Thursday, July 31, 2008

Immortal Technique In Atlanta

If you went outside at all for the last couple of weeks you saw that yellow posters with Immortal Technique's mug were plastered throughout various spots around the city. I was on the fence as to if I was going to go or not...I'm glad I wound up there though. There was alot of energy in the building. I captured some video to share with ya'll. Cherish it if you're a fan of his, because I don't imagine dude coming back for a while.

Immortal Technique--"3rd World" (acapella)

In case you ain't catch what buddy was along:

i’m from where the catholic church is some racist shit,
they helped europe and america rape this bitch,
they pray to white spanish jesus whose face is this,
but never talk about the black pope gelasius,
i’m from where soviet weapons still decide elections,
military’s like the mafia — you pay for protection,
catamite sex tours is what the country sells,
and rich white business men make the best clientele,
i’m from where they too pussy to come film survivor,
and they murder coca cola union organizers,
i’m from where the justice system está podrido,
fuck government niggaz politic over perico,
rebelde concido, enterado vivo, como otro argentino desaparecido,
cuz rico laws don’t apply to the cia,
and muthafuckaz make sneakers for a quarter a day,
i’m from where they overthrow democratic leaders,
not for the people, but for the wall street journal readers,
from where blacks, indigenous peoples and asians,
were once the slaves of caucasians,
and it’s amazin how they trained them,
to be racist against themselves in the place they was raised in,
you kept us caged in,
destroyed our culture and said that you civilized us,
raped our women and when we were born you despised us,
gentrified us agent provocateurs divide us,
and crucified every revolutionary messiah,
so i’ma start a global riot,
and not even your fake, anti-communist dictators can keep quiet,
fuck your charity medicine tryna murder me,
the immunizations you gave us were full of mercury,
so now i see the 3rd world like the rap game soldier,
nationalize the industry and take it over

If that intrigued you...peep the full track here.

The fans also got treated to a surprise appearance from Killer Mike who stopped by to do some his track "Pressure" featuring Ice Cube. I didn't record the stuff IT was saying before bringing Mike out, but it was some real shit (i hate saying that). But for real, he was speaking on how Blacks and Latinos share similar struggles and need to unite because going at battles alone ain't always the answer...I think. But anyway, with him being Peruvian and Mike being Black, it made the moment kinda profound.

For the moments that I was there, I have to say the show was very intense. If you ain't up on Immortal Technique, I have to warn you, he ain't for the weak of heart or mind. He may not grab you if you ain't on the shit he's on. But at the end of the day though, he is a very dope MC. I myself probably ain't as big a fan of his as his fans in the crowd were. But the songs that I did like from him, I walked away liking them even more after seeing him perform them live.

As a bonus, I got treated to seeing some great turntablism from DJ G.I. Joe:

And then to a B-Boy battle (if you want to call it that) between some fan from the crowd who decided to jump on stage...

And DJ G.I. Joe him damn self...

Yeah see...that's why the stage is reserved for the pros.

More Art, More Beats, More Lyrics

Here is some more video I got while I was at Art, Beats & Lyrics last Friday. One of the exhibits founders, Jabari Graham is A-Town cat to the core. So when he asked me what I thought about having Kizzy Rock, DJ Taz and Raheem the Dream come out and surprise the crowd and perform some of their classics I said....."helllyeahshawty, thatshit'lbefie!!! When I actually saw it all live, I was tempted to start ticking and ragtopping on they ass. But then I realized that I wasn't the best at that shit when I was teenager and probably ain't alot better at it now.

Kizzy Rock

DJ Taz & Raheem the Dream performing "That's Right" (the crowd loses it when Raheem comes out)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Big Boi Interviewed With Envy

Here's an interview Big Boi recently did with DJ Envy. After talking about his new solo and the status of Outkast as a recording group...the conversation eventually shifted to a "beef" with Killer Mike.

Yeah, I thought the city of Atlanta and fans of both of these gentlement put this shit behind them and moved on. Leave it up to an outsider to keep drumming shit up. I do respect that Big never really spoke on what happened, as he admitted here. It looked like he was ready to move on completely, but oh well...

Me personally, I don't care what happens. I interviewed both men at the cusp of this "beef" and it was one of the most excruciating experiences I've ever had as a writer/journalist. But hey, you gotta get both sides of the story. Sometimes I wish I could just write an article to bring both of these cats back together to be the unstoppable force they should have been, but yeah...

Spotted at NahRight

Previously: Killer Mike Interviewed With Envy

I'm Not Mad At This Song...

Aight...when I first came across this song and video over at Firebrand's spot...I kinda clowned off instinct..IM'ing it to my boys and shit. I mean, you have to admit, Khia has one of those personalities and images that you kinda clown on the spot.

But, upon further review...I'm not mad at this song. I mean, it ain't a newsflash that men liked to be served and fed and shit, but it ain't often that you hear it in song (or maybe I'm not listening to the right stuff). But it seems like good amount of rap coming from the few females MCs out there either attack or demand shit from dudes. I'm either breaking your heart, f*cking your friend or too broke to afford ya. Sorry if I sound one-sided right now, but fugg it.

In this song, Khia (who has definitely made a jammin' song or two like the ones I just mentioned) is taking a subservient, domestic role that is nearly non-existent in Hip Hop from the female end. We get bombarded with images of chicks club-hopping, bottle-popping and ass dropping. Now, I ain't trying to piss off my female readers out there...I appreciate a woman who can go out and get her own, believe me I do. Although it may sound nice, I don't think anyone wants a woman who just sits at the house waiting around for them to tell them what to do.

But like Dre 3000 so eloquently said once "a nigga can't even get a back rub these days." And that's kinda how I feel sometimes. I mean, the Badu's and the Angie Stones of the world do their thing sometimes, but outside of a couple exceptions I can't recall any femcees doing that very often. Not saying that they HAVE to, but it is nice to hear a chick rhyming about wanting to be my potna, be my backbone, meet my mother, have my baby (when the time is right of course, not just for the hell of it), cook, clean and hustle with me. Shit is kinda encouraging. Especially since most male rappers do their share of male bashing too by constantly reminding niggas that they got more cars, clothes, money and hoes than you and your hatin' ass friends do.

Plus...even though potty-mouth Khia cusses a little on the song, I dig that song is called "Be Yo Lady"...not "Be Yo Bitch"..."Be Yo Bust It Baby"..."Be Yo Side Hoe."

What do ya'll think about the song? Do you dig what she's doing? Would you improve on anything? Do you think the whole maid routine is a bit much? Does it set the image of Black women or females in Hip Hop 11 steps back? Speak on it.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Ludacris doesn't get nearly the amount of props he deserves as an artist. No Top 5 Mentions. No "Hot List" placements. I mean, I'm sure the man ain't complaining, because really, he doesn't have to sell another record in his life...but still.

Anyways, today it was announced that Luda will be getting inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Surprisingly (well, not really), Luda is the first rapper to be inducted into the Hall, unless you want to count Jermaine Dupri as a rapper.

As I was posting this though, I saw that they don't have Luda's name on the actual website as an inductee. I hope this doesn't mean we're gonna see some Tom Foolery in the future...Anyways, congratulations are (and have been) in order. Sometimes I swear Luda is like the South's Busta Rhymes. You know, that consistently dope rapper that's known all over the world, but doesn't really get the regional adulation they truly deserve.

Oh yeah, congrats are in order to Keith Sweat for being inducted as well.

Art, Beats & Lyrics Re-cap (pt.1)

In case you didn't make it around these parts last week...I spent most of the time telling ya'll about Art, Beats & Lyrics...the incredible art show helmed by my dude Jabari Graham. It went down this past Friday and it was very dope. I've got pics and video of the nights happenings that I will be sharing with yall this week.

This first bit of video is of one of the night's featured performers...drummer Ali "Alien" Warren. I wanted to go ahead and get this post out there because I don't want his talents to take away from the rest of AB+L. If you've ever seen him perform live, you already know where I'm coming from...dude is a show-stealer even when he doesn't mean to be.

I first saw dude perform early this year with Spree Wilson, whom he usually plays with. Dude was pretty much banging on anything that wasn't nailed down, including the back door. Matter of fact, dude was hitting the drums so hard that he busted a hole in the snare and the set had to be postponed until they were able to find a replacement. I've seen him perform with Spree numerous times and I ain't gonna lie, I used to think that he was showing him up...but after while you just come to realize that both of them are equally dope at what they do.

From there I saw dude perform at the ASCAP thing Luckie Lounge as a member of Heed. All I'm gonna say is that dude had the cymbal hanging off a railing instead of with the rest of the drum set. Oh yeah, another thing dude does is take the drum and go out in the crowd with it...he didn't do all that this night, but he still killed it.

I was calling Alien "Travis Darker" for a little while, but that may be unfair because he obviously has his own thing going on and is beyond comparison really. Alien is ROCK N' ROLL! Anyways, here is some video of Alien getting down over some Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Lil Wayne at AB+L. Keep your eye on this dude...

Alien over Jay-Z's "She Like" and 50 Cent's "What Up Gangsta" and Jay-Z's "Jigga My Nigga"

Alien over Lil Wayne's "A Millie"...BLINDFOLDED

I don't know about ya'll, but that kills all of those "A Millie" freestyles out there.

But yeah...stay tuned, I got alot more....

Its A Celebration!!! (pt. 2)

I was thinking...I come across enough flyers for parties that I could probably dedicate a section of THE REZIDUE to just that. So in continuation of the 4th of July is a party thats going down tonight:

Peep how the flyer says "No Baseball Caps, Timbs, AF1s or Plain Tees." I mean, anybody that knows me already know how I feel about some of these janky ass clubs/promoters and their punk ass dress codes, but at the end of the day, its their party, so they can dress and cry if they want to. But I have to ask...

How you gonna tell folks they can't wear baseball caps or plain tees when the muthafugga on the flyer is wearing both? Dead serious...please, someone answer that for me.

Next, I mean...I've never been a big AF1 wearer. When it comes to Nike's I'm a Dunks and Blazers man myself. But damn...we got sneaker racists now? I guess what you're saying is that you can come to the party if you wearing Jordans, Creative Recs, or something...but not, that's kinda wack.

As for the Timbs...I'm not mad at that one at all. Any NGH wearing Timbs in July don't deserve to be outside. They obviously have some mental issues. But, its sad that you as a promoter draw the kind of crowd that you'd have to remind someone not to do that. What does that really say about your clientele?

Word of the wise to promoters out there...if you constantly have to tell people how to dress when they come to your events, you might want to consider switching up your own steez. I mean, maybe you're not as fly as you think you are if you always have to tell folks how to dress. If you was really that "grown & sexy" people would already know how to come to your parties. I told myself, that one of these days, I'm gonna go to one of these dress code parties spiffy as hell and act a plum fool just for the hell of it. Throw chairs, spit beer, might even clip my toenails...just to show that you should never judge a book by its cover. I myself, don't feel any safer or cooler when I'm in a room full of overdressed people.

Plus on top of that...if I can go to church dressed how I damn well please, why should I have to get on some ol' extra shit just to drink and dance? For the life of me, I will never understand that.

Sorry...I went off on a tangent and if I don't stop myself now, I'll keep going. This isn't an attack on any specific promoters (but best believe there is one out there I'm setting my targets for when the time is right). I'm just questioning and attacking spirits out there...and laughing in the process.

Previously: Its A Celebration (4th of July Edition)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fryday Foolishness

Ok...I went to Chic-Fil-A for lunch today. Those grilled chicken sandwiches and lemonade do wonders the day after a good night of drinking. I feel nourished round this b*tch now. But man...while eating, I had to have witnessed one of the most foolish acts in modern history. I had to share it with ya'll right quick.

Aight so, I'm sitting there, enjoying my meal, realizing that bite-by-bite, Chic-Fil-A did indeed invent the chicken sandwich. It tastes too good for them not to be responsible for this marvel. Especially the grilled club sandwich, GAHWT DAHAM!!!!

But anyway, I'm sitting there eating and, I see this dude, looked to be about college age. Kinda had a nerd thing going, looked like he might have went to Georgia Tech or something. But, he slowly and awkwardly walked walked up to the register as if he had just walked in. Keep in mind he was there before I got there, so this really struck me as odd.

When he got to the register he did what most people do when ordering food, "erraaah, erraaaah, uuuuuh." Then, this man proceeded to ask one of the dumbest questions I ever heard.

This idiot asked for a refill...

On Fries!

And he was dead ass serious too. Like, you could tell that he didn't fully believe that he was gonna get a refill. He just had this look in his face like "aah, what the heck, let me try this shit."

And it was the way he asked he said it like "uuh, can I get a refill? {slight pause, lean forward} on fries?

My right eye almost popped out from holding my laughs in. What the hell makes you think that they gonna give you free fries? Free fries dawg? Really? He must have saw some fake coupon saying "Free Fryday" or some corny ish like that.

But yeah, buddy was shaking the empty box with fry crumbs, kinda like how beggars shake their cups when asking for change. Like the sound is gonna trigger some kind of response or something.

The cashier just looked at dude like came out of the blue asked for her phone number. Honestly, I don't think she knew how to respond. You think they teach them how to handle dumb ass questions like that on the orientation tape?

But yeah, I just had to share that. You might not find is as funny as I do, but that shit was hilarious.

Proton-"Magazine Dreamz"

First, I apologize for this generic still. Something went wrong when I was uploading this vid to youtube. It still plays when you click it though.

But, last night Proton tore down the stage at Broke & Boujee at The 5 Spot. I got some footage of them doing their latest song "Magazine Dreamz." Think Biggie's "Dreams" on some 2008'ish over the "Microphone Fiend" beat. Before performing the song they mentioned something about some blog saying they were "disrespecting women." Umm yeah, whoever said that needs to smoke a blunt, have a drink or something...way too uptight. Its all just fun. The part when they say "Janelle Monae, adrogonous as fuck but I love you anyway" was probably the kicker. But line about boning Rhianna, bumping heads and getting put in a coma was funny too. I can't say I feel them on wanting to get with ol' girl Santigold. That broad looks like she can dunk on me.

Most of you who visit Rezidue already know about Proton. If not, here's a joint I did for them over at Black Ice (R.I.P) earlier this year.

Here's a link for the MP3:

Proton - "Magazine Dreamz"

Turn On the Radio (pt.3)

This is the final installment of the radio interviews I've been posting up. Here our proud sponsors Jack Daniels and Bud Light REALLY started to show up. Unfortunately, my trusty Flip cam ran out of space so it ended abruptly. However, there will be audio of the rest of the show available very soon. Stay tuned.

If you haven't seen the posts leading up to this you can peep them here:

Part 1

Part 2

Also, TONIGHT! Art, Beats & Lyrics goes down from 7pm to 12pm. Get there early. The show hasn't been in Atlanta for 4 years and last time the line was long as hell. If you haven't been able to register on line, don't worry, you will still have access at the door. Hope to see ya'll there.

Oh yeah, the city is gonna be on fire tonight! Fuggin Awesome 4 is going down at the Drunken Unicorn tonight.

If you ain't up on it, its one of the best live Hip Hop showcases going right now. That dude Asher Roth is gonna be performing. I want to see this cat so I can see what all the hype is about. Hopefully, I'll leave being a fan.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Killer Mike Interviewed With Envy

Peep this interview with Killer Mike by DJ Envy. Is anyone noticing that Mike is getting more love out of town than his own city? Whats up with that shit?

Spotted at NahRight

Behind the Wheel feat. Shannon McCollum

Here is a snippet/EPK my man, acclaimed photojournalist Shannon McCollum, sent me the other day. I respect the hell out of dudes work. He's actually one of the reasons I dabble in photography and work to get better at it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Message From Mims

I ran into my dude Shondrae (Bangladesh) earlier today and he invited me to join him over a Zak's Studio where he was going to be playing some beats for Mims, who is working on his sophomore album. I mean, I ain't a Mims fan, but I ain't a Mims hater either. I had already heard some stuff other than "This Is Why I'm Hot" and buddy can actually rap (of course, that's his job right?). But for real, dude is decent.

He played a couple tracks from the album he's working on and I must say, I was impressed, entertained and intrigued. He has some ol' orchestra shit going with the production and dude is spitting some cool narratives about his life post-"This Is Why I'm Hot" amongst other things. I got me interested enough to see what the rest of the album sounds like. Anyways, I got him to speak briefly (very briefly) about what he's trying to do this time around.

Don't put him on the milk carton quite yet...

Turn On The Radio!!! (pt.2)

Hello Ladies and is part 2 of the night me and the fellas spent at 89.3 with DJ Jayforce. This part of the video is mostly off-air behind-the-scenes talk...but, shied, we didn't say anything there that we didn't say on-air...except for the cussing. This is also the part where our proud sponsors Jack Daniels and Bud Light really started to make their presence known. Enjoy.

Shouts out to Fray for the camera work! He knows how to use my camera better than I do!

If you haven't peeped Part One CLICK HERE!

Also, do not forget Art, Beats & Lyrics goes down this Friday!!!

Dubelyoo didn't do much talking on the radio, but you will hear him (as well as some other dope artists) loud and clear at this show. Oh yeah...make sure you watch the video to then end when Jabari lets the names of the surprise performers slip out (oops!. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Killer Mike Gets Sirius

Killer Mike popped up on Green Lantern's Invasion Radio yesterday and here is some video of an Ondaspot Freestyle he kicked while there. But...I advise you to pay closer attention to the interview below. It coexists with the freestyle in that he mentioned events leading up to the time he spat the freestyle...thus making it...a REAL freestyle.

Killer Mike Interview on Invasion Radio

Spotted at NahRight

Monday, July 21, 2008

Glasses & A Beard

Yeah case you didn't hear...Rick Ross the Boss used to be William Roberts the Corrections Officer.

I wasn't really planning on saying shit because I didn't really care, or believe in buddy like that in the first place. But, in case you're wondering what the big hoopla over this is...

Its not that Rick Ross isn't the big drug kingpin turned rapper that he presented himself as. Because quite frankly, any nigga who believed that bullshit doesn't deserve to talk out loud.

Its moreso that he lied when asked about it...

and that at the end of the day...this nigga was the PO-LEESE! This dude worked for the devil dawg. He worked for the muthafuckas that lock up the kind of nigga he represents.

I don't think folks would have cared if some photos of Raawsss working at Wal-Mart popped up. But to be a cop? Not a snitch, but a cop.

But, ya'll know me. I never believed in his bullshit for one minute. I'm not denying that the man wasn't capable of putting out a dope song here and there...nor am I trying to be on some "Im smarter than you" shit for simply taking notice of the obvious. But, I am making it a point to say that I never believed in his bullshit because I know, from face-to-face conversations with many people ranging from ages 13 to 33, alot of folks did. Plus, I put nothing past a dude who walk around with the name of and inherits the life a dude who is STILL LIVING!

But I mean, when you really just look at the situation in hindsight the shit ain't hard to see. I mean, I knew that Ross, er, Mr. Roberts went to Albany State University and played football. He got hurt and couldn't play anymore. Now, ask yourself...what do most big football playing dudes do when they get hurt? They enter law enforcement through becoming a C.O., a cop, bodyguard or security guard or something. Hense, we see Mr. Roberts career path. I ain't knocking the hustle...just be real dawg.

The second thing for real, when you look at him, Ross has ALL the characteristics of an undercover cop man. Look at his ass, Glasses & A Beard.

This pic says it all...Glasses, Beard...and some got damn coffee! COP! COP! COP!

Do a Google Images search on Rick'll be hard pressed to not find a picture of him out of character/disguise.

Glasses & A Beard...ain't that what every undercover cop wears when out on assignment?

I mean, Glasses & A Beard is the classic disguise! Even beyond the cops. Think about, what image came to mind when you was little when you thought of the "bad guys" or the "robbers"...yeah, that's what I thought.

Another thing that should have given him away is how buddy just popped up out of nowhere. Ain't that how most undercover cops show up...from out of nowhere? Claiming to know guys ("Noriega owe me a hunnid favors!") and living lavishly. Hanging with the right people to look cool or hanging with other mahfuggas that you really don't know, but look cool.

So, now the question is...since his cover has been blown...what happens. Will they kill him (not literally, but will he become a career dead MC)? Or will he go into the witness protection program like Scott Storch?

Oh yeah, one more thing...I couldn't resist. Peep Ross' interaction with the cops at the beginning and end of the vid. Hahahahaha. He knows their language.

Ok...last joke, I just thought of this one. This dude calls himself the Boss right. He must mean as in Big BOSS Man. *drum kicks*

Since I made this post...people have been asking "is it over for Rick Ross?" Nah, not a world where folks are still buying and supporting guys who pee on children...a lying rapper still stands a chance.

Turn On the Radio!!! Pt. 1

This weekend my dude Jabari Graham of Art, Beats & Lyrics invited me to join him on the radio at WRFG 89.3 on DJ Jayforce' Beats & Lyrics show this last Saturday to speak on.....Hip Hop. It was me, him and the homies Bem Joiner, Dubelyoo, Ricardo Spicer of Sweatbox Productions, Nesby Phips, Ian Ford, Fray of Visual Vinyl (thanks for handling the camera) and a gang of other folks in the studio. As you can see from the video and couple more I'm about to post, folks was deep up in that camp. I mean, Akil from Jurassic 5 was even up in there for a little bit.

I actually wish I could share with yall the time/talk me and the guys had before we went up to the radio station. But um...I'm not gonna be posting alot of personal life shit on the web quite yet. This ain't the Truman Show.

Anyways, I'm going to be posting videos of this night as they upload. I didn't know it took so damn long to upload videos to internet.

This night in particular was sponsored by Jack Daniels, Coca-Cola and Bud Light, so...when you see speeches slur and voices raise along the way (as well as me nodding to a beat that you can't hear) know why.

And please...don't forget, ART, BEATS & LYRICS goes down this Friday, July 25th!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Big Kuntry-"Da Baddest"

Kuntry is my dude. I mean, I don't really ride to this song like that, but its cool. Call me spoiled but shied, I tend to compare all of Kuntry's songs to his 2003 classic "Still Kuntry." That might be unfair as a fan, but, I'm sorry that shit is jammin like hell. Shied, that my be my favorite Toomp beat too while I'm talking.

But for real ya'll, don't sleep on Grand Hustle they got a tight little roster over there right now. T.I., B.G. Kuntry, Young Dro, MacBoney (don't sleep!), Alfamega (don't sleep!), B.O.B., 8Ball & MJG and Yung LA.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Killer Mike Speaks on Nas' Nigger


When is BET and them gonna invite my dude to come speak on these panels? This is an audio interview with Johnathan Hay, but they've provided text for the more profound points. Very interesting stuff.

Especially when he spoke on White people not being allowed to use the N-word but admitting that if he heard a White boy from Cabbagetown say it, he'd probably understand since they know what its like to be treated like one. For a while, White folks in Cabbagetown were on the bottom of the city's totem pole. But he stated that he is very against White dudes from Alpharetta using because they can't even begin to relate to anything attached to the word. But yeah, listen in on this. And by all means, discuss.

Props to Shake

Oh yeah. I had some video of Mike performing at his album release party. I recorded it with my new Flip cam. But the quality ain't the best so I didn't post it. But fugg it. Here it is.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Candid Camera With Alfamega

I went to Grand Hustle's office today to talk to Alfamega. Little did I know that I was gonna be live on the internets. Yes, I was caught off guard.

This kyte cam shit is crazy as hell. I thought I was doing something buying a Flip cam last week. But kyte thing is crazy. Folks was calling me while I was talking into the camera saying they could see me live. Scary stuff.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Z-Ro & Trae "Who's The Boss"

Last night I was up late working and doing some research and I kinda got in a down mood for some reason. When I get down I tend to do two things, eat and/or listen to Z-Ro. I guess those are my coping mechanisms.

Even though Z-Ro is one of my favorite rappers, I try to be cautious in listening to him. Why? Well, anyone that listens to Z-Ro knows that he was making mood music long before Joe Budden started naming his mixtapes that.

Depending on the song, Z-Ro will have you either:

Hunting down old enemies

Questioning every associate in your circle

Swinging on cops

Calling old girlfriends just to cuss them out

Remembering every nigga that drove past you when you was walking to the bus stop

But, at the same time, his music will give you a deeper appreciation for your friends and family and sometimes even depending more on your faith. At least that what it does for me.

Anyway, I went to Z-Ro's myspace page to listen to music and low and behold, he had some new (to me) stuff posted. The first song "Who's The Boss" is jammin like a mahfuggah. For those that don't know, Z-Ro has one of the coldest flows in rap today. I mean 1996-1999 Bun B cold. 1995 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony cold. 1997 Twista cold. And he can get on some Nate Dogg shit when he wants to. Helluva writer and rapper in my opinion.

Crazy thing, I think I realized why I like dude music so much...because he raps like the underdog. And similar to one of my other favorite rappers, Killer Mike, Z-Ro is kinda the outcast of his city's (Houston) rap scene. He only fucks with a couple people and vice versa. Now, I've interviewed Z-Ro before and he isn't the easiest dude to talk to, so I think that may play a part in it, but still.

If you ain't on him yet, I think you should go back and get on it. But remember, like I said, be careful. If you ain't in the right mood, Z-Ro will have you ready to fight somebody.

Anyways, I found the song on youtube and wanted to share it with ya'll. The beat on there is hard as hell and the Lil Keke sample from "Pimp Tha Pen" is so on point keeping in the Screwed Up Click tradition of sampling each other's rhymes for hooks. Oh yeah, Trae on the song too, my bad. Its from their upcoming duo album. It comes out the same day as that new Nas.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Killer Mike on The Right Side

Yep. Another Killer Mike post.

Here is an interview he did with Shelley Wynter, Black and Conservative host of The Right Side on WAOK AM. Here he's speaking on everything you should be thinking about during this election season.

Spotted at Midsouth Black

Oh yeah, here is a link to my former XXL co-worker(?) Bol's post about Killer's "Pressure" video. He thinks he's a terrorist.

Oh yeah...if you're wondering about the setting of the video. It was a live podcast/broadcast from The Arena Barbershop.

Plies-"Somebody Loves You"

See. Now. I fuck with Plies when he does songs like this. It was the actual "real" shit like this that made me a wanna listen to him back in '04. But over the years he's become some sort of ghetto LL Cool J. I don't always agree with his "political" songs because most of the time it sounds like he's enabling the dudes that CHOOSE to make those decisions that land them in jail. But every once in a while this self-proclaimed "Goon" actually tries to show flashes of his college education and common sense instead trying to prove how "real" he is.

Bonus Vid: "Worth Goin Fed Fo"

This video reminds me of something...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Killer Mike In Creative Loafing

Ok...well, I can't promise that this is gonna be the last Killer Mike post here. But here is a story I did on him for Creative Loafing. It hit the net today and hits the stands tomorrow. Shout out to music editor and homeboy Rodney Carmichael for working with me on this one. Me personally, I think it came out pretty damn dope.

Oh yeah. Photo credits go to me as well ;-).

Forever I Love Atlanta

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Make sure you buy more than one so that you can share some real shit with your friends...

If you're in the A...swing by DBS Sounds (5658 Riverdale Rd Ste P, College Park, Georgia 30349) for the instore.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Killer Mike feat. Ice Cube "Pressure"

OH SHIT! They put it up a day early! Here you go. Happy 4th of July my fellow Americans.

Killer Mike feat. Ice Cube "Pressure" video stills

Tomorrow...Friday, July 4th 2008. Killer Mike is gonna be dropping one of the most powerful videos I've seen in a while. Everybody I've shown the video to has either been speechless or instigated to go out and do something (productive).

The video is for the song "Pressure" featuring Ice Cube. The song is pretty much all that you would imagine could come from this pairing. Think "Bad Day, Worst Day" times "That's Life". But the video is "Shut Em Down" times "Burn Hollywood Burn" times "Bulls On Parade."

The song opens and closes with words from Malcolm X, serving as the perfect bookends for a very potent song that doesn't attack people...but simply asks some important questions, raises some valid facts and gives some vivid warnings.

Seeing as how a couple of rappers are sticking their toes in the political water with their rhymes and marketing, Mike and Cube dove head first into it and made a splash....if you ask me.

The full video debuts tomorrow as the Myspace video of the day. Hopefully it spreads and some powers that be don't try to ban it. I got my hand on some stills of the rough cut to share with ya'll. Its not the final final final version. Believe me, every one of them have a meaning when seeing the video as a whole. But just in case, I slipped in some lyrics to help paint a picture.

"I don't fear no man, not Clinton, not Bush, not Osama/Ask your Uncle Thomas how he choose massa over Obama..."

"Black politicians, stop bullshittin, and you fonky ass preachers with ya' pulpit-tin'/Our King had dreams and a big vision, All you givin' us government and religion..."

"Got dammit...the Red Dogs in Grant Park running rampant and these pigs goin' ham sandwich/In New York they killed a young brotha and Atlanta killed a grandmother/And politicians saying 'save the planet' fuck that, save us dammit, from the Black pigs who helped kill Sean Bell/I hope its five degrees hotter for your ass in hell, race traitor bastards, less than trash/I hope when Jesus comes back he..."

I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind 2 in stores Tuesday, July 8th

Its A Celebration!!!

Well, I'm probably risking being blackballed from these guys parties or being removed from their email lists when and if they see this, but I'm sorry, I just had to ask a couple of questions...

1.) How does one celebrate the 4th of July on July 5th?

2.) Isn't the 4th of July in not Thursday, but Friday?

Seriously, I just want to know...cause obviously, ya'll are some baaaaaaaad muddafuggas pulling this off. If anyone out there needs some business card/flyers/posters, etc designed....holler at me.