Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jaspects The Polkadotted Stripe Album and Release Party Recap

(instant collectors item...my signed copy of The Polkadotted Stripe)

This past Saturday Jaspects had the album release party that I suggested you'd come through and judging from who I saw up in there, I'm assuming most of ya'll chose to keep it at the crib and watch the NBA Playoffs. All good. Its doubtful that you were going to fit in anyway because they had the place packed. Fortunately, I was able to get in because I got there pretty early. Almost 45 minutes to showtime actually.

Anyways as usual Jaspects did not disappoint, they really rocked. Even their minor mistakes sounded good. They performed joints from their previous releases but mainly focused on the new stuff. Compared to their other albums, TPS will go down as their most experimental album so far. I guess you could say that this is their Bitches Brew or Stankonia.

"Polkadotted Stripes"

The CD is riding. Granted, I'm not the biggest fan of their rapping, but they do at least stay on topic and I do hear improvement in their flows compared to their earlier work. Plus I respect that when they do rap they do actually talk about something, especially on the volatile "Chuck Jones" where they pretty much scream out what happening in the newspaper over some Rage Against the Machine-ish production.

But yeah, I'ma leave it up to you to go out and buy the album (it came out today) so you can form your own opinions and pick your favorite songs. As for now, here are some pics from the show.

Oh yeah, shout out to Jimi Cravity who opened for them. I copped his EP while I was there. Very dope songwriter. Singer? Jury is still out on that. But his live show was dope. Him and his band did a rendition of "Crazy" that was better than some of the times I heard Gnarles perform it themselves.

Oh yeah, his band, I almost forgot, dope. He had a female drummer that was BANGING and had this Whiteboy on guitar that was doing his thing as well.

But yeah, that's about it, check out the pics from the show and make sure you go out and buy the Jaspects new album The Polkadotted Stripe from you local retailer. Preferably the Sound Shop in the West End Mall, ask for "That Retail Chick." And thank you very much to Jeff Cohran for looking out and to Jacinta Howard for snapping some dope flicks while I was at the bar on drink break.


Anonymous said...

Jaspects are dope as shit! The Polkadotted Stripe is my theme music right now, and definitely the best album to come out in a while...

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