came over and dapped niggas down. And um, that's pretty much it.

For a minute, I thought I was being had because it was so unexpected. The next minute I was actually in shock. I wanted to whip out my cameras immediately but I was I was like nah...I mean, this may be a fault but everytime I witness something, I don't immediately start thinking about blogs and youtubes. What I saw before me was two grown ass men who obviously haven't been on the best of terms, standing face to face for the first time in 3 years. I wouldn't whip out a camera if I saw two uncles of mine in the same room together after 3 years of not speaking, unless it was cool. After I got the ok, I went on head and pulled out my Flip cam (damn that shit is coming in handy) and my other camera to get some still photos.

From there he let us hear some of the songs from the Sir Lucious Leftfoot: Son of Chico Dusty album. From what I heard, the shit was pretty jamming:

"Tamborine" feat. T.I.

Intro to the album, feat. Joi

Big Boi didn't seem to mind me having the camera out when he was playing his music and damn well know that Mike ain't care, so, I just let it roll. Halfway through my dude Rick Walkk from Royal Flush stopped by as well and chilled for a little bit. (Damn, how ya'll just gonna remove my name and face from the article? Shiat! All good.)

He played a few other songs from the album and so far so good. Vintage Daddy Fat Sax shit.

But yeah, the story of the day is pretty much told in the videos, I got some more raw footage and pictures that I might share in the next couple days. Thanks for stopping by.

Gorilla Zoe Interview on Scream TV

I just got this video from my folks over at Block Ent. Since Block swear I "don't fuck with them," I figured I'd show love. Ya'll know I fux with ya'll heavy man. But peep this interview Zoe did with DJ Scream.

Also, peep this artwork and tracklisting for Zoe's upcoming mixtape, I Am Atlanta:

If my memory serves me correctly, this is pretty much identical to the album he's supposed to be releasing (which was jammin for the most part, based off what he let me hear), I guess they're planning on making some new stuff that project.

Now, I know alot of folks out there kinda be hating on Zoe's music. Alot of folks pretty much be like "buddy cool as hell, I just don't like his music." I mean, I mess with most of his music. Not every ounce of it, but I can say that because sheid, I've told him that I prefer his introspective narratives more than his club joints. Plus, from being in the studio with dude a few times, I know that he genuinely goes in the booth and makes the best stuff he possibly can because he genuinely wants to be the best artist that he possibly gotta respect that.

Oh yeah, I'd been meaning to post this "Lost" track he did with Lil Wayne but never quite got around to it. But check it out though. I ain't gonna lie, the first time I heard this song I was like "why my nigga sound like Dracula" but after listening to it again, its a pretty dope song. I dunno man, I f*ck with Zoe man, stop hating on dude.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

On the Road Again....

I'm currently where Yao Ming, Beyonce and Scarface call home getting ready for the Ozone Awards. I'll still be hollering at ya'll and posting content when I can. The idiots, er, people who booked my hotel room didn't hook up any wireless, I'm just posted up watching 24/7 footage about Brett Farve getting traded to the Jets. I swear, the way they swing from that man's jock strap they might as well make the NFL stand for National Farve League.

Anyways...I'll be back with content when I find a more stable internet situation.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Merry Christmas From the Dungeon Family

When you put enough "Pressure" on 'em..."Something's Gotta Give"

The above picture is not a Photoshop job. God was definitely in the building on August 5th 2008.

Last Saturday, Killer Mike and Big Boi, after three years of non-communication, finally spoke on the phone.

After hearing Big Boi on Gangsta Grillz radio responding to his video, Killer Mike sensed another shot being taken. Mike hit a mutual friend, and consultant to both Big and Mike, Bear Sills, to see what was really up.

The crazy thing is, around the same time Made made that call, he was on his way to record the first edition of his Sunday Morning Massacre series...with intent to go at Big Boi for the remarks.

Fortunately/unfortunately, a bad storm hit Atlanta and knocked the power out over a large portion of the city, including the studio where Mike planned to record. Big Boi's uncle Darnell and Bear were encouraging Big to peace things up once and for all.

While on the phone, Big Boi's son, Cross, sensed that something was wrong from overhearing the phone conversation between Mike and Bear. Up to this point, neither Mike nor Big told their children about their recent back-and-forths.

Cross then asked Big, "you and Killer Mike not friends no more?" After Big told him "nah," Cross (just like so many Dungeon Family fans) expressed his dissapointment over the situation. When his son sat quiet and angry, fuming over what he was just told...Big asked what was wrong. Cross responded, "I'm mad you and Killer Mike not friends no more."

At that point, Big pulled over and stopped and told Bear to call Mike. As Bear was about to call Mike, Mike was calling Bear. Bear answered the phone and handed it to Big Boi...and they had a brief and sincere conversation.

This picture is the result of their talk.

HIP HOP/Dungeon Family:1
PETTY RAP BEEF/Bullshit: 0

Stay tuned to THEREZIDUE.COM for more details, pictures and video from this historical (and coincidental) event.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Alfamega-"New South"

Lame and Blantant joke Warning!!!

"New South" is an "old song"...*drum kick*...get it? get it?

Anyway, I stumbled across this video over at Nah Right and since no one over there was talking about it, I figured I swipe it and share it with ya'll. This is from 'Mega's crunk days when he was signed to Universal. He was slated to drop an album called Below The Mason-Dixie but it got shelved. From the songs I heard off that joint, the blantant crunkness sounded a bit forced, but it was still cool in that Mega was still at least trying to rap and say something worth listening to over the beats.

Here, he rides on George Bush and KKK among others. The imagery in the video paints a picture of a time when the South was actually united. Nowadays, eh, not so much. There's a new beef popping by the minute now.

But, make sure ya'll check out some of Mega's music. Me personally, like the stuff when he's actually talking about something or telling stories. I don't really care for the blatant club songs he drops...hi Melissa ;-)

BOAZ-"Crazy World"

I'm showing some birthplace love today. Check out this new one from Boaz out of Pittsburgh. Anybody who has a track sampling Jamiroquai is good with me. Boaz did his thing on there too, as he should.

The Burgh ain't had a music star since Sam Sneed (if he can be considered a "star"), so its about time somebody come out and represent. I never really got into the Wiz Khalifa cat like that even though he's pretty much had The Burgh on his back for the last couple years, but, I'm still glad to see someone making noise that goes past the North Side or Manchester.

Boaz-"Crazy World"

Spree Wilson-"Where Do We Go From Here"

Its hot as hell outside right now and this joint just cooled me off. Ya'll don't see Spree rapping and playing guitar at the same time! Its dope how they made this joint a music video/brief interview too.