Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Joakim Noah vs. Derrick Rose...on Greg Oden

I noticed everyone going crazy on the internet over this Derrick Rose dunk on Greg Oden the other night. looks like nobody watched the entire game. Because if they did they'd agree with me in that Joakim Noah's dunk on Oden earlier that night trumps Rose's.

I guess Rose's looks better because he's smaller and it always looks good when guards dunk on big men. But Noah's dunk is on some straight up "ooops, I didn't see you standing there" or "don't forget we whupped that ass in the championship" ish.

Either way, Mr. Oden caught the short end of the stick twice in one night for the entire world to see. Which one do ya'll think is better?


andy@chicks_n_kicks said...

twice in one night ouch, blazers for real?

R.E. said...

The Rose dunk was more impressive because its a 6'3'' guy over a 7 footer (pause). But the real story is Oden getting dunked on twice in one night. Mutombo would have never let that happen.

rakeback said...

I think Oden is destined to end up as one of the NBA's biggest what if scenarios. He was a tremendous talent coming out of high school, but it doesnt seem like he can stay healthy, and will probably never become a dominant center in the league.