Thursday, December 31, 2009

Legendary Music Store "Sound Shop" Closes Down

This is a sad and harsh reality. After 20 years of serving the West End community, the Sound Shop (also formerly known as Peppermint Music) closed its doors for the last time this past Sunday.

Over the last few years its obvious that the music industry has been suffering due largely in part to piracy and the internet. While major labels have been crying foul and going as far as to siccing the Feds on mixtape DJs and 14-year old downloading music, the independent retail stores (Mom & Pop's) have been taking the brunt of the downfall for years.

Sound Shop was one of the last stores standing in Atlanta, due largely to the efforts of Des aka That Retail Chick, who is featured in this video. Sound Shop/Peppermint Music has alot of history, many people in the Atlanta music community got their start working here. This list includes everyone from DJ Jaycee to Rico Brooks (the man responsible for Block Ent's early success) to my writing peer Jacinta Howard and many other names and faces that make the music in this city go and grow. I've seen and witnessed plenty of in-store signings and events go down here and its sad to see this place go. Its places like these that remind you of why you like music in the first place. Its places like these where you can go buy CDs that your friends stole, er, borrowed from you.

Granted, I didn't grow up on the West End (we had a Peppermint Music at South Dekalb Mall) and didn't shop there everyday. But whenever I did set foot in the West End Mall, Sound Shop was one of, if not the first places I'd go. Hell, you couldn't miss it, its right up front.

In this video, Des breaks down what it means to the community and up and coming artists when stores like this disappear.

I'm upset that I couldn't get down there to support one last time, I was down in Stockbridge with family. But I'm sure Des will be alright.

Make sure you visit her site ThatRetailChick

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random Jam: New Edition-"You Don't Have To Worry [remix]" (1996)


Ok so...I was reminded of this song by my potna ponta Kim. She said she was watching an old episode of New York Undercover and this came on.

I forgot how jammin this song was. But I was also reminded of why I could never really enjoy this video...shirtless Bobby Brown doing his best Ginuwine (who was the new hot thing at the moment) "Pony" impersonation. Other than that and Mike Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe's terrible mid-90s-faux-Italianio-mafioso raps at the end, this shit still jammin. Too bad that New Edition Reunion tour that's advertised in this video didn't last too long.

But yeah, this video got 1996 (one of my favorite years in life, period) written all over it. The clothes, the then-mandatory Puff adlibs and fingerwave-rocking Missy Elliot hee-heeing at the beginning of the track.

New Edition was, still and will always be the sh*t. I remember the first concert I ever went to was them, Fat Boys and Whodini at the Fox. Then I remember getting that N.E. Heartbrak tape and new radio for Christmas when I was like 7 or 8. Happy as hell.


ALIen-"Drop The World"

ALIen aka Travis Darker does his rendition of Lil Wayne and Eminem's "Drop the World"...bout time they started doing more of these. Dude been killin ish.

One Big Happy Family (teaser)

Tonight, TLC will be premiering a new show, One Big Happy Family, that centers around The obese family looking to change their ways.

Automatically I know some Black folks are going to cry, foul. What do ya'll think when you see this? Personally, it looks like a real life Meet The Browns/House of Payne.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kidz In The Hall – "We Gone"

Vid by Motion Family. Uses footage from Kidz In The Hall's time in Atlanta for Perfect Attendance at the A3C Hip Hop Festival.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mach Five - "That Night"

Sorry for the erratic posting this week...but I'm finally getting a chance to post this video from Mach Five.

These dudes work pretty fast it seems. They sent out a tweet about filming at the top of the SCAD building last Thursday and by Friday night the video was debuting at the Cool Cinema Krush Groove showing. Song pretty cool, video is to the point. Its about one night stands...some of ya'll should be able to relate.

Previously: Mach Five "Alright"

Monday, December 21, 2009

Pill On Vimby

Pill takes you through some areas you may recognize if you listen to the music and watch the videos.

Raphael Saadiq - “Staying In Love” Video

Ray Ray ain't never lied with this one.

The Way I See It came out when? Last year? And they still releasing videos off of it...fine by me. As a bonus I'm posting my favorite song off there too..."Big Easy."

Friday, December 18, 2009

Videos: ITL with Gary Payton

"Say giat dayum together...GIAT DAYUUUM!"

I just got hep to these via SlamOnline and I'm glad I stumbled across these. Anybody that watches basketball knows that Gary Payton will go down as one of the biggest shit talkers in NBA history and now after leaving NBATV...he has resurfaced on the internet with his own vlog series over at sports betting site Hilarity.

The above video is about Antoine Walker's current financial woes. The below video is about Trevor Ariza's elbow throwing incident earlier this week. For the record I don't know who these dudes are in the videos with him, they're just some of his homeboys, which reminds you of how you and your boys talk about sports even more.

If you want to see the rest of the videos, click here, scroll down and type Gary Payton's name in the search bar.

Sneak Preview: Konsole Kingz iPhone App

Check out this sneak preview of the Konsole Kingz new iPhone app.

Random Jam: Herb Alpert "Making Love In The Rain" (1987)

Was chilling the other night and this song just happened to pop up in iTunes. I swear I haven't heard this song in years. I always knew what it was, loved it and knew that Bone sampled it for "Days of Our Lives." But I swear I hadn't heard this song in a long ass time. Figured I'd share it to day since its raining hard as hell outside right now...use the day accordingly ;-)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Muffy-"Sweet" video

Aight shawty...first time I heard this song was when I first ever saw Muffy perform. It had to be at the Drunken Unicorn about two years ago. So I pretty much got introduced to the entire Muffy experience all at the same time. She was throwing candy from off the stage and I remember getting hit in the head with a piece of chocolate.

I ain't gonna lie, I thought this song was annoying as hell...then on top of that the imagery reminded me of ol' girl from The Last Dragon that sang that "Test Drive" song (3:14 mark). But after I heard it a few times I started liking it.

If you never heard this song before (where have you been?), its pretty much some ol' gold-digging pop music, but I fugg with it though. It looks like her team are about to make an official move with her music now. I'm curious to see what happens, I always thought she had star potential, but her performances were like...confined chaos. I know she's been in the lab with Shondrae aka Bangladesh for a minute now, so lets see what happens. Hope she don't fugg around and get compared to Nicki Minaj though...that wouldn't be fair. Muffy been on this whole colorful character shit for a minute.

Spotted at Playground

The Shoe Game 3 Year Anniversary Video Recap

Shouts out to the homie G-Roc from for having a successful event this past Thursday. He had the Nike Store at Lenox on smash. Pretty much the whole top right corner of Lenox was crowded on this night because the Puma store was having a dope holiday party two doors down too.

The line was too long for me to sign up and win some free sneakers, but my highlight of the night was when Greg Street dropped the needle on this never before heard Andre 3000 song that he said was supposed to go on his Interscope album that never officially came out. Yes, I'm leaning on him patient.

Mach Five-"Alright"

Mach Five is another group falling from the City of Ink creative family tree. They don't sound like Hollyweerd (to me at least), but that's the closest frame of reference that I can give ya'll before you check it out for yourselves.

The duo consists of artist/painter/fashion designer Corey Davis and A.Ware. From what I remember they've been around for about a year now and I've been checking their music and shows out from day one. They have a couple cool songs under their belts, namely "You and Me," "Always Right," "It Ain't The Same," "Love Life" and this other joint they used to have on their Myspace page a while back that I can't remember right now.

Think Pharcyde but on some futuristic shit. This is the first look from their Sex On A Sunday LP that hits iTunes on January 1st. It looks like they are rolling with the tamer version of the cover art for now. I'ma let ya'll dig around for the other version. It was.....very interesting.

Oh yeah, they also happen to run two of my favorite blogs at the moment Greedmont Park/Playground. Check those out when you get a chance.

Mach Five-"Alright"

Behind The Scenes: Joell Ortiz feat. Novel-"Call Me"

I actually just heard this song for the first time last night when I was watching Lip Service radio on Ustream last night. The homie Spree Wilson was on there, as well as Joell and Novel. Spree says they play the hell out of this song in NYC...which is good because its pretty jammin. Rik Cordero is directing the video.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Z-Pac (ZaZa Pachulia)-"Tamashi"

The above photo will forever be etched in my memory. I was at this game and it was one of the proudest moments in Hawks history if you ask me. From that point on I respected ZaZa.

But this next moment I will be sharing with

Lang Whitaker got a chance to travel with the Hawks a couple weeks ago and in a random locker room conversation, he found out that ZaZa recorded a rap song some years ago. I don't speak Georgian (Russian that is), but it sounds like they are talking some gangsta shit. The song opens with gunshots and revving engines, as if they about to ride on somebody. Then the rest of the song has police sirens throughout it. Lemme find out ZaZa is down for the 187!?!

The beat sounds like some gangsta shit too, got women singing on it and everything, almost made me want to start C-walking. But yeah Hawks and Hip Hop fans, I'm sure you will enjoy this. ZaZa has the second verse on the song.

You think if David Stern heard this he'd trip on ZaZa the same way he did when Iverson made his rap song? Oh...and for the record, ZaZa is a much better rapper than Ron Artest.

Prynce-"Studder" x "100" video

New video from Prynce's What The Dec Been Missing mixtape. Cameos from DJ Drama and Greg Street. Shot at Standard

Previously: "The Hard Way" video

Friday, December 11, 2009

Dirty Bird: Atlanta Falcon player Jonathan Babineaux Facing Fed Charges

Atlanta Falcons starting defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux not only throws caution to the wind, he makes caution his bitch.--Creative Loafing

I'm sorry, but that quip was funny...

Anyways, Jonathan Babineaux is facing fed charges after riding and getting caught with over an ounce of marijuana in his car...that had the windows tinted beyong legal level...having no tag light...and having an expired tag.

I mean...I've made my share of mistakes on the road...but c'mon shawty.


Here is the beginning of my post. And here is the rest of it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Juelz Santana feat. Yelawolf-"Mixing Up the Medicine"

Cool video for a dope song. Nice to hear Juelz actually snapping again. Good look for the homie Yelawolf...but I'm tell ya'll now...the remix to this is gonna be on Yelawolf's Trunk Muzik project that's dropping in a couple weeks. One word: INSANITY

Directed by Rik Cordero/Three 21 Media
Props to Bem Joiner

Adult Swim presents ATL RMX

This Adult Swim project dropped earlier this week I think, but I'm just getting around to posting it. Its pretty much a bunch of your favorite Atlanta rap music remixed over some techno sounding beats. If you've ever heard DJ Klever or Rob Wonder DJ or hung out at El Bar, Graveyard or been to a Sloppy Seconds party at know what to expect.

Based off names alone, this is one of the more well-rounded, all-encompassing Atlanta Hip Hop projects I've seen in a while. Gucci Mane, Pill, OJ The Juiceman, Playboy Tre, Rich Kids, Goodie Mob, Young Jeezy and B.o.B are just some of the names included on here.

What does it say about the Atlanta hierarchy of Atlanta DJ's when they let Adult Swim show them up on presenting the wide range of music that this fine city has to offer?

Full tracklisting after the jump...

DOWNLOAD: Adult Swim presents ATL RMX

01 Young Jeezy: "I Got This (El-P Remix)"
02 Rich Kids: "Patna Dem (Mad Decent Patna's Remix by DJA)"
03 Dem Getaway Boyz: "Imma G (Memory Tapes Remix)"
04 Good Time Guys: "Is That You God? (Dabrye Remix)"
05 Young Dro: "Take Off (Michna Remix)"
06 Cee-Lo: "Hello Miss (Armani XXXChange Remix)"
07 Lil Jon: "Give It All You Got [ft. Kee] (Danger Beach Remix)"
08 Gucci Mane: "Photoshoot (Flying Lotus Remix)"
09 Gorilla Zoe: "Lost (Starkey Remix)"
10 Shawty Lo: "Dey Know (Prefuse 73 Remix)"
11 Kollosus: "Breakin' Bread (Phaseone Remix)"
12 Pill: "Lookin' (Chris Devoe Remix)"
13 B.o.B.: "Satellite (Hudson Mohawke Remix)"
14 Playboy Tre: "Sideways (SALEM Drag Chop Remix)"
15 OJ Da Juiceman: "Good Night [ft. Gucci Mane] (HEALTH Remix)"
16 Lil Jon: "Give It All You Got [ft. Kee] (Drums of Death Remix)"
17 Hollyweerd: "Have You Ever Made Love to a Weerdo? (Dam-Funk Remix)"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This Saturday December 12th: Harts 4 The Holidays at Eyedrum Gallery

Cool holiday charity event that I'm a small part of...check out the info below and after the jump

Gritty Glam Squad, Naked Eye Image, Mindzai and Esperanza present:
Harts 4the Holidays

Join Janelle Monae / Wondaland Arts Society and tap into your inner artist to make holiday cards for the kids this season! Enjoy our Arts + Crafts tables, live performances by your favorite bands/artist and shop in our pop up store with your favorite local brands! Complimentary lunch from DBA bbq and your favorite DJ's around town playing everything from Hip-Hop, Soul,Funk,Jazz,House,World and Afro-Beat! All in the name of a good cause!

ALL (100%) proceeds and donations will go to benefit the SONGS FOR KIDS Foundation

@ EYEDRUM Art + Music Gallery
290 Martin Luther King Jr Dr S

Event Time: 12pm-6pm

All Ages: family friendly event-bring the KIDS!

Arts + Crafts Gallery hosted by Janelle Monae + Wondalanda Art Society (Appearance from 2pm-5pm)

$5 donation or Toys (new in box)

Lunch with DBA bbq 12-3pm

DJ's: 12pm-6pm ---> Your favorite DJ's around town and taking it out the club and providing the soundtrack as you make your holiday cards,eat and be jolly... all in the name of love and charity!

Salah Ananse
Rasta Root
Karl Injex
DJ P-nut

Performances: 3pm-6pm ---> Catch our local heroes, your favorite bands and artist perform for a good cause.
Hosted By: Dres tha Beatnik

Brittany Bosco
The Judies
Ocha La Rocha
The 54
The Mermaids
Mums FP

Pop-up Stores: 12pm-6pm--->Shop with your favorite local brands! Go Local!
Mindzai Creative
Siditty Misses

Special Thanks to our Sponsors and Organizers:
Fadia Kader
Gritty Glam Squad
4th Ward Heroes
Patchwerk Recordings
Naked Eye Image
Give Love
Fli Pelican
DBA bbq
Strong Arm management
Nomad mgmt
Wondaland Art Society
Tight Bros
Dres tha Beatnik
Vinnies Styles
The Garner Circle
City of Ink
Siditty Misses
White Lies Color Truth
Maurice Garland
Crew Love
Fli Pelican

Siya feat. Sydne Renee'-"Don't You Fall In Love"

SIYA feat. Sydne Renee'-"Don't You Fall In Love"

Siya leaked a new song from her upcoming State of Mind project. This ain't the final verson though. Don't judge shawty...just listen.

Produced by The Olympiks

Previously: INBOXication: Siya


I was making my daily visit to Crunk and Disorerly and stumbled across this jewel. This is easily the funniest thing on the internet right are not prepared.


Sade-"Soldier of Love"

Sade-"Soldier of Love"

Obviously the internets are already going crazy over this song...but I have to admit, upon first listen I wasn't really feeling this. Granted, I am just waking up from a crazy night and I'm a little out of it, but yeah, eh, I'ma need this one to grow on me. Don't get me wrong, this song will definitely be put to use when the opportunity arises, but its probably not gonna be something I ride to on the regular, like I do the rest of my Sade songs. But Sweetback gets down with the instrumental at the end.

I think folks just happy to get some new Sade in their life, which I am too. Its kinda like when Grandma comes home for Christmas, you happy as hell to see her...but when you find out she ain't cooking or bearing gifts, you kinda like, uh...aight den Granny.

I'm gonna have to hear the rest of the album because I'm not sold with this joint alone.

Monday, December 7, 2009

This Thursday December 10th: 3 Year Anniversary Event at Nike Store at Lenox Square

To all my sneaker heads out there, the homie G-Roc of will be hosting the 3 year celebration of his site and company at the Nike Store at Lenox Mall this Thursday. As you can see from the flyer they are going to have a few giveaways. So if you're trying to come up for Christmas time or get someone a gift that you didn't have to pay for, go'on head and fall through.

Check after the jump for a commercial for the event featuring Greg Street Sneaker Pimp...

While you're here check out the first clip from Greg's new webseries SoleMusicTV

Gotta get some of those Bobbitos...and yes, I do celebrate Christmas.

SMKA & Fadia Kader present Perfect Attendance Mixtape Vol. 1-2-10

Perfect Attendance is one of the few talent showcases in Atlanta where the winner actually stands to win something worthwhile and get feedback from people aren't artists just like them...

Perfect Attendance is a monthly showcase presented by SMKA & Fadia Kader... providing you the most talented artists in the region. The first Perfect Attendance of 2010 features 9 of the most talented female Singers and MCs in the Atlanta area. The Perfect Attendance Mixtape Vol 1-2-10 presented by SMKA & Fadia Kader features 2 songs from each performer, hosted and mixed by Dub Floyd. There will be 5 MCs and 4 Singers performing for a chance to win a promotion prize package including:

Video EPK by PhiltheGod
Photo Shoot with Dustin Chambers
Consulting by Come Up Kids DVLPMT
8 Hrs of Studio Time @ S-Line Studios
Music Production & Studio Time with SMKA
Licensing Opportunity with Affix Music

As you can see this edition is featuring nothing but the ladies this go'round...can't be mad at that. This mixtape features all of the featured artists. The actual showcase goes down Saturday, January 2nd @ 529.

DOWNLOAD: Perfect Attendance Mixtape Vol. 1-2-10

Yelawolf feat. Bun B "Good To Go"

Yelawolf feat. Bun B "Good To Go"

Just some unadulterated snappin' as you would expect from both of these gentlemen. I'm telling ya now, Trunk Muzik is straight fie.

Prod by Supahot Beats. Spotted at BLVDST who will be hosting Trunk Muzik

Previously: Yelawolf "F.U." x "I Wish" feat. Raekwon

Friday, December 4, 2009

Playboy Tre-"Last Call" freestyle

Playboy Tre-"Last Call" freestyle

Yeah so...Tre's DJ, DJ Swatts just sent me this track talking about this is from Tre's final mixtape before he bows out of the rap game or some BS like that. The song pretty much talks about whats going on in his mind right now and why he's about to sit down.

I hit Tre on the phone and he comfirmed it...he's putting out a project called Last Call and sobering up on his drunken rap dreams. I promptly told him "this some'ol bullshit" and got off the phone. Guess ya'll need be at the Spring 4th Center for the B.o.B show tonight to start catching your final glimpses of Tre as a rapper.

Sneaker Blasphemy: "Detroit Piston" Jordans


Never been a Jordan man because of my undying loyalty to Dominique Wilkins and the Atlanta I've never really had as much to say about Jordans as my peers. But "C'mon Son"...Detroit Piston Jordans? Isn't this sneaker blasphemy. I mean, am I the only one that remembers stuff like "the Jordan Rules" or when the Pistons refused to shake the Bulls hands after they bounced them from the 1991 Eastern Confernece Finals or hell, the late-80s period?

I always thought that Brand Jordan was going too far with their fusions, but this just takes the cake. This is like Magic Johnson rocking the Weapons with the Larry Bird colorway...or Ray Lewis waving a Terrible Towel...or Johnny Damon playing for the, yeah. I guess we shouldn't be suprised when stuff like this happens.

Spotted at TSG

R.I.P. Chad "Pimp C" Butler 1973-2007

Of course...Bun B wrote this song about Pimp C when he was away in jail...but the song is still fitting (if not more) in his death.

Damn...its been two years already? What would Pimp C think or say about what's going on in rap right now? A whole lot I could imagine. Sometimes I forget that he's not with us physically anymore because hell, I've listened to him for years and continue to do so. You can still hear traces of his influence in rap right now actually.

I wrote a piece for back when I used to have the Black Ice blog/column over there. It pretty much sums up how I feel to this day. Ice: Southern Hip Hop No Longer Immune

Sean Falyon feat. Lloyd-"Attention"

Sean Falyon feat. Lloyd-"Attention"

New ish from the homie Sean Falyon feat. Lloyd. Listen to the words and it will sound like a familiar bachelor story if you live in the A...or any metropolis period nowadays. Shit jammin...hell, any song that samples James Brown's "The Big Payback" jams. I've had this on the hard drive and been jammin to it for a minute but somebody in the camp jumped the gun and put on the fuuuug it.

Produced by The Weathermen

This isn't the first time Falyon and Lloyd have worked together either...they make some jammin ass music together if you ask me.

Sean Falyon feat. Lloyd "Tick Tock" (2007)

Previously: Sean Falyon feat. Playboy Tre and Scar-"Wonderful Life"

Would You Rock These?: New Era Transformers Hats

Stumbled across these this morning. Ya'll already know I'm not the biggest fan of fantasy hats (i.e. hats that are not team colors or worn in games) but these struck me as interesting. If I was an attention-craving kind of dude I might rock one of these...but since I'm not, I'll just have to admire from afar. What do ya'll think?

Peep detail shots after the jump...

Spotted at ECAPCITY

Thursday, December 3, 2009

This FRIDAY: Strong Arm Management and Tom P present The ATL Jump Off 4 feat. B.o.B, Playboy Tre and Stanza

Tomorrow night B.o.B, Tom P, Playboy Tre and Stanza will be hitting the stage at the Spring 4th Center in downtown Atlanta...same place where the 23 Book Signing/Screening was held.

B.o.B shows are usually full of energy with an equally energetic crowd, so if you've never seen him live do yourself a favor and check him out. The Canz and DJ Teknology will be performing as well.

Purchase tickets HERE for $10.

Since the Cool Cinema/Krush Groove thing is postponed, this looks like the look for Friday.

Spring 4th Center
728 Spring St NW (next to the Arby's)
Atlanta, GA

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yelawolf-Trunk Muzik Drop

John Deer aka Get Buck stops by to let ya'll know that Trunk Muzik is gonna be that fie. I can co-sign on the fieness of "My Box Chevy" pt. 3 feat. Rittz. Straight fie.

Lil Boosie-"Gin In My Cup"

Judging from the wardrobe in his last couple of videos, Boosie looked like he was on a mission to bring throwback jerseys back in style. I'm with it though, I still pull out my Georgetown Alonzo Mourning and Montreal Expos gear from time to time. Don't know how he managed to score a Lakers baseball jersey though, that's extra rare. Hopefully he has a few more videos and songs on stash to hold him down until he gets back home.

Directed by Motion Family. Spotted at DGB

PREVIOUSLY: Ozone Magazine Feature: Lil Boosie-"Dirty World" | Boosie on "Keep Ya Head Up" | Boosie's Dirty World (preview) | Boosie Sentenced to 4 Years

THIS FRIDAY POSTPONED UNTIL DECEMBER 18TH Cool Cinema presents Krush Groove at Midtown Art Cinema

This Friday POSTPONED UNTIL DECEMBER 18TH Come Up Kids/Fadia Kader and Greedmont Park are coming with another installment of the Cool Cinema series at Midtown Art Cinema. This month's selection is the Hip Hop classic Krush Groove.

If you haven't been to a Cool Cinema yet, you're truly missing out. You get to enjoy some of your favorite classics with a gang of cool people (and pretty girls) and stiff drinks...ALL NIGHT LONG (or until they run dry).

So far they've shown The Last Dragon (and actually had Bruce LeRoy in the building), The Goonies, House Party, School Daze, Moonwalker and Purple Rain. Cool ish on a Friday night if you're not in the mood for the rah-rah at the club. Nice for a little date destination or just kicking it with ya folks.

Singles Cost: 1 Ticket/1 STIFF Drink=$12
Couples Cost: 2 Tickets/2 STIFF Drinks=$20
*drinks come ala carte too

Midtown Art Cinema (Behind Trader Joes)
931 Monroe Drive, Atlanta, GA 30308

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dwight Howard Pulls A Magic Trick On His Baby Mama

Dwight Howard might be Superman for real...not even Christopher Reeve could pull this off.

From TMZ:

You'll never hear a negative word said about Dwight Howard by his baby mama ... because according to a judge, she's not even allowed to speak his name.

According to documents filed in Florida, the Orlando Magic superstar went to war in October with Royce Lyndsay Reed -- the mother of his 2-year-old son -- after she allegedly called him a deadbeat dad on her blog, Twitter and even during an ESPN interview.

Dwight also alleges Royce "is attempting to become a celebrity" from being his baby mama ... even agreeing to "participate in a VH1 television show called 'NBA Wives.'"

Dwight ended up winning a permanent injunction against Royce -- and according to the documents, she's banned from "using or publishing (orally, in writing, or otherwise), directly, indirectly or by innuendo, [Dwight's] name, nicknames, image, brand photographs, and/or likeness."

That finely manicured line of lawyerspeak makes it damn near impossible for Royce to appear on "Wives" ... unless she calls herself the baby mama of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Getting a baby mama to shut up? This dude plays with Magic for real for real. I know plenty dudes that wish they could get the same injunction on the mother of their child.

Small Eyez- From The Sol EP

Here's a little Sol food from the homie Small Eyez. Do yourself a favor a give his new EP From The Sol a listen today...and the day after on and so on. Cover and tracklisting after the jump...

DOWNLOAD: Small Eyez-From The Sol EP

Freddie Gibbs-The Labels Tryin' To Kill Me [extended internet edition] mixtape

...this infomercial reminds me of that old NWA hotline commercial from back in the day. ya'll remember that?

Not sure about ya'll but ever since I got put onto Freddie Gibbs I've gone back and listened to all of his older material. For those that haven't had the time to do the same Gibbs, DJ Skee and The Smoking Section have hooked up to bring you The Labels Tryin' To Kill Me...some what of Best Of and compilation of some of his older songs and more recent ones.

Don't be alarmed by the 80 song tracklisting. Most of it is just verses, however there are some new and whole songs on there. They left off my favorite joints "Doin Dumb Shit" and "The Girls Love It" but this still seems to be a pretty solid project.

There's probably a song or two on here that you've already heard and never his guest verse on "The True" which appeared on The Knux' Remind Me In 3 Days... album last year. Cover and tracklisting after the jump...

DOWNLOAD: Freddie Gibbs-The Labels Tryin' To Kill Me [extended internet version] is.

1. Things Can Only Get Better
2. Nigga Machine
3. Empire Strikes Back
4. Never Forget Me
5. Stay High
6. In My Hood
7. Young’n On His Grind
8. I’m That Nigga
9. Big Biz 3
10. The Game
11. Thug Psalms
12. Rock Boys
13. I’m The Man
14. Murdergame
15. Fresh
16. 4 Da Streets
17. About To Be A Murder
18. The Wrong One
19. Pearly Gates
20. We Does This
21. It’s a Robbery
22. Bring Me Down
23. Imperial
24. Fuck Rap
25. How I Feel
26. Iodine Poison
27. Midwest Malcolm
28. G.I. Pride
29. Come Around My Way
30. Just Tryin’ Ta Make It
31. Neverending Cycle
32. Product Of The Hood
33. Freddie’s Dead
34. Block Muzik
35. Run Up To Me
36. Womb 2 The Tomb
37. F.R.E.D.D.I.E.
38. Murda On My Mind
39. Games U Playin’
40. On The Creep
41. In The Projects
42. For My Niggas
43. Fuck What Ya Heard
44. Hoes Betta Recognize
45. Fear No Evil
46. Nigga I’m Back
47. Boxframe Cadillac
48. What It Be Like
49. Goodies
50. The True
51. Let It Go
52. Midwest Muzik
53. Still Standing
54. Scary Gary
55. Bussashot
56. Gangsta
57. Hard Times
58. Life In The Fastlane
59. Flamboyant
60. Fuck Rap pt. 2
61. County Bounce
62. Another Day (In My Hood)
63. G.I. Swangin’
64. From Tha G
65. Straight Ballin’
66. Hold Me Back
67. Close Your Eyes
68. Smoke Away The Pain
69. Steel City Stick Up Kid
70. Can’t Stop Me
71. Clean Than A Muthafucka
72. Summa Dis
73. Breakin’ Necks
74. Talkin’ Bout You
75. Deez Hoes
76. Playa
77. Sumthin’ U Should Know
78. Stray
79. Dick In The Morning
80. Bussdown
81. How We Do (’93 Til…)

New Devin the Dude Album Suite 420 Due Out In February

..."oh yeeaaaahaah"

Spotted at Screwheads Only

GTFOH: DJ 5150 x Big Stack$$$$ "Driving Miss Daisy" mixtape cover

Big Stack$$$$ is apparently the hottest thing out of Chattanooga, TN since I-75. I've listened to a couple songs...yeah, aight. But yeah, this mixtape cover showed up in my inbox today. I saw it a few weeks ago on one of the blogs I frequent but chose not to say anything about it.

Ya'll know how I do, if stumble across something that I don't like, I don't go out of my way to say anything bad about it, rather I find something that I do like and share it with ya'll. But I'll be dammned if I couldn't help myself with this one.

Driving Miss Daisy shawty? Really? Is this supposed to a metaphor for keeping the "white girl" in back the ride? Well, as I typed that I listened to the intro/title track...and yes, that's exactly what its supposed to mean. SMDH.

If you're interested in what the music sounds like...its that typical D-boy trap shit. Just talking on beat, no actual rapping or flowing involved.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Baby Is At the Saints vs. Patriots game...

Just in case you weren't aware of his exact coordinates, Birdman and his tattoo are tailgaiting at the Saints game.

GTFOH: Steven Seagal's "Lawman"

I saw this while watching First 48 and man...

This is the cruelest joke in the history of television. Steven Seagal shawty? Really brah? This how you know it doesn't pay to be a criminal anymore. They're making your getting caught sheer entertainment. Its one thing to broadcast survallience videos of The World Dumbest Criminals...its another to run up on folks with the guy from Above the Law.

I swear, folks on this show are going to have one of two reactions. They either gonna think they are being Punk'd...or they think they are about to see a slow death because of scenes like this:

And really what kind of people are they going to be pullig over? From the previews it looks like they damn near pulling over dudes for parking tickets and yelling at their wife too loud. These dudes don't look like mobsters or nunchuck-wielding goons. And he teaching cops yet another way to f*ck somebody up on these streets...this is overkill shawty.

Plus, I'm curious to see what Seagal is even able to do anymore. I interviewed him once a few years ago and he looked very out of shape. Plus, in his last couple of movies he looked like a damn penguin the way he was flapping and flailing his arms around. But hell, anybody can be deadly with a weapon I guess.

But yeah, the show debuts on Wednesday on A&E. I really feel sorry for the dudes that are about to get jammed up on this show.

Photos and Re-Cap: Big Boi x Clipse x Yelawolf at King Plow Arts Center

This past Friday, while most of Atlanta was sleeping off the itis from Thanksgiving leftovers, it was jumping at The Gallery at King Plow.

Just judging from the names on the bill, it wasn't a question of IF the show was gonna be was WHO was gonna be the dopest...

Wil May was the nights opening act. Wil May is a pretty solid entertainer, but you'd have to know his songs or be around people that know his songs to really enjoy it. Some but not all of the people in the crowd knew his songs, but...this crowd was mostly comprised of our White brothers and sisters and you already know that Alcohol + White folks + loud music = Screaming for no damn reason. So needless to say, Wil May got some love from the crowd. I am kinda dissapointed he didn't do his guaranteed party-rocker "Get Up Early" though.

Prynce was the second opening act and he was pretty solid as well. He did songs from his latest mixtape What Da DEC Been Missing Vol.2 but the only song he did from Vol.1 was "Sweet Georgia" which the crowd was very receptive to. He killed it when he did "Studder" though, that must mean people are coming to the site more often.

As usual Yelawolf killed it. He was the only performer of the night to have a live band so of course that amplified his set.

Ashanti Floyd


He did songs from off his Arena Rap and upcoming Trunk Muzik projects including "Pop The Trunk" and new fan favorites "I Wish" feat. Raekwon and "F.U." He also allowed this random white dude on stage to scream "F*** YOU!" at the top his lungs. 'Wolf later said he did someone a favor because by doing that he prevented an office shooting next week.

As usual a few folks left after Yelawolf performed but many still stuck around for Clipse. I've seen Clipse a few times now and their show is always pretty good. However, its not for those that like nostalgia. Being the "trendsetters" they are, they mainly do their most current songs with stops on memory lane coming few and far between. Of course they did "Grindin" and "What Happened To That Boy"...but most of this show was songs from Hell Hath No Fury, We Got It For Cheap pt. 3, the Play Cloths mixtape and what ever has leaked from Til The Casket Drops.

Play Cloths is fresh as hell by the way. I don't think I've seen a piece I haven't liked yet. 'Bout time a rapper(s) who actually knows how to dress a little came out with a line that people will actually wear on some everyday shit.

Last but not least Big Boi went on and killed it as usual. I didn't get good positioning for the Big Boi set so I didn't get as many pictures. But shied, if you come to this blog often you've seen plenty of Big Boi concert pics by now.

Blackowned C-Bone


Overall the show was very good. The venue was pretty dope too and look forward to seeing more shows there. Shouts out to the Gallery Group for putting on a cool show. The sound stage was pretty impeccable.

My only gripe about the show is that it started 2 hours late, hoping more people would come in. Good thing I don't have a wife and kids at home, because I probably would have left.

Anyways, you can peep the rest of the pics in the gallery below. Tell me what you think of the pics.