Friday, November 20, 2009

DJ Singh Slim x DJ Dibiase-"So Far So Gucci" mixtape

Some of ya'll may already have this by now so I apologize for posting late. DJ Singh and DJ Dibiase hooked up recently to make So Far So Gucci, a mixtape (with actual mixing and blending) that combines two of the more popular artists out right now, Drake and Gucci Mane. I usually try to stray from mentioning too much of the obviously popular people and stuff on this blog but I had to show love to Singh and Dibiase.

Plus, I heard Singh throw on the "Best Pillz I Ever Had" mix in the club last night where they put Gucci's "Pillz" acapella over Drake's "Best I Ever Had" instrumental. Sounded dope and 10 times better than Young Dro's freestyle of the same hate, just saying shawty. But yeah, check this out when you get a chance its pretty dope...reminds me of DJ Jamad and Floyd the Locsmif's Outskirts.

Artwork by Fabian Williams aka Occasional Superstar (who also happened to do Outskirts cover art, go figure)

DOWNLOAD: DJ Singh Slim & DJ Dibiase present So Far Gucci mixtape

Tracklisting after the jump...


Marrie To The Game said...

This is really good. I checked it out.

Singh Slim said...

I was blown last night, didn't really get to go in the way I wanted to, but thanks for posting this up homie! I'm getting tshirts pressed up if you wanna get all the way gully!