Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Got damn, I'm glad ya'll set it off...

[photo courtesy of ME!]

I'm close to coming to a conclusion. Andre 3000 and Ice Cube are almost the only rappers the still make me stop what I'm doing and listen whenever I hear their voice on a new song.

Cube is back with a new joint called "Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It." The title alone had me intrigued and the song did not disappoint. Right now the debate is who exactly is he going at towards the end of the song. Some are saying that he is cranking up another duel with Common (did that ever get settled?). But, I don't wanna strum anything up, so just sit back and listen to the song. [CLICK HERE to listen]

I tell you, this song gave me the same feeling I got when I heard "Child Support" on the radio for the first time.

[spotted at Nah Right]

Monday, October 29, 2007

1 Down, 3 to go

If you thought the way Benzino strong-armed The Source was a good example of some good old-fashioned Boston ruthlessness, he has nothing on thier sports teams. This summer the city of Boston came up on Randy Moss (New England Patriots), Kevin Garnett & Ray Allen (Boston Celtics) and that expensive ass Japenese pitcher (Boston Red Sox), making all 3 of their professional sports franchise championship contenders.

Now tonight, 1/4 of their hostile takeover is complete as the Sox won their second World Series championship in 4 years by sweeping the literally ice cold Colorado Rockies. And with talks of these dudes trying to pick up A-Rod next season it don't look like they plan on giving up that trophy next year either.

Seeing this and how the New England Patriots are whupping up on the rest of the NFL like they stole something is really making me wonder how many crimes have been committed for them to all of a sudden just take over the sports world as they know it. I mean really, look at this shit:

-Boston Red Sox win 2007 World Series in a sweep, after facing a 3-1 deficit in the previous series

-New England Patriots start 2007 season 8-0, scoring no less than 34 points in each of their games and averaging just under 50 points in their last three victories. All of this after getting caught cheating in the first game of the season

-Boston Celtics pick up perhaps the best all-around player in basketball over the last 10 years (outside of Kobe and Tim Duncan) and the purest shooter since Reggie Miller giving them a legitimate shot to win what is already a weak Eastern Conference.

-Boston College is ranked #2 in college football and are almost certain to compete for a BCS Championship.

Hell, the only thing holding the city back are the hockey team, the Bruins who are in second to last place in their division.

Fugg that! I'm hating! Something has got to be in the water in Beantown. Either that or they putting something in everyone else's water.

Friday, October 26, 2007

About Damn Time

Well, thanks to all our petitions, phone calls and marchings, Genarlow Wilson is finally FREE! Well, at least in theory. This morning the Georgia Supreme Court demanded that Wilson be freed immediately. Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker, the man who appealed a ruling earlier this year that would have freed Wilson, announced that he would not appeal today's ruling. Paperwork and processes have to be done before Wilson is allowed home, which could be very soon. I'm happy, but the way this case is going, I'd like to see pictures of him sitting at home playing Xbox and drinking Kool-Aid before I jump for joy.

Well lets see here. We raised hell for Genarlow, Shaquanda Cotton and the Jena 6 (even though Mychal Bell is back in jail because of his priors). That tells me that giving a damn and doing something whether it be spreading the word, marching, donating to defense funds or flooding our elected officials' offices with letters and phone calls, does make a difference. Now, lets get into action about making sure that getting caught with nooses should be punished to the fullest extent of federal law.

Friday is shaping up to be a good day for brothas on lock down. Lets see if the magic will rub off on T.I.'s hearing today.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Buck The World

"If I'm a Hall of Famer for you, that's all right with me."-Buck O'Neil

Just over a year after his death, the Baseball Hall of Fame finally honored Buck O'Neil with a long overdue spot. O'Neil, one of the Negro Leagues' biggest stars and the first Black coach in the Major Leagues fell short by two votes when he was up for special induction in February 2006. He fell short of induction into the HOF despite the fact he played in four East-West All-Star games and two Negro League World Series. He fell short despite the fact he Kansas City Monarchs to two league titles. He fell short despite the fact that he helped establish the Negro League Hall of Fame. He fell short despite the fact that throughout his career, he was one of the classiest and most endeared embassadors for the ENTIRE sport of Baseball...PERIOD.

His posthemous induction into the hall is not the first honor O'Neil has recieved after his death, he also recieved the Presidential Medal of Freedom in December 2006. The Baseball HOF will also honor O'Neil by erecting a statue of him inside the museum, and creating a Buck O'Neil Lifetime Achievement Award to be presented to a worthy recipient no more than every three years.

Here is a link to a July 2006 speech that Buck gave at one of his last public appearances, the induction ceremony for the Negro League Baseball players who were voted into the Baseball HOF. The ceremony he was left out of.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Touchin' What I Never Touched Before...

Well, I started blogging for XXL today. The name of the blog is gonna be Black Ice. My first post is about Big Moe and the sippin' of syrup. Check it out and by all means leave a comment on what's looking to be a very deadly trend.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Don't Ever Say Phonte Never Did Nothing For Ya'll, Enjoy!"

I mean, I know Daz already had the album title, but Phonte is really showing folks how to get Revenge, Retaliation and GET BACK!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

God Don't Like Ugly

Well, Prodigy of Mobb Deep is headed to jail on gun charges. Word is that he's gonna get 3-1/2 years and um, dude isn't getting any younger. He already suffers from sickle cell so, it ain't gonna be an easy bid for him if/when he goes in.

Seeing this in the news today made me wonder if this is God's way of punishing him for his verse on "Pearly Gates" from the Blood Money album. You know the one where he said:

Now homey if I go to hell and you make it to the pearly gates
Tell the boss man we got beef
And tell his only son I'm a see him when I see him
And when I see him, I'm a beat him like the movie
For leavin us out to dry on straight poverty
For not showin me no signs they watchin over me
Yo! We a new breed in two thousand six
We don't give a fuck about that religious bullshit

I mean, I'm all for free expression (to an extent), so when I first heard the verse I ain't really trip on dude. I mean, we all have had our thoughts and questions about Christianity.

Is it the Black persons religion? Didn't Christians enslave us? Why do the preachers sound/look like pimps? Why does the U.S. government use it the way they do? Why are most elitist White people Christians, what does that mean? Why is Christianity pretty much the only religion "accepted" in the school system? You know, we've all had those types of thoughts.

But after hearing "Pearly Gates" a couple more times, I was like, damn, dude is really asking for it, playing with fire for real. Because the way I grew to interpret the song, told me that they worshiped money, not God. Shied, just sitting there listening to the verse made my head start hurting, it felt like I was gonna get struck by lightning by the end of the song.

Then, ironically, not too long after that song came out Mobb Deep was in a plane crash. In an interview Prodigy said:

"I already knew the plane was not going to crash. Our purpose is not fulfilled yet. We are here for a serious purpose and it is not done yet. I knew it was going to land safely."

"We're definitely spiritual people...but I don't believe the storytime, 'This is what it is, this is what you're supposed to believe, this is how it went down.' I don't believe in none of that shit. I believe in the Creator, that you're supposed to be a positive, good person. That shit comes back to you when you're not good. [That] you have to put positive energy in the world or you'll get negative back."

"When I was saying that shit on 'Pearly Gates' I was just being a rebel to the system that they force us [into], they force you to believe in all that shit. If you don't believe it then you're labeled as a devil worshipper. These are the same motherfuckers that enslaved us, and lied to us for thousands of years, stole our technology and raped all our ancestors, and these are the same people that said 'here this what you [should] believe [in]."

I kinda felt him on that, because, I hate religion too. Religious people are the most hypocritical people walking the earth. They just be doing shit to be doing it, and don't have a real relationship with God, on a spiritual level. But still, I can't just say I'ma whup Jesus when I see him.

Then, just last month he gets punched out in the club by Saigon. Now, he's about to go to jail on gun charges (peep how he got arrested the same month as the plane crash, October 2006, what a difference a year makes).

So, in hindsight it goes: Threaten Jesus---->plane crash---->arrest for gun---->punched and embarrassed in club---->indicted on gun charge, faces 3.5 years in prison.

Is this irony or divine order?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

West Up!


That's all I have to say right now. I'm downloading his mixtape as we speak, you do the same so that we can talk about it later. I was gonna write a long drawn out post about Terrace Martin and why I'm hoping and praying that West Coast Hip Hop (the Bay included) will finally at least take over half the game, even at the expense of the South losing some shine (I speak of the lame, redundant, buffoonish shit of course). But I'll save that for later. But for now, peep "Ridin'" by Terrace Martin featuring Snoop Dogg, Problem and my nigga Scar (yes, the Scar who used to be signed to Purple Ribbon). Download this shit, burn it on CD and pop it in the system so that you can get the full effect of this jammin ass song, computer speakers don't do it justice. In the words of my nigga Ali, THIS SHIT SLAPS! (Thanks BP)

UPDATE: Shawty Redd and Snoop been all over my blog for the last two days. Here's a joint they did together called "Sexual Eruption." Snoop is getting his T-Pain on in this one.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Prince Got That Purp!

For the past month or so I've been getting a bunch of signs saying that I need go back get up on some old Prince.

I watched Purple Rain in its entirety last month for probably the first time since it came out. I was like 5 years old back then and hardly remember anything about it except for Appolonia's breast, Clarence Williams III handing out beatdowns and Morris Day acting a damn fool. The only thing I could clearly recall about that period was that my pops had the soundtrack and that I used to jump around in the living room to "Let's Go Crazy." I was always more familiar with the soundtrack than the film itself.

A friend and colleague of mines is a huge Prince fan and every once in a while she'd be bumping some shit that I either remember vaguely (but liked) or something I am totally oblivious too (and loved). Then when we went out for drinks the other night to this dope ass lounge the DJ was playing some more Prince shit that I never heard before but loved. When I asked the DJ what album this song was on, he told me Sign of the Times. As much as I'm admitting to not knowing Prince's music like that, I know enough to know that that was the wrong answer.

Either way, I am finally starting to realize why Prince is the gawt dayum man, so I'm gonna have to out and buy up alot of his old shit. I'm kinda embarrassed that I don't know more about his music. The only explanation I have is that shied, my pops pretty much controlled the musical climate in my house when I was growing up and he didn't fuck with any Prince albums except for that Purple Rain soundtrack. I guess he wasn't cool with bumping a dude who wore ass-less pants and had no problem screaming like a damn girl. I can't blame him though, I'd probably be the same way. Anyways, I guess I just kinda carried over the dissent into my life and never got into his stuff. Plus, it didn't help that back in '99 when I used to smoke with a co-worker after work that he'd throw on that ol' World Music sounding Prince from the mid-90s when I was trying to chill. Yeah, that's automatic way to lose a listener, fuck up their high.

Anyways, I just wanted to share the above video with you. Its Shawty Redd featuring Pastor Troy, Daz Dillinger and Big Kuntry King. The song is straight fie and is supposed to be on either DJ Funky Darryl James or Shawty Redd's upcoming mixtape. The song been out for a couple months now, but the video just hit. I mean, I myself ain't with the tricking shit, but fugg it, this shit ridin'!

And to all of you Prince fans or even fellow music writers out there, please forgive me. Don't do me like they've been doing Lupe's forgetful ass.

Oh yeah, shout out to Raheem the Dream for sampling "The Beautiful Ones" first on "The Most Beautiful Girl In the World."

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Revolution Has To Be Well Informed

We're mad. We're angry. We're frustrated. We're ready to get down like Three Six Mafia.

Mychal Bell. Robert Bailey Jr. Carwin Jones. Bryant Purvis. Theo Shaw. Jesse Ray Beard. Genarlow Wilson. Sean Bell. Yeah, we've got plenty of reasons to be pissed off right now. But people, if we're gonna channel our pissed-off'ness into making change, we've got to be well informed.

Now, I know me and a couple others kinda tripped on what seemed to be fashion statement protesting. In hindsight, I can't be too mad at people giving a damn and at least being somewhat aware and proactive, kudos. But, we have to realize, that if we are going to change anything locally, nationally or globally--WE HAVE TO BE INFORMED!

Today, an email was swirling around about Shaquanda Cotton, a teenage girl in Texas who was sentenced to 7-years imprisonment for shoving a school teacher. The uproar over this case came about because the same judge tried a 14-year old White girl for arson and only gave her probation. The email was based off a press release about this injustice...that was made in March 2007. Shaquanda, similar to Mychal Bell, had already served a year in jail.

However, followers of this story would know that Shaquanda was released from jail in April 2007, weeks after the story broke. So yes, there is a shining example of what proper media coverage and voices of protest can do. But we have to be better informed!

This email, which urged to write Shaquanda letters and protest for her release came to me from at least three different people today, not to mention, it also came in the form of a Myspace bulletin from one of our more politically-minded MC's.

To the best of my knowledge, and based off my latest readings, Texas declined her appeal in July. Its not yet clear as to if she will be sent back to jail. But one thing is for sure, she is NOT currently incarcerated, she is STILL free. However, it looks like since the appeal was declined, this blemish will remain on her record.

Don't get me wrong, I don't write posts like this to make it sound like I'm saying "I know more than you!" or "I was protesting before you!" All I'm asking is if we are going to start a revolution, movement, change or whatever you want to call it, WE HAVE TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!

I remember when I was really just starting to get my feet wet in writing, I had a chance to interview Chairman Fred Hampton Jr back during the whole VOTE OR DIE craze. Off top, he told me he was happy that I went through the trouble of hunting him down and contacting him for an interview. But, he also told me that he was a stickler for information and that he wasn't gonna allow me to make broad statements or ask half-informed questions during the interview. And I tell you, the couple of times that I did say some lame shit, he let me have it. (Hold on, now that I remember, I wasn't the one saying the lame shit, it was one of my bosses who was listening over my shoulder feeding me their lame-ass questions every 10 minutes) The bottom line is, those couple of times Chairman Fred got on my ass, I know it was coming from a place of love. He knew that the key to evoking any kind of change is being well informed.

So to all of US, who are about ready to start stirring some shit up and change our lives and the lives around us...STAY INFORMED! We can't afford to bring plastic knives to the gun fight.


Monday, October 1, 2007

HOLD UP! {wait a minute}

I'm convinced. Video cameras are just as dangerous as guns, especially in the hands of dumb mahfuggas. See, when a idiot is in possession of a firearm someone is liable to get shot, killed or maimed for life. Really stupid mahfuggas often times shoot themselves. The same can damn near be said about dumb mahfuggas with cameras. Ask R.Kelly. Or, ask (please read this before moving on)Chester Stiles.

Now, before I really get into what I'm saying. Am I the only person tripping on how this dude's real name is Chester. I mean, I'm sorry for what happened and all, but c'mon now. If I am a parent, there are two things I'm not doing with my child. 1.) I'm not taking them to Neverland. And 2.) I'm not bringing them around any nigga named CHESTER!

But, cases like this proves that we need to have laws for video cameras the same way that we have laws for guns.

For instance, back in '94 the government passed the Brady Bill stating that all states had to run background checks and enact a five-day waiting period on people trying to purchase handguns. The Brady Bill expired in '98 and was replaced by an instant backgrond check program. Many states have their own processes as to how they run background checks on potential gun buyers, some are more or less strict than others. The point is, that background checks are ran on people, thus the likelihood
of dumb mahfuggas, people with mental issues and people with violent criminal backgrounds are less likely to be sold guns. Unfortunately this doesn't include the thousands of guns getting ran on the streets. But still though, the idea is there that the proper authorities are at least doing something to keep guns out of the hands of stupid people.

Shouldn't we have the same for video cameras? I don't know about you, but there are waaaaaay too many people running around with video cameras. Growing up, I used to think twice about going to certain neighborhoods to visit girls, mainly because of guns and the niggas who have them. Now, I'm more afraid of being videotaped digging in my nose or getting caught doing something I ain't got no business doing. Not that I just be out doing shit I ain't got no business doing, but still.

Unfortunately, like too many of my peers, I know what it feels like to have a weapon pulled out on them. The shit makes you feel damn near 10 different emotions at the same time. Anger, fear, anxiety, etc. I found myself to feel the same emotions, if not more when someone feels that they can just run up on you with a camera and just fuck with you for no reason, ala HITS or Tom Green.

At least with guns, most times, the only people that stand to be effected are the person behind the trigger and the person in front of the barrel. Man, these got damn cameras, man, let someone catch someone on tape doing something and put it YouTube. It fucks with all of us. Whether its idiot bloggers telling lies and misinforming people or some ignant shit getting spread or some straight up What-The-Fuckery scaring the hell out of us, idiots with cameras have a way of ingraning themselves in our conciousness. At least with guns its typically a one shot deal, literally.

Then on top of that, it seems like the stupid mahfuggas with cameras never get punished or caught, ever or at least in a timely manner, I mean, just look at Kelly and Chester. Idiots with guns get caught all the time, thus taking criminals out of society. But we still got dumb folks with cameras wreaking havoc on us all.

I don't know man, I'm really starting to feel like life would be better with more guns than cameras out on the street. I mean, cameras used to do us some good when we were catching the LAPD assaulting Rodney King. But now, cameras, with alot of help from the internet, have pretty much turned human interaction into the equivalent of writing cusswords and phone numbers on the bathroom stall.

So I guess I'll end this by asking, who scares you more?

This guy or This guy