Tuesday, November 3, 2009

CIA Invests in Software Firm Monitoring Blogs, Twitter

Yep...peep the full story HERE


Mr.J said...

This is kinda creepy, but what else do you expect from big brother.

QuantumPeach said...

naturally. its s free service. the same for FB. came across an article stating that about 400,000 FB profiles are being watched and approx, 1,500 more are added daily!

Баян said...

well, Maurice, i gotta come clean, since it comes to light anyway
why d'ya think i'm so frequent on your blog? yes, i'm an agent, actually a double CIA-KGB agent

finally i vented it out, what a relief...

erikb864 said...

I follow you on twitter, but i think this is a good move from the CIA... i don't think you need to trip bout this, since you are a legit person.

i remember reading a tweet from CharlamangeTheGod saying "why do people who don't sell drugs care if the feds are in town?".

being that i'm in the military, and i work with computers.. i think it's a good idea. (people are dumb enough to incriminate themselves on the social networking sites) you are perfectly legal, and your tweets keeps me up on hip hop... especially when you haven't updated your blog... so stick with tweeting.

Баян said...

on the real tho right, why get concerned just cause you suddenly found out CIA is watching, why making your thoughts and moves public wasn't a problem up until this point? and it's your choice to make them public, so you're perfectly aware, i hope, of what you're doing and therefore being wise at that

it ain't no invasion of privacy, cause the Web is a public place and ANYBODY can watch your actions on it, including CIA if they want and are able to, it's just that you now know the do or might
so I don't see what the big deal is

there's nothing to be afraid of as long as u don't do anything illegal and free speech right hasn't yet been taken sway