Friday, January 29, 2010

AJC: DeKalb officer charged with raping person in custody

Wasn't I just telling ya'll about these folks. Dekalb Police be on some other shit. DKP the biggest gang in Metro Atlanta.

From AJC:

A DeKalb County Police Officer was charged Friday with rape and aggravated sodomy for an incident involving a person in custody.

Jeremy Reynolds, 23, was arrested as he reported for work Friday. DeKalb County Police spokesman Jason Gagnon said the incident occurred last September though he wouldn't reveal any more details about Reynolds' accuser.

Reynolds, a DeKalb cop for two years, also faces two counts of violating his oath of office. Gagnon said his former colleague has been placed on administrative leave pending termination.

Bun B Recording Tracks for "No Mixtape"

The homie Naztradamas just sent over this footage of Bun B working in the studio on his No Mixtape project.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Playboy Tre featuring Homebwoi – "All That My Life’s About"

New music from Playboy Tre and Homebwoi. Glad to see these two still working together. Their Da Return of Feel Good Musiq mixtape was pretty dope from what I remember. More of the soulful, heartfelt writing you'd expect from anything with Tre's name on it.

Spotted at BLVDST

DJ Toomp: Hardware vs Software

BLVDST caught up with renown producer DJ Toomp to get his thoughts on using Hardware and Software to use his beats. I remember interviewing him some years ago and he seemed to be all about the hardware...nowadays it looks like he's found a way to intertwine the two.

Oh yeah...this post gives me another excuse to post two of my favorite DJ Toomp tracks and two of the fiest songs of all time. Attic Crew feat. T.I.-"Dope Boy Fresh" and Big Kuntry King-"Still Kuntry" after the jump.

Attic Crew feat. T.I.-"Dope Boy Fresh" (2002)

Big Kuntry King-"Still Kuntry" (2003)

8Ball & MJG "Ten Toes Down" videoshoot

As you can see, this video is kinda lengthy. But I'm just showing love to Gabriel Hart and the fact that a somewhat mainstream rap group shot a video in Lenny's deserves mention.

CyHi Da Prynce – “Popular Demand” (In Studio Performance)

"rap without me is like TV without Oprah...Brockett without Stroker's"

You'd have to live around these parts to get that line. But regardless the homie Prynce aka "Mr. Redan" goes in on the Clipse "Popular Demand" beat. Metaphors for days. Prynce of All Jacks mixtape coming soon.

Haziq-"Freedom/Hussla" video

The homie Haziq released these visuals for his song "Freedom" earlier this week. First video I've seen in a while that really made me wish I was there. He closes it out with what's probably my favorite song from him, "Hussla." I'm kinda salty that he left out the hook, that's my favorite part!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pill Covers Creative Loafing

Pill's Creative Loafing cover story came out today so if you're walking around the city and see it, be sure to pick it up.

I had a long ass diatribe ready to explain the story since the majority of it isn't necessarily music related, but more so socio-economic and class driven. But, I think I'd rather ya'll just read it for yourselves.

READ: Hard To Swallow

Let me know what ya'll think.

Country for Old Men: Duo Accuses General Larry Platt of Stealing "Pants On The Ground"

So...these guys named The Green Brothers have come from out of the boondocks (Detroit actually) accusing General Larry Platt of stealing his idea for "Pants On The Ground" from them. They are saying that their song "Backpockets on the Floor" was recorded in 1996 and its more than a coincidence that Gen. Platt's song has a similar message and words.

Yeah ok...but here's my thing. When did so many old folks start rapping? What radio stations are they listening to? Who's giving them beats? Who's letting them use their studios? Really, where is all this old man rap coming from? Its one thing to have one old head pop up out of nowhere with a rap song...but to have another pop up and accuse the other of biting his style...giaaaaat dayum.

Shied, dude complaining about folks having their "Backpockets on the Floor"....the way he's wearing his pants so high, he need to rename this song "Backpockets on the Ceiling" Gawtdahm!

But yeah...if you need a quick laugh (well not quick, the song is damn near seven minutes long), take a listen to The Green Brothers, dude really actually tries to flow at times.

Whew...its still cold in the D.

Video spotted at C&D

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nappy Roots-"Ride"

"go' the stanky leg, its better than talking about shooting people in the head..."

Nappy Roots-"Ride"

I only hear Skinny Deville and Fishscales voices on here, and they were the only ones in the video snippet that hit the web last this could be a 40 Akers song doubling as a Nappy Roots joint. Either way, its still dope. Can we stop saying there's no good out there? You have to go out and find it...then after that share with your friends. So, do that with this song.

Pursuit of Nappiness coming soon.

Yelawolf feat. Prynce CyHi and Pill-"I Wish" (remix)

I mean damn...they let me hear this in the studio a few weeks ago. But for some reason this shit hit me in the head harder sitting here at the computer. These dudes all went off on here. They shot a video for this this past Saturday ('Wolf also shot a vid for "Lick The Cat" too), so expect to see some visuals in about a week or so.

Sean Falyon Be Everywhere is in the photo...but he ain't on the song...sorry folks.

Yelawolf feat. Prynce CyHi & Pill-"I Wish"

Oh's another reminder of what ya'll need to be doing on February 20th

Pill x Creative Loafing Photoshoot Footage/Interview

This is some behind the scenes footage of Pill's photoshoot with Creative Loafing. He also speaks a little on the New Year's Resolution he and his manager Derek made in 2008 that got them to where they are now. They did the interview at Noni's which is one of my favorite little spots right now.

Pill is going to be on the cover tomorrow. The story was written by some guy.

Freddie Gibbs and Mikkey Halstead-"On My Own"

The Chicago homie Andrew at FSD had been sitting on this gem for a while, but they decided to unleash it on the world with some visuals to match and it came out dope as hell. For real. I want to see a time where stuff like this gets heard on the radio EVERYWHERE again.

Oh yeah, just so you know...I'm dusting off the microphone and lewd jokes and hopping on the stage again. I'll be hosting this joint right here. I will have some giveaways in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

9th Wonder + Laws: Shining (Preview)

Laws and Rook from the Justice League aka "The Varsity Team" (inside joke) fell though the studio the same night I was there with 9th Wonder, 4-IZE and Scar. This shit is pretty jamming.

Shouts out to Decatur Dan and Orlando McGhee (yes, O...I f*ck with Laws).

Monday, January 25, 2010

AJC: DeKalb police beef up firepower

Swiped from the AJC

Gangs and drug traffickers have ditched their pistols for assault rifles and other military-style firearms, leaving police outgunned.

To beef up its arsenal, DeKalb County Police is trading in its 9 mm handguns for .40-caliber weapons, which are more effective.

Last week, the county commission approved the purchase of 1,200 Smith & Wesson .40-caliber handguns to replace the force’s Berettas....

...The $207,475 contract will pay for 1,200 guns, holsters and magazines to outfit the department.

Atlanta Police officers also carry .40-caliber Smith & Wesson guns. The department is considering arming its force with assault rifles, but is still doing research on the benefits of the weapons, said Officer Otis Redmond, a police spokesman.

DeKalb’s SWAT team, which is armed with MP5, 9 mm submachine guns, is usually called out any time officers encounter suspects with high-caliber weapons.

Patrol officers, however, have the option of increasing their firepower.

DeKalb allows an officer to purchase his or her own AR-15, a semi-automatic rifle similar to an M16. The officer can carry it on duty only after passing a specific 40-hour training class and qualifying at the county’s range.

Yep...Dekalb Police are going to be getting more, bigger guns soon. This, for a county that killed more people than the LAPD and NYPD combined just two years ago. I mean, in my experiences, all I ever see and hear of is Dekalb police harassing and shooting folks that aren't even a threat to anybody. I swear, every time a Dekalb Police officer pulls me over for making a rolling stop or not having my seat belt on...I'm halfway fearful for my life. What you ya'll make of this?

The 808 Experiment Freestyle Series pt.3 w/ Senor Kaos, Jay West & Playboy TRE (Video)

More footage from the SMKA shoot that went down a couple weeks ago. Tre snapped...and Kaos is a true emcee.

Shameless Plug Presents: Hey Love feat. Bilal, The Foreign Exchange and Jesse Boykins III

Shameless Plug is damn fool for this commercial. (If you're slow...they got it from this classic commercial)

The same group that brought Drake down for his first Atlanta performance as well as Goodie Mob Reunion Show is setting it out for the couples on Friday, February 12th. The show will feature Grammy-nominees Bilal and The Foreign Exchange as well as Jesse Boykins III. The show is going to be at Centerstage.

There is alot going on this same night, but if you're trying to get your grown and sexy on (and some action that night) I'm suggesting you fall through here.

Freddie Gibbs Interview with Baller's Eve Radio

Gibbs speaks on how jacked up Gary, Indiana really is...said they don't even have a movie theater there...damn. Shouts out to the interviewer Kat Daddy Slim...I've never met him but he said he from he cool with me.

Spotted at NR

The 808 Experiment: Vol 2 Release Party Photo Reel (Pt. 1 of 3)

Here's a photo reel that photographer Lee Starnes put together with images from Friday's SMKA events. If you weren't at the Star Bar for the show, you really missed out on some of the best music that Atlanta Hip Hop has to offer right now. I myself chose to chill the f*ck out and enjoy the show instead of take pics and get Flip cam footage...and it felt pretty damn good. Check out videos featuring Yelawolf, ALIen and a few others after the jump.

I'll post more stuff that I'm sure some of my peers have as I get it.

Gripplyaz' performing "Jockin" was probably one of the crunkest moments of the night as everyone from Joe Scudda to Sean Falyon jumped on stage with him. The other crunkest moments were when Pill did "Trap Goin' Ham" (folks almost got the fighting) and Hollyweerd did "So What."

Pill On Hood Affairs TV

Seems like folks in the city are finally catching up. Here Pill does an interview right over there off Auburn where they shot some of the "Glass" video at and speaks on his influences, the state of rap in Atlanta and flexation without representation. Sound kinda low, so listen hard.

Spotted at DGB

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Extra VIBE Dungeon Family Photoshoot Footage

Linda Hobbs just shot me this footage that Mr. DJ scored during the VIBE Dungeon Family shoot. It features Cee-Lo telling a story about when he ran into Khujo in Denmark of all places. Random.

Previously: VIBE's Dungeon Family Feature (part 2)|Video-Dungeon Family Photoshoot|Dungeon Family Day

Friday, January 22, 2010

Would Rock These? All-Star Kobe's

I'm not even a Kobe fan like that, and I don't even wear a lot of red. But these joints are pretty hard. Would you rock these?

Spotted at RTNY

T.H.C.: Example 1 and 2

Woman Kills Boyfriend By Sitting On Him

Scorned Mistress Plasters Atlanta, New York and San Francisco With Billboards Of Her and married ex-lover.

These two stories inspired me to start a new category called T.H.C. for These Hoes Crazy.

VIBE's Dungeon Family Feature (part 2)

I know two days is like two years on the internet, but I'm honestly just getting around to checking this out and sharing it with ya'll. Here is the second part to Linda Hobb's feature on the Dungeon Family.

READ: Am I My Brother's Keeper?

Previously: Video-Dungeon Family Photoshoot|Dungeon Family Day

Video: Moose Lewis Speaks On His "Whites Only" Basketball League

Everyone is calling this guy racist for wanting to start an all-White basketball league where ONLY American-born Caucasian players would be allowed. Meaning no Blacks and no foreign players. That's not accurate. He's actually stupid. I don't think even White people would want to watch an all-White basketball league. I mean hell, do you see anybody talking about how great Indiana Pacers games are nowadays? Nope, didn't think so.

Lewis says that he doesn't think he's being racist, but that he is simply filling a niche for people who want to watch fundamentally sound basketball. None of that flashy stuff. I suggest those people watch WNBA games. No dunking, no ally-oops, no behind the back passes...just good ole chest passes and jump shots.

At the end of the day, I think Lewis is just one of those guys who is intimidated by all the tattoos in the NBA, who may also be tired of hearing about how a lot the NBA's Black players stay in trouble with the law. So he figures that starting a league with all-White players would be "pure"...I guess.

White readers out there...would you go to any of his leagues games? Would you try out?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Knux feat. Naledge of Kidz in the Hall-"Floozy"

The Knux feat. Naledge of Kidz In the Hall-"Floozy"

NO-born LA-bred duo The Knux dropped this jam off today. Its probably going to be the most ear-friendly jammingest "bitches ain't shit" type record you're going to hear in a while. A not-as-vulgar approach to talking about dirty it.

Spotted at 2DB

SMKA Presents: Chilly-O

SMKA caught up with Atlanta renaisannce man Chilly-O for an interview where he reveals his origins and vision. He brings up his "street merchant" days...that's where I remember him from. He probably don't remember but the first time I met dude was when he tried to sell me some Jordans out his trunk infront of Hot Beatz studios...the J's were real though!

Also, make sure you fall though WISH and Star Bar (they are right next to each other) tomorrow night for the SMKA The 808 Experiment Vol.2 Listening and Release parties.

Hollyweerd-"Just Bounce"

Hollyweerd-"Just Bounce" prod by 21

Another jam from Hollyweerd...these guys are on a roll right now.

"I Had A Cadillac In Prison": Fillmore Slim Speaks On Pimping and the Blues

"I didn't know she was a hooker..."

This is some pretty interesting stuff. Upper Playground follows reknown (and reformed) pimp Fillmore Slim speaks in detail on how he got into pimping (the game literally chose him), his run-ins with the law and why he returned to his roots...singing the blues. Dude even pimped RJ Reynolds granddaughter at one point.

Two more vids after the jump. Spotted at Kuhvet

Here is the beginning of my post.
"I had a Cadillac in prison"

"I don't have no haters...everybody love me"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Atlanta, GAy: Atlanta Named Gayest City In America

Shawty...what the fuhg is THIS shit about?

According to gay magazine The Advocate, Atlanta is sweeter than a pack of honey buns. I mean, if you live here, its obvious that the gay lifestyle is very visible and accepted. But shied, it don't really bother me because I don't hang where the gay folks hang. Only time I get annoyed is when they do all that exhibitionist shit. Like I said before, heterosexuals and homosexuals are equally annoying when they are out to get attention...

But yeah, about this article. They are pretty much saying that Atlanta is the gayest place in America because there's plenty of recreational activities for gays to get into, there's a high number of Atlantans with profiles on gay dating sites and alot of "gay" movies get rented here. Not because of laws supporting the lifestyle...not because of the number of gay elected officials...but pretty much because there's plenty of things and places (29 gay bars to be exact) for gay people to go be gay at. Correct me if I'm wrong, but...I thought gay people were gay wherever they went?

I mean hell, when I'm out having a drink with a lady, I still see gay people around...does that make the establishment gay? When I'm in the club and the DJ decides to play an old Chingy song...does that immediately make the club gay? (jokes man) And how Atlanta is "gayer" than New York and San Francisco (which didn't make their list for some reason) I don't know...but I can't lie man. I don't know how I feel about living in the "gayest" place in America.

If my city was dubbed "the murder capital" or "the poorest city in America" I'd probably feel the same way as in...welp, looks like this ain't the place for me if I want to live and have money. I mean shit, who wants to live somewhere where murder and poverty are the main attractions? I'm a heterosexual dude...why would I want to live in the "gayest" place in the country?

Now with a label like this, I was expecting most of my homeboys to be the ones who felt a certain way about it. Lord knows dudes can't stand being around no gay shit. But actually, I've heard more gripes from my female friends. A couple of them said that this kind of news is straight up depressing and are considering moving. Couple that attitude with the fact that a lot of more gay folk are probably gonna come to Atlanta to see if the shit is true means that hell, Atlanta is only going to get gayer.

I don't have any hatred towards gays at all, but I don't know if I want to stick around for that. Although I feel that young people are able to start making decisions about their lives when they start taking care of themselves...but "what about the kids?" Say if you grew up in the "fattest city in America" and all you hear about is how fat your surroundings are...don't you think that after while you gonna get in where you fit (or shimmy) in.

If you were an immigrant looking to settle here in the States...would you move to the most "racist city in America?"

I mean, I'm cool...I'm just making an observation and cracking a couple jokes as usual. Atlanta been pretty gay for a while now, I guess articles like this are just the icing on the cake. But I'm curious as to how my fellow Atlantans (or whoever wants to chime in), feels about this. I remember back in the day when I'd visit family out of town they ask me cool shit like "hey have you met Dominique? do you know Kriss Kross?" After that it was "hey you been to Freaknik? do you know Outkast?" Then it was "ay man yall got all the hoes!" But now, niggas be like "giat dayum shawty...yall kinda gay aint'cha?"

I guess I'm just laughing at how its worded..."gayest place in America"...not "most gay friendly" or "most lifestyle accepting"...but just the got damn "gayest"...smh....hahaha...damn shawty.

But yeah...feel free to share your thoughts.

Freddie Gibbs and Pill-"Womb To The Tomb" Live In NYC

Gangsta Gibbs and Gangsta Pill perform their joint effort "Womb To The Tomb" from Gibbs Midwestboxframe... mixtape.

Catch more of Freddie's performance over at RapRadar

UPDATE: Freddie Gibbs feat. Pill-"Do Wrong" (prod. by DJ Burn One)

Been sitting on the CDQ of this for a while...but I've been asked not to post it yet. Respect.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 Interview with Dr. Cornel West

As you saw from the footage I posted yesterday, I got a chance to check out Dr. Cornel West at the homie Ed Garnes' Sweet Tea Ethics town hall meeting. Ed told me he'd get me five minutes with Dr. West after it was over with and he came through...I actually got around 7 or 8 minutes.

I got a chance to ask him something that had been on my mind for years...why do the leaders in Black academia like himself, Skip Gates and Michael Eric Dyson not teach at HBCUs? I mean, I knew the answer, but I always wanted to hear what one of them had to say. I got kinda worried for a second because the people in the room behind me kinda got silent and I heard some "aw shit" whispers. But Dr. West kept it fonky with me and said why.

We also spoke on Tavis Smiley decision to stop doing his State of the Black Union town halls and how dangerous it is for Black folks to think they've "made it" just because Obama is in office.

Ed, Killer Mike and Dr. West's brother Clifton also chime in towards the end.

Oh yeah...thanks to everyone that's been posting my videos, glad ya'll like them.

Atlanta's Stars of the Day: General Larry Platt and Another MARTA Lady

The homie Flex from Rolling Out just told me that General Larry Platt actually has a manager...the lady on the MARTA train however does not.

Ever since I got my dear Claudine I haven't rode the MARTA...I feel disconnected from my people. I used to see stuff like this all of the time, pre-camera phone footage.

Anyways...this lady in the video needs some help. Hope someone offers her some.

But yeah...the city is looking really crazy on the web today. Not only do we have these two circulating...our most popular rapper right now is named Waka Flocka and he got shot because he didn't want to give up his jewelry...then on top of that, we've been voted the "Gayest City In America"...I ain't got nothing against gay folks...but damn...that shit just sounds,

Monday, January 18, 2010

Erk Tha Jerk-"Right Here"

The homie over at Kuhvet put me up on this song a while ago and now there's a video for it. Erk Tha Jerk's "Right Here" has been a hit in the Bay since the late part of last year but the song is starting to pick up more steam.

Raunchy...but smooth and jammin like a mug. I figured since some of ya'll are up late you could find a use for the song. This is the clean version, but we all know what word "love" replaces on clean yeah.

Big Boi Hosts Haiti Relief Fundraiser Tonight

"Atlanta CARES for Haiti" Celebrity Fundraiser hosted by Big Boi and Atl City Councilman Kwanza Hall
RARE - (554 Piedmont Ave, Atlanta GA 30308)
6pm-until Donation: $20; Valet Parking: $5
All proceeds benefit CARE's Haitian Relief efforts (

Leaders of the New Cool Hits Los Angeles 1/26/10

The Leaders of the New Cool showcase will be making a stop in Los Angeles next week, so if you are around those parts try to check it out. Its one of more balanced Hip Hop show brands out there right now. Below is a vid of one of the acts, LEP Bogus Boys explaining why they live up to the show's name.

D.R.E.S. tha BEATnik Promo Reel

Showing some love to the homie Dres Tha Beatnik with this post. Dres is one of the most familiar fixtures in the Atlanta (and beyond) Hip Hop community. He's prolific beatboxer, MC and show host. Pretty much, if you're having an Hip Hop event in Atlanta and Dres ain't hosting it? Its probably not official. Check out this promo reel of him doing his thing.

Killer Mike and Dr. Cornel West Speak on the "N-Word"

Yesterday the homie Ed Garnes, co-founder of From Afros To Shelltoes (FATS) organized and hosted Sweet Tea Ethics, a town hall/panel featuring Dr. Cornel West and his older brother Clifton. It was a pretty cool turnout...I mean, the event started at 5pm and Ed said folks was already lining up at 2:30. I got there at 5, and didn't get the best view to be honest...but I was still able to hear what was going on.

Ed, who wrote the first piece I ever read on Killer Mike, asked me to put them in contact with each other because he wanted Mike to fall through. One because you know Mike would have some jewels to contribute to the conversation...and two because it was appropriate that he be there since Mike rapped on Dr. West's Hip Hop project a few years back.

Wasn't sure if the big homie was going to be able to fall through but he did, almost on cue. Dr. West name dropped Mike while answering a question when he walked in, they spotted each other and he invited him to join them.

I wasn't planning on doing any filming outside of the allotted interview time I got with Dr. West, but I figured I'd might as well catch some of this (please excuse the shaky hand footage, I was peeping over a book shelf). The video starts as Mike is answering a question from an old head who asked "why do we still say nigger in 2010?" Mike answered the question, but the elder interrupted him and said "much respect, but I was addressing Dr. West." Mike kept going though, haha...and answered the question well enough for Dr. West to pretty much agree wholeheartedly.

I'm going to post up the video of my interview with Dr. West sometime tomorrow.

Be sure to start visiting the FATS website to stay up on when more events like this will be going down. I told Ed people like him and things like this are needed more now than ever since Tavis Smiley won't be conducting his State of the Black Union town hall meetings anymore.

Dr. Martin Luther King x Dr. Dre-"Message"

Greg Street plays this every year around this time and he asked me to share it with ya'll.

In order to "Have A Dream" you have to get some sleep...but, just because we have the day off today, don't snooze too much. Try and get out and do something productive today. If Martin spent all of his time sleeping...none of us would be "awake."

{"I'ma let you sit on that egg until it hatches" (c) Bobby Creekwater}

UPDATE: I wanted to share this video that blogger Jay Smooth did a couple years ago...its still one of my favorites from him.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt "Has A Dream"

Google CEO Eric Schmidt wants you to know that he is down with Martin Luther King and everything he stood for. So much to the point that it looks like he's had himself drawn into today's Google home page graphic for the day.

I'm not saying that I have perfect vision (although it was 20/20 as of my last eye exam), but ya'll can't tell me that ain't dude in the picture. Of course the image of Martin marching is one that has been duplicated millions of times and tatooed in our memory right alongside Pearl Harbor or Hiroshima or Ali standing over Sonny Liston or Marylin Monroe's upskirt shot...but I swear I've never seen one of him marching with a little white man next to him. Not saying that none of our Caucasian brothers weren't standing behind him...I'm just saying...the only people I remember standing to Martin where folks like Ralph Abernathy and Joseph Lowery.

What do ya'll think? Obviously I'm writing this for laughs, but still...I swear Schmidt just drew himself into history...just when you thought Google couldn't top themselves.

4-Ize feat. Senor Kaos-"Classic Example"

Dope video from this dynamic duo. Pretty much bringing death to all of your favorite rap sterotypes...hadn't seen a vid like this in minute.

As a bonus here's video of them freestyling about the thing that makes us all smile...they did this during some down time at the SMKA photo/videoshoot a week or so ago.

Yelawolf-"Pop The Trunk"

New vid for one of my favorite songs off Yelawolf's Trunk Muzik. They shot this in Alabama and it actually features 'Wolf's family in really captures where 'Wolf is from and what he represents. Dope ish, and probably one of Motion Family's best vids to date...and yes, that is a real dead deer...please don't tell PETA.

SMKA presents The 808 Experiment: Vol 2 mixtape

SMKA presents The 808 Experiment Vol 2 is finally available for download. You've seen a few leaks around this parts for the last couple of weeks and now the entire project is here. It features some of your favorite Atlanta-based artists as well a couple friends from other areas. The first volume was an unexpectedly pleasant surprise and this follow-up is expected to be check it out.

DOWNLOAD: SMKA presents The 808 Experiment Vol 2.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jamal Crawford's Game Winning Buzzer Beater Against The Suns

This is why they call our arena The Highlight Factory...GO HAWKS!!!!

Grand Hustle's Spodee Tours Zone 6 / Kirkwood

Ms. Rivercity shot this footage of Grand Hustle's latest signee Spodee taking a walk down memory lane, literally.

The whole Kirkwood and East Lake area has been getting remodeled en masse for the last 10+ years. That's why in the video you hear Spodee saying "this used to be..." quite a bit. What they've done with the folks that used to live there, who knows?

Its crazy because I remember everything he's pointing out too, looking at it like damn...this city is really changing. I didn't grow up and hang around Kirkwood like that...I was a Glenwood/Candler/McAfee and Wesley Chapel/Covington Hwy dweller myself...but one thing I always loved about Kirkwood is that it sat right on the city limits line. Meaning that when Dekalb County stopped selling beer at 11pm...we could always shoot down Glenwood to 2nd Ave and get some beer past midnight since they were right on the edge of the Atlanta city times indeed.

Anyways check out the vid and get to know Spodee a little bit, Grand Hustle is grooming him to be their next guy. Plus he from the East Side of thangs, so you know he is going to actually rap and try to rap about something.

Greg Street Awards 13-year old Morehouse Student With Space Jam Jordans

This just happened minutes ago. Greg Street had 13-year old Morehouse Student Stephen Stafford on his show tonight. He has a triple major: biology, computer science, mathematics. Yeah...

Bun B-"I Went In" freestyle

Bun B-"I Went In"

Shied...Bun just texted me and said this was sitting in my inbox. Dude is in rare form nowadays. He said DJ Drama debuted it earlier but it had tags...but this one that he sent doesn', Enjoy.

Andrew at FSD has a fie ass Bun freestyle on that "Adrenaline Rush" beat too, btw.

Oh yeah, Bun is organizing a benefit concert for the Haiti earthquake victims...find more info HERE

NBA: Where Amazing Really Actually Happens

Damn, the NBA wasn't bullshitting when they said its "Where Amazing Happens" because this video clip is absolutely amazing.

Its a short vid chronicling the journey of NBA rookie Sundiata Gaines as he enters the league for the first time. Some of you may remember Gaines from his days at University of Georgia where he was one of the few bright spots in the era that followed after coach Jim Harrick and ex-player Tony Cole left the program in shambles back in '03.

Anyways, Gaines went undrafted after college and went to NBDL (the developmental league). This video shows him getting called up and then...well, just watch the video, its very dope. Interview with 9th Wonder

A couple of days ago Wendy Day of Rap Coalition invited me over to meet with 4Ize and 9th Wonder as they were working in the studio together. I got to hear some pretty dope music while I was over there. The night pretty much turned into something else as folks like Scar, Justice League, Laws and few other folks wound up falling through.

I got a chance to holler at 9th (on camera, trust there was plenty of funny and cool convo down the whole night) while the engineer was loading up one of his beats. In case you didn't hear, 9th will be teaching a course called "Sampling Soul" at Duke University. This isn't his first venture in academia as he's also taught a Hip Hop course at his alma mater North Carolina Central University. We also spoke briefly about his collaboration with David Banner, "Death of A Popstar."

Shout out to Rook from Justice League and Laws for falling through. I've spoken to Rook, and interviewed Laws...but never met neither one of those cats in person you will see in the vid, haha. Enjoy.

Oh yeah...just found out its this man's birthday today too. Happy Birthday brah.


More footage leading up to the big day next week

Thursday, January 14, 2010

SMKA: The 808 Experiment: "In Your Words" (VIDEO) w/ Pill, Playboy Tre, Stanza, Aleon Craft, Grip, Senor Kaos...and more

I was actually in attendance for this get together and it was pretty cool. I got some funny footage and photos to share that I will post later...kinda been busy doing the stuff that pays my bill...ya feel me?

Promo video for the release party after the jump...

Spree Wilson x RockStar Games x Timbaland's Beaterator Commercial

The homie Spree just shot this over this Beaterator commercial he's featured in. Check it out.

R.I.P. Teddy Pendergrass

Crazy...the title of this song is how I actually feel after hearing that Teddy Pendergrass just passed away. Sadly, I thought the man had quietly passed years ago...apparently I was very wrong. I hadn't heard anything from or about the man for quite a while. I guess in this information overload age we live in now, you kinda expect to hear about a famous/notable person's every move on a minute-by-minute, blog-by-blog, day-by-day basis and when you don' figure they've "fallen off the map" or died...rather than thinking that hell, they might just be living their life, minding their business...or in Mr. Pendergrass' case, living in illness for years.

Obviously, this man will be very missed. Teddy P was one of the few artist that has a catalog of songs that pretty much speaks to every moment of your life and damn near embedded in your entire existence.

Whether its through your favorite rappers or songs sampling one of his classics or having one of his songs remind you of playing in the living room as a child each time the song comes on or even using his song as a soundtrack while sitting in silently in your room drinking wine after breaking up with your in joy or suffering bad luck, Teddy Pendergrass' music is sprinkled throughout your life someway, somehow.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SLAM Magazine: Embedded With The Atlanta Hawks

The homie Lang Whitaker at Slam Magazine had the honor of rolling with my beloved Atlanta Hawks last month on one of their road trips and getting absolutely unheard of access with an NBA team. He's posted some of it over at SlamOnline...and while it is lengthy, he promises that the best stuff in the print version of the mag which is on newsstands now (it has Brandon Jennings on the cover).

READ: Embedded With The Atlanta Hawks

Bobby Creekwater-"Pardon My French"

Bobby Creekwater-"Pardon My French"

Nouvelle musique de Bobby Creekwater. Appr├ęcier!

Would You Rock These?: Baron Davis' New Shoe

Baron Davis has his OWN basketball shoe now. This ad is pretty dope and his logo is pretty cool too...but I have to ask, would you rock these?

Spotted at SlamOnline

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yelawolf on DJ Green Lantern's Invasion Radio

Green Lantern got Yela to drop a OnDaSpot freestyle over the Shyne "Bad Boys" beat. Observe.

Spotted at DGB


Richboy feat. Yelawolf-"Go Crazy" prod. by Jim Jonsin

This shit beatin...

MTV News: First Date With Pill

Man...Pill and D told me about this a while back...didn't know it was gonna be like this. Wish I could take a chick out on a first date for noodles and hot dogs...seems to work.

Po (of Section 8 Mob)-"Make It"

This song is ridin...produced by Mick Vegas.

Spotted at BLVDST

Baby D-"No Pain, No Gain" preview

The homie Baby D is back home after spending the last year and some change behind bars over cocaine trafficking if you'd been asking yourself "where's Baby D?"...he's been locked up in Ohio.

He got out around Thanksgiving and has been popping up here and there. This video of him previewing some new music popped up on the web today. As you can hear, it sounds like D will be taking his music in a slightly different direction after his latest obstacle.

Devin the Dude Explains "Doobie Ashtray"

Rolling Out keeps pulling out more and more footage of the day they spent with Devin the Dude last summer, not mad though. Here he explains the inspiration behind "Doobie Ashtray."

Spotted at 2DB

RELATED: Devin the Dude at the Apache Cafe Re-Cap and Photos

Happy Birthday Dominique Wilkins

Today is my favorite basketball player EVER birthday. He turned 50 today...unfortunately that number reminds me again of the NBA leaving 'Nique off of its 50 Greatest Players list years ago...but, I'm learning to move on...I'm learning.

But I'm sorry...I'm a die hard 'Nique fan and always will be. I swear...up until last May, I never purchased a pair of Jordan's. I still believe the Hawks get treated like bastards in the media because of that ill-fated 1993 trade for punk ass Danny Manning. Up until last year when the homie Lang Whitaker of SLAM Magazine(an equally loyal Hawks fan) convinced me otherwise...I swore the Hawks were still cursed for the trade. I still have an autographed picture of me, my brother and 'Nique from when I was 8-years old. And to this day I still think 'Nique got robbed in the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest.

But nah for real...I didn't get over the way the Hawks did Dominique until last year sometime. I mean, its kinda tough to get over when you see how Atlanta does its Black star athletes time after time (Deion Sanders, David Justice and pretty much every brotha that played for the Braves in the 90s, Mike Vick).

But yeah, enough of that...Dominique > Jordan and there ain't nothing you can tell me. Hell, my dude is even classier than Jordan. When Dominique was elected into the Hall of Fame he accepted the honor with class...when Jordan got in, he put on one of the most tackiest displays in sports history.

In honor of his B-day I'm posting this highlight reel of "The Human Highlight Film's" 10 Greatest Dunks. Enjoy.

Random Jam: Metronomy-"Radio Ladio" (2008)

I heard this song when I was playing NBA 2K10 not to long ago. Not sure why it hadn't crossed my ears before, but this particular time it just hit me a certain way. Shit jammin...

This video is a little strange the next time I want to hear this song I think I'll just play this version of the video instead.

Monday, January 11, 2010

A.Leon Craft-"Botanicals"

A.Leon Craft-"Bontanicals"

New leak from SMKA's The 808 Experiment Vol. 2. I got some pics and footage from SMKA and friends videoshoot this past weekend.

JT Money Asks What Happened To The DJs

Mr. Jackin Tourist for Money brings up some valid points about the DJs of today...especially ones here in Atlanta. Of course the video is meant to promote what he's been up to and a new song plays at the end...shit kinda hard though.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Yelawolf-"Deer Mama"

New leak from SMKA's highly-anticipated The 808 Experiment pt. 2 featuring the homie Yelawolf. Track is about his mother and he snaps as usual. The track samples Issac Hayes' "Shaft" theme music quite nicely.

The 808 Experiment pt. 2 drops January 22nd.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Serius Jones, Lil Duval and Charlamagne: The "Real Regular Ass N*gga Sh*t" Show

"I was tired all day today..."

These three do a good job at spoofing what "reality TV" has to offer these days. This is funny and sadly true. This isn't for soft ears though, plenty of language.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hawks Need To Get Back To Being Serious

Four game losing streak. Inability to hold leads in fourth quarter. Losing to Cleveland two nights in a row. Struggling to be considered an elite Eastern Conference team. Star player complaining about fan support to a rival city's newspaper....

But yet we have time to make funny internet videos. Look, I'm all for keeping a calm head in the midst of chaos and sometimes being light-hearted helps with that. But I'ma need these boys to get back to business...and stop wearing those damn red jerseys.

We play Boston on Friday...LETS GO HAWKS!!!

Behind the Scenes: Big Boi's "Shine Blockas" video

Here's some spliced up footage of when the song was recorded and when the video was shot.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

GLC feat. Mistah Fab and Cory Mo-"Let The Pimpin Commence" video

I was actually posted up at Cory's crib when they shot this. Had a cool little time. Most of the girls was gone by the time I got there, missed that part, haha.

Directed by Naz

You can peep this interview I did with Cory while I was there, explaining how the song came together.

Freddie Gibbs-"Crushin Feelins"

Freddie Gibbs-"Crushin Feelings"

Some new Gibbs for ya'll from his upcoming mixtape Str8 Killa, No Filla. He snaps as usual. While you're listening be sure to check out the piece I did on him for Ozone Magazine.

Oh yeah, Gibbs has a show here on the 20th. Still getting details, but if you know something I don't, feel free to say it in the comments.

UPDATE: Well damn! The show is on February 20th at 529 in the East Atlanta Village. The show will also feature Yelawolf and Pill this show is about to be straight fie!

Monday, January 4, 2010

T-Pain Is Bringing Freaknik Back?

Just saw this video over at Ozone. Um...

Not sure what to say about this one. Um...yeah. I'll let you form your own opinions about this. See ya in the comments.

{seconds pass}

Yeah...still. I have nothing.