Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bun B x Mike Jones x Paul Wall Show Photos and Recap

Last night I fell through the Loft for the Myspace Houston Takeover show featuring Bun B, Mike Jones and Paul Wall. I was kinda in a foul mood late in the evening and almost didn't go...but I'm very glad that I did.

The thing I love about the free shows at the Loft is that they usually start on time, the artists are always there in a timely fashion and little to no time is wasted. Tonight was no different. Everybody hit the stage when they were supposed to and the performances had no more that 4 minutes of lag between them.

As far as the performances themselves, I think everybody did well and had their moments.

Paul Wall has hits in case you forgot or didn't notice. So with his performance he didn't really have to do a whole lot because the crowd just wanted to go crazy to his songs regardless. I heard some people say that his show wasn't all that, but I'm not sure what people expect a pudgy white guy to do on stage anyway. I liked it and "Bizzy Body" jams.

Most people at the show are going to tell you the low point of the show was Mike Jones' performance. Mainly because he did a lot talking and holding the mic to the crowd for them to know that ish Steve Harvey was complaining about on Kings of Comedy. I mean, I can't sit here and say he was my favorite either, but he did go out on a good note when he ended his set with a 5-minute straight freestyle.

As for Bun's set..."you awready know." Man, I've seen Bun perform a couple times before but he was doing mostly his solo stuff and popular UGK radio songs like "Big Pimpin" and "International Players Anthem." Not that I have a problem with that at all, but I never got to see UGK live before (sad right) so I never got to go crazy while hearing my UGK classics get performed. That changed last night as Bun dug into the catalog and did "Back Front Back," "Pocket Full of Stones," and got damn "Hi Life." Dammit he even did his verse from "Trap or Die" which to me is an all-time fiest Bun verse, right up there with "Murder" in my opinion. So yeah, you should be able to tell that Bun did his damn thing.

After the show I had a talk with the homie Derek about Bun's status in the game and I think he hit the nail on the head when he said that Bun is pretty much Hip Hop's President. The man gets diplomatic immunity where he goes. Hell, he's Ali status if you ask me. And the great thing about it is that he fucks with everybody that fucks with him. I'm still blown away by the time he told me he checks my blogs out, and the time he kinda sonned Terrell Owens to say what's up to me at All-Star weekend in New Orleans last year.

But yeah, he genuinely messes with folks that supports him, hense him rocking a Standard t-shirt last night. I remember in his Ozone cover story from '05 he was talking about becoming the President of the South. Shied, he's eclipsed that if you ask me. Oh yeah, by the way, make sure ya'll check out the latest issue of Ozone Magazine with Jim Jones on the cover. I have a feature interview with Bun where talks about how he has to support all things underground if he expects to be called the Underground King (might scan it for ya'll later, we'll see).

As for now, check out the rest of the pics I took at the show. You can catch some video over at the Kaos Effect too. Let me know what ya'll think I'm really trying to step my photography game up again. Peace.

*To all of my fellow bloggers and media folks, I can make desired photos tagless and email them to you if you want to use/borrow them that way. Holler at me.

And shout out to Ms. Rivercity for actually going down to the box office and getting me a ticket and extra shouts out to DJ Jayforce for shouting out my website all night last night!


theprestige said...

To this day I still can't understand the dude says at the beginning of 'Murder'. Dope coverage.

southpeezy said...


i think he's saying "fuckathismuthafuckamanewegottagetouttaherethisaintnoplaceforusheakillerso?"

TC said...


Баян said...

(might scan it for ya'll later, we'll see)

ay Maurice, fa real mane please do us foreigners a favor, scan your 'view with Bun
this will be appreciated

there's a dope 'view with the man over at