Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Coming

Heaven must have either heard my prayers, or me rapping "Thought Process" in the shower. But Goodie Mob is back! I mean, I heard about the news years ago but the word was only coming out in bits and pieces. I'd see pictures of them back hanging together and when I'd see a Goodie in the street they'd say "yeah, yeah, yeah...we back together" but didn't say much of anything else. Then, we got teased with "Hold On" on that Purple Ribbon compilation. But, that was a bittersweet suprise to me.

Mainly because I had heard that song on the radio back in 1997. It was recorded for Soul Food and got left off. I remember when they got on Hot 97.5 back when Ludacris was Chris Lova Lova to promote Still Standing, they said they was gonna put it on there and they played it. I taped the song off the radio and played it religiously for at least a month. Then, I fucked around and taped over it when they got back on the radio and played what was going to be the new single, "They Don't Dance No Mo'." I didn't sweat it at the time because I figured hey, its gonna be on the album. Well, if you own Still Standing, then you know "Hold On" ain't on there either. Sorry for rambling, but like I said, hearing it pop up on Got Purp was a bittersweet surprise.

My hopes for a Goodie Mob album increased when I got the chance to interview all four of them for a Classic Material I wrote for XXL on Soul Food. It was the first time that I heard all four of them say that the group was back together and actually recording music.

Its crazy man. Goodie Mob has been on my brain something serious for the last week and a half. First, my brother came up for Thanksgiving and asked me to burn him a copy of mine which made me have to start playing mines again. Then the homie R.E. did a Soul Food post on his blog. Then I messed around and got led to their Wikipedia page and found that I had to go in and correct some things myself (they said they got their name from some British band called The Goodie, wtf?!?) Now, I find the following videos on youtube and my homegirl Janee's (a.k.a. the Saigon killer) new blog. No lie, I was just developing an angle for a blog about Goodie Mob to post on Black Ice. I still might do it.

By now, I know, I probably talked/typed your ears/eyes off with my Goodie ramblings (no, this doesn't qualify as lame ass "fanhood" either). Sorry about that, anyway, peep the following videos of the G-Mo-B making their return official. They pretty much sum up everything I'm feeling right now in the interview.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Can't Resist The Camera

So, the doctor who is supposedly responsible for the surgical complications Dr. Donda West died from decided to go on Larry King Live to talk without talking. If you want to "honor their wishes," just stay home.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

3 Stacks & Daddy Fat Sax

The full version of "The Art Of Storytelling" Part 4 (which will be on DJ Drama's Gangsta Grillz album)has finally hit the net. The song is better than I expected. The first time I heard it was when I was actually riding with Drama and he was letting me hear the album. But it seemed like when the songs, like this one, that I really wanted to hear came on, his daughter started raising hell in the backseat, so I couldn't hear anything hardly. The second time I heard the song was at a party Drama was DJing. Usually when a new Dre verse comes on, people STFU. But no, not in the club shawty. I finally heard it with no distractions when I ran into Drama on another day.

From what I remember, this was the dopest song on the album. It also a song that was recorded on the GG album's original go-round before they had to go back and redo it after the Apphilliate's offices got raided.

I will stop talking now and post the song, peace.


(spotted @ Nah Right)

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Coldest Winter Ever

Mike Vick Trial Begins 11/26/07

OJ Simpson Arraignment 11/28/07

Barry Bonds Appears In Court 12/7/07

T.I. Trial Pending

If I missed anyone or anything, please feel free to add.

UPDATE: Vick's winter is already starting.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"The Kaing Ain't Dead"

T.I. is probably bored out of his mind. I've never been on house arrest, but I know what it feels like to be regulated indoors and not able to leave as you wish, its torture. Boredom and torture can be the only reasons why T.I. would release this video of him claiming that he will be "exonerated on all charges." I'm not a lawyer, but I don't think it would be a good look if my high-profile client went on the internet making statements as his trial looms in the distance. Especially after the judge has warned T.I. not to do anything "to undermine their ability to represent you." The King, in true Gangstalicious fashion (no, I'm not calling dude gay), said that he is putting his faith in God and the system. That's good to hear, but please Tip, no more videos, save the talking for the trial. Just chill out.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Best Damn Cartoon Period

You all know that I'm not the biggest television watcher, but when I find something I like, I watch the hell out of it. Being that The Daily Show's writing and overall funniness is going down, the Colbert report is only funny 2 or 3 days out of the week and the Writer's strike is gonna have us watching re-runs for what looks like the next few months, I've had to find another show to watch religiously, and that show is The Boondocks.

I watched the entire first season and have rented the DVDs at least twice, but so far, this season has got to be the funniest ever. Too bad we couldn't have this show at the same time as Chappelle's Show. While Chappelle was funny as hell, we all know that it could go over the top and nose dive into being completely silly or fictional, which served as both its gift and curse at times. But with Boondocks, each topic it covers and every person it mocks, is never really that far removed from the truth.

The latest episode was the one that I've been wanting to see since they leaked the Season 2 preview on YouTube, "The Story of Thugnificent."

Similar to last season's "The Story of Gangstalicious" the episode revolves around a gangsta rapper character. While Gangstalicious was obviously based around an East Coast rapper, Thugnificent is based on a rapper from the "Dirty Dirty" repping for a city called Terra Belle (terrible), Georgia.

Now, if you been down with my blogs since the Myspace days you already know how dead on I thought that Gangstalicious piece was with what was going on at the time. This Thugnificent episode rings a bell too. From the moment he opened his mouth he reminded me of at least four Southern rappers. If not appearance wise, definitely behaviorally.

What makes it even funnier is the fact that show creator Aaron McGruder went as far as to get Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg do voice overs in the episode as Thugnificent's crew, and get them to appear as themselves (with Nate Dogg on the hook) on the hilarious "Eff Grandad" diss record. Getting people to act as caricatures of themselves has been an ongoing theme this season with folks like Mo'Nique and Snoop Dogg willingly re-acting their coon roles in the episode that mocked Soul Plane. Is it me or are they not realizing they are clowning themselves? Maybe they are and I'm just thinking too hard about what is obviously supposed to be a joke.

Damn I can't wait until next weeks "Invasion of the Katrinans" episode.

Get Down!!!

How fitting. The other rapper that makes me stop what I'm doing whenever I hear their voice. This is Dre 3000's verse on that phantom remix of Jay-Z's "30 Something." I heard about this song months ago when I interviewed Big Boi for Ozone. I forgot what I asked him, it might have been something about all the remixes him and Dre were hopping on at the time, but he told me that he was hopping on Gorilla Zoe's "Hood Nigga" remix and Dre was hopping on the Jay song. The Zoe record hit the radio months later and I only heard about the Dre verse on "30 Something" from some DJ's that I know. Then I heard it at a studio that I was doing an interview at and then again at when I was at the BET Hip Hop Awards. I finally heard it in the comfort of my own home a couple weeks ago and it had an extra verse from Ice Cube on it too. Unfortunately, it was a Greg Street exclusive and he didn't let you forget it either, so there was drops all over the shit. I came across the Dre verse by itself over at Chesing the Cool this morning and figured I'd share it with you if you hadn't heard it yet. If this guy ain't spitting the most relevant you-lil-niggas-need-to-hear-this-shit verses right now, man...