Monday, November 30, 2009

Photos and Re-Cap: Big Boi x Clipse x Yelawolf at King Plow Arts Center

This past Friday, while most of Atlanta was sleeping off the itis from Thanksgiving leftovers, it was jumping at The Gallery at King Plow.

Just judging from the names on the bill, it wasn't a question of IF the show was gonna be was WHO was gonna be the dopest...

Wil May was the nights opening act. Wil May is a pretty solid entertainer, but you'd have to know his songs or be around people that know his songs to really enjoy it. Some but not all of the people in the crowd knew his songs, but...this crowd was mostly comprised of our White brothers and sisters and you already know that Alcohol + White folks + loud music = Screaming for no damn reason. So needless to say, Wil May got some love from the crowd. I am kinda dissapointed he didn't do his guaranteed party-rocker "Get Up Early" though.

Prynce was the second opening act and he was pretty solid as well. He did songs from his latest mixtape What Da DEC Been Missing Vol.2 but the only song he did from Vol.1 was "Sweet Georgia" which the crowd was very receptive to. He killed it when he did "Studder" though, that must mean people are coming to the site more often.

As usual Yelawolf killed it. He was the only performer of the night to have a live band so of course that amplified his set.

Ashanti Floyd


He did songs from off his Arena Rap and upcoming Trunk Muzik projects including "Pop The Trunk" and new fan favorites "I Wish" feat. Raekwon and "F.U." He also allowed this random white dude on stage to scream "F*** YOU!" at the top his lungs. 'Wolf later said he did someone a favor because by doing that he prevented an office shooting next week.

As usual a few folks left after Yelawolf performed but many still stuck around for Clipse. I've seen Clipse a few times now and their show is always pretty good. However, its not for those that like nostalgia. Being the "trendsetters" they are, they mainly do their most current songs with stops on memory lane coming few and far between. Of course they did "Grindin" and "What Happened To That Boy"...but most of this show was songs from Hell Hath No Fury, We Got It For Cheap pt. 3, the Play Cloths mixtape and what ever has leaked from Til The Casket Drops.

Play Cloths is fresh as hell by the way. I don't think I've seen a piece I haven't liked yet. 'Bout time a rapper(s) who actually knows how to dress a little came out with a line that people will actually wear on some everyday shit.

Last but not least Big Boi went on and killed it as usual. I didn't get good positioning for the Big Boi set so I didn't get as many pictures. But shied, if you come to this blog often you've seen plenty of Big Boi concert pics by now.

Blackowned C-Bone


Overall the show was very good. The venue was pretty dope too and look forward to seeing more shows there. Shouts out to the Gallery Group for putting on a cool show. The sound stage was pretty impeccable.

My only gripe about the show is that it started 2 hours late, hoping more people would come in. Good thing I don't have a wife and kids at home, because I probably would have left.

Anyways, you can peep the rest of the pics in the gallery below. Tell me what you think of the pics.

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