Sunday, February 28, 2010

Black History Month...A Re-Cap

"Without the Dutch...they'd still just be African"

I guess just like certain holidays, whether they be by Hallmark or the government...Black History Month kinda gets pushed to the back of your consciousness as you get older. I mean, lets be real...we don't get any of these 28 days off for anything, neither do our children. None of our favorite stores give us any Black History Month discounts and sheid...the only recognition I've seen the month get this year is VH1 Soul playing a gang of "conscious" songs today. Surely I can't be the only one that feels like Black History Month kinda escapes your conscious after you graduate and enter the real world. Its not like your boss is going to have those little cutouts of Mary McCleod Bethune and Thurgood Marshall hanging on the wall when you come to work in the morning. Which poses another it just me, or did it feel like we just got reminded of same what...15-20 Black people who "did something" when we went to school. I swear every Black History month the teacher would hang up those same drawings of Ralph E. Bunche, Martin Luther King, Booker T. Washington, etc. Hell, those drawings didn't even give you any real insight to that person's contribution, it just told you what year they were born and what year they died. I guess we were just supposed to assume that dash in between was good enough. "What did George Washington Carver do kids?"...DASH!

But yeah, anyways. If you've been paying attention, you'd see that Black History Month has probably been one of the most eventful ones in recent years. Eh...let me stop lying, Black folks took some major L's this Black History Month. Keep this kind of ish up and we might lose it altogether. Here's a look back of some of the more memorable moments that I'm sure Carter G. Woodson would be be proud of.

The "Brotha Coach" Lost The Super Bowl

I asked one of my friends if Jim Caldwell "counted" as a Black coach. I mean, obviously, yes he is Black. But it didn't really seem the same rooting for him as with other Black coaches. He pretty much succeeded Tony Dungy and inherited what he layed down. It ain't like he had to go through a long process to get hired or anything. Plus, I don't know about ya'll but it seemed like Peyton Manning was coaching the team the whole season, and the one time Caldwell made a choice...the Colts lost and ruined their chances of having an undefeated season. But on the flipside of that you can look at it as something that should've been happened, old retread White coaches have been getting preferential treatment for years.

Wale Passes On The Chocolate

Nigerian rapper Wale caused a fuss early this month when he released a video for his single "Pretty Girls" which featured light-skinned women almost exclusively. Of course this sent darker skinned Black women into a rage...and I feel them. Who said fair-skinned females could have a monopoly on shaking their ass for the camera? (I keed I keed). But yeah, the internet uproar over this video showed that the brown paper bag rule is still a polarizing element in the Black community. The Sistas e-picketing over this video was met with a new Wale video featuring all dark-skinned girls by the end of the day. Guess this means when a group of people speak strongly enough against something, change happens. But...something tells me (well actually, knowing how long it takes to shoot and edit a music video tell me) that this was all planned.

John Mayer Also Passes On The Chocolate

Right after the sting from Wale's video was starting to go away...John Mayer came along and punched Black women in the gut for good measure. In an interview with Playboy Magazine, the smart-mouth guitar player who laughs at his own jokes had a lot to say about his sex life:

"My dick is sort of like a white supremacist. I’ve got a Benetton heart and a fuckin’ David Duke cock. I’m going to start dating separately from my dick."

Apparently Mayer was every Black woman's White boy crush and a few of them felt offended. Really...I think a little bit of everybody felt offended by dude's remarks. I could care less what he does with his penis. If John Mayer doesn't like Black women "More For Me" (c) Devin the Dude.

If anything I was moreso "offended" (for lack of a better word) by his "hood pass/nigger pass" remarks. Attention naive white people out there...just because Jay-Z likes you or just because you listen to Jay-Z doesn't give you a hood pass. Hell, Jay-Z doesn't even speak for most Black people out there. If you want a "hood pass" come to the hood with some jobs, they'll love you for that.

Gorilla Zoe's 28 Mixtapes In 28 Days Campaign

Zoe is my guy so he knows this ain't coming from a place of hate, hell I've told him to his face the songs of his I like and don't like. Hell, I've been chastised by friends and professional peers for saying things like "Gorilla Zoe can rap" and "Gorilla Zoe could make some Scarface quality music if he wanted to." So yeah. But that said, I'm a fan of Zoe's and like seeing him win...but giiaaaaaat daaaaaayum! 28 mixtapes shawty? Not 28 songs...28 mixtapes shawty. That's alooooot of Zoe shawty. This idea teeters along the fine line between genius and insane. I've listened to some of it, and most of the stuff sounded like one long ass song because all the beats damn near sounded the same. Hopefully Zoe was just getting some stuff out of his system and plans on sitting down, focusing and making the great album that I personally think that he is capable of making. 28 damn shawty.

Epic Beard Man: The Mini-Series

As a Black man in America...I'm sorry. You'll never get used to or look forward to seeing a White dude beat down a Black dude. The shit just reminds us too much of Jim Crow and Birmingham in the 1950's. I supposed this video can be considered to be an exception since dude got what was coming to him. Matter of fact, its not even the beatdown itself that bothered me. Its the racist comments and cartoons I saw on the internet. Racist White folks were rejoicing as if OJ finally got found guilty for killing Nicole. I mean, folks built wikipedia pages, tracked dude down for youtube interviews, the whole nine. Google "Epic Beard Man" and you'll get pages and pages of information, most of it smothered with racial slurs. Don't be surprised if the KKK replaces their hoods with grey beards from Party City.

OJ Da Juiceman XXL Freestyle

Hey, at least we know this was off the top of the head...we hope. The really need to put the arts back in our schools.

Zeta Tau Alpha Wins The Sprite Step Off

Forgive me if I come off as naive...but I was completely ignorant to the fact that White Greek organizations stepped. I thought that was only a Black college thing. I mean, the all White college frat parties I'd been to, the only stepping I saw was over drunk passed out people. But Zeta Tau Alpha from Arkansas came into Atlanta (yes, the "Black Mecca") and literally stomped out their competition. I'm not ashamed of White girls coming in and wrecking shop though. Especially since it looks like they truly outdid their competition and won it fair and square. But I am ashamed that the other teams not only let them come in and embarrass them...but acted like some hoes and found a scoring discrepancy that pretty much nullified their victory and made them share the crown with the AKAs. I mean, I can sit here and act like Black folks never got cheated in competition before...but damn, if this country is really supposed to be headed into this place of racial harmony, ALL OF US have to be fair.

2010 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

I'm still yawning from this.

Woman's Love Handles Save Her Life

Beanie Sigel once rapped about his gut keeping his gat in tuck, but he ain't got noting on this chick. A woman in Florida was shot at a nightclub, but her love handles stopped the bullet. Figuring that this was some sort of sign, she says she plans on getting even bigger just in case she gets shot again. Guess we should start calling them "life handles?"

Al vs. Tavis

I just spoke on this last week. Crazy thing is, I was actually going to write this post last week before this happened. But I figured I should wait until the entire month was over with because I just knew some more f*ckery was going to happen before March came.

But you can see, Black folks took some L's this year during Black History Month. But shood, it looks like Jordan is finally about to own a basketball team, so I guess things are looking up. But for real, somebody needs to invent something pronto, we're looking bad right now.

Mike Bigga (aka Killer Mike) Sports Sunday Freestyles

Mike Bigga (aka Killer Mike)-Sports Sunday

Mike Bigga (aka Killer Mike)-"Iron Mike" (Gamecocks) [prod. by Smiff & Cash)

Since Mike hit us the Sunday Morning Massacres a couple years ago, it seems like rappers have gone even more overboard with the freestyles, with none of them having anykind of theme, or purpose for that matter.

Mike hit me up this morning out of the blue and asked me to meet him at the studio. He played me these two tracks that are the beginnings of his new freestyle series, Sports Sunday. You should be able to catch plenty of sports metaphors throughout. Know that the first track should be considered the pre-game warm-up...while the second track should be considered the 22-0 run right before halftime.

He insists that these two tracks were simply glimpse of whats to come...and a segue into the second batch of Sunday Morning Massacres. Enjoy.

Shouts out to Grind Time, the Educated Villians and Mike's engineer JD.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Killer Mike aka Mike Bigga feat. Ludacris and The Game-"Still My Nigga"

Killer Mike feat. Ludacris and The Game-"Still My Nigga"

Welp...looks like somebody is anxious.

Mike let me hear this song sometime last year. But it only had him and Luda on it...he also had plans on getting another, well-known singer on the hook. So to see this joint leak out unfinished, is kinda bittersweet. Hell, Mike himself didn't even know this joint leaked out. I mean, am I the only one who thinks this SOUNDS unfinished. But yeah, for all of ya'll saying that the song would be better off without Game on're onto something, because he wasn't supposed to be on it either yet or at all.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rev. Al Sharpton and Tavis Smiley "Disagree" On the Air

W.E.B. DuBois vs Booker T. Washington...2Pac vs Biggie...and now Sharpton vs Smiley

I heard about this yesterday. Evidently two of our "Black leaders" had a disagreement on Rev. Al's radio show. We all know that Tavis Smiley has been one of Barack Obama's staunchest opponents over the last three years. Mainly because he feels that Obama doesn't have enough of a Black agenda, if he has one at all. Rev. Al on the other hand has supported Obama (for the most part, but certainly not all the way) and took offense to some comments Smiley made about him on the Tom Joyner show. It all revolves around a February 9th New York Times article where Sharpton is quoted in saying that President Obama is "smart not to ballyhoo “a black agenda.”"...funny thing is the way it was written in the article, I'm not even sure if he said that exactly.

Anyways, Tavis took to the air and said somethings about Sharpton. Shaprton heard them, called Tavis and invited him on his show. The above video has this conversation in its entirety. Doesn't sound like anything really gets solved. Just sounds like two dudes saying "ay brah...heard you been talking shit about me."

However, one thing I do feel Rev. Al on is that its not quite right for Tavis to host a symposium in Chicago, about Obama, when he obviously isn't objective. He should rather be one of the panelist, instead of the moderator. Listen and leave your thoughts if any.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Killer Mike x Dr. Cornel West at Sweet Tea Ethics

The homie Ed Garnes just put out this footage from his Sweet Tea Ethics panel last month. This is a clip of him Killer Mike, Dr. Cornel West and Clifton West talking about market forces and why don't hear artist like dead prez and Phonte on the radio. Of course Mike takes over the conversation and makes valid points as always. I swear, outside of my big brother Bill in Augusta and a few other folks...Mike is the only cat I know that can go from talking about W.E.B. DuBois' Talented Tenth to Rick Ross in one breath and make it all make sense...which is what he did in this clip.

PREVIOUSLY: Killer Mike and Dr. Cornel West Speak on the N-Word | Interview with Dr. Cornel West

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 Nominated For Chozen Award

This was a surprise. Someone or some people thought enough of me to nominate me and my site for the Chozen Award for Blogger of the Year.

If you're not overly familiar with the Chozen Awards they recognize "the unsung heroes who make the city of Atlanta so great" who also demonstrates excellence in their field, gives back to the community and resides or works in the Atlanta Metropolitan area.

Anybody that knows me knows that I don't do things for recognition (even though its nice to be recognized sometimes) or attention. But I really have to say that I'm honored to be nominated for an award like this. Seems appropriate and fitting. Its like an award for folks who don't necessarily need or want the spotlight.

They have 15 categories of nominations, so feel free to vote in those respective fields after you vote for me *wink*

VOTE: Maurice Garland/ For Blogger of the Year

Monday, February 22, 2010

Buffie the Body presents Bootynomics

Former (or is she still?) video vixen Buffie the Body is delving into the fitness business. Her website has a plethora of workout videos that are sure to get you started on the fast track to a healthier, better body. Need convincing? Check out her demonstrations on how you too can be the center of attention everywhere you go.

Back Extensions to work the lower back and hamstrings


Hip Extension with Ankle Weights

I don't know about you, but I'm already sold. Buffie's Bootynomics trumps Tae Bo, Pilates, Kanye's Workout Plan or whatever else you've been doing. Make sure you buy a, well. She don't have any of those on sale yet. So just forward these youtube clips around to whoever you think needs them. Just make sure they don't watch it with any music playing, may get mistaken for a video.

B.o.B at the Tabernacle x Lee Starnes Photoreel

Photographer Lee Starnes went to the Goodie Mob show this past Saturday and scored photos during B.o.B's set. Enjoy.

Random Jam: Mistah F.A.B. feat Turf Talk and E-40-"Super Sick With It" (2005)

Happened to be riding around to this the other night and it still jams. Plus it explains how I'm feeling right now. Hense, the lack of updates so far today. Come back later though, I have some stuff up for ya'll.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Z-Ro-"One Night Stand"

This man never lets me down. I swear he don't and this is why his one my favorite rappers. How many cats you know will make a song like this? I mean a real man song like this. Not that fake sappy shit your favorite "conscious" rappers be making either. Don't let the song title throw you off...the song is about him NOT wanting a one night stand, but real woman in his life. This song is dope and its jamming.

Produced by Beanz and Cornbread who Z-Ro is making absolutely marvelous music with right now.

Spotted at Screwheads Only

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Konsole Kingz Launches iPhone App

The homies over at Konsole Kingz just launched the first iPhone app designed with the urban gamer in mind. Of course they have to seduce you here's a clip featuring model Bria Myles explaining how it works.

For more info on the app CLICK HERE. To actually purchase it CLICK HERE.

Freddie Gibbs In Creative Loafing x Ticket Giveaway

Freddie Gibbs is featured in Creative Loafing this week. Two days before he takes the stage alongside Yelawolf, Bobby Creekwater and a few others. Its only on the online version though.

READ: Freddie Gibbs Shines Light on Scary Gary

Tickets are still on sale for the show on Saturday at 529 in the East Atlanta Village. Click here to purchase!

I'm going to be giving away ONE free pass (hey, yeah...sorry). First person to answer this question correctly in the comments section will get it. I'll give away the others later on. Question is after the jump...

Freddie Gibbs' last three mixtape covers/names have been inspired by other artists and albums...

Name the three albums/names these are borrowed from. First person to answer correctly in the comments gets the tickets. Good luck.

Do You Know That Freeway x Jake One's The Stimulus Package Is Dope?


As much as I'm on the internet scouring for content for work stuff, sometimes I assume that everybody else on the web is doing the same thing I am. Seeing as how everybody is on twitter sharing information and all. So, sometimes you might not see a certain video or song on this site. Admittedly, I just wont post some things because hell, I assume that since its already up on some of the bigger sites, ya'll have already seen it. Why beat a dead horse ya'know.

Especially seeing as how the Hip Hop blog world is slowly turning into what Hip Hop radio has become. Remember when they used to play the shit out of Nelly years ago? And how you'd switch from one station to the other hoping to avoid the song. Only to hear the other station playing it at the same time, just finishing playing it or about to play it again themselves. That's what I mean. You go on one site and see the exact same thing on another, almost in the same order. Not throwing shots, just making an observation.

That said, when this video showcasing the packaging for Freeway and producer Jake One's new album hit the web a couple weeks ago. I saw it on all the larger sites and just assumed that everybody saw it...

I mean, it stood out, it looked cool and I saw hella comments and tweets about it. So I opted not to post it, assuming that most like-minded individuals and professional peers had seen it already. I was wrong.

I also kinda assumed that most folks had heard the leaks that came out over the last few weeks. I mean, Freeway isn't wack. Have his last couple of projects been the shit? No. But he's still damn good at what he does. Everybody seems to love him still. He isn't a new jack, people know him. So yeah, I assumed that we all knew what he was up to and planned on checking this new album out whether through downloading or buying. I was wrong again.

I know I'm starting to ramble, so let me get to the point. I went out and bought this album on Tuesday, and the shit is dope as hell. For real. Of course still operating under my assumptions, I was going around telling a few folks about the music and the packaging...thinking they were going to reply "oh yeah, that shit dope. I saw/heard it the other day" But most of them was like "oh for real? He got a new album? Oh word, that's the packaging? Dope!"

Why is that? Now I ain't sitting here acting like Freeway is some super duper megastar that we are all supposed to be aware of 24/7. I'm simply wondering why so many people who I know like good music, appreciate presentation and even profess to be Freeway fans don't know a damn thing about this project?

Is it the label, Rhymesayers?
Now I can't front, out of the 23 artist listed on their website, I've only heard of seven. So, yeah, they have a certain brand of music they push for the most part and know who their audience is, or think is. That said, did they promote this album only to people who buy music by the rest of their artist? Did they bother reaching out to people who really liked Freeway's club and radio hits from year's past? Did they bother reaching out to DJs who might've had Freeway on their shows/mixtape during his Roc-A-Fella days? Are they establishing a presence or plan on doing shows in cities that played Freeway's music years ago? Or like I said earlier...did they just boost awareness to areas and people who are fans of the other artist on the label? I mean, they must have had at least some intentions on appealing to the "masses" since the album has features from Birdman and Bun B. All I'm saying is, cats in Atlanta and the South period mess with Freeway. Hell, he used to be here all the time, I think he lived here for a minute. But I haven't seen a poster, flyer, mention of this album anywhere. Maybe I'm just not in the right places.

Is it DJ's/Radio?
I don't want to assume whats going on in other markets. I can only speak for my own. But, I haven't heard any of the Freeway songs on the radio here, and I really don't expect to. Hell, the suckiness of Atlanta radio is a given at this point. They always claim to "support their own" but these muthafuckas don't even play Big Boi...but yeah, that's another story. But yeah, same questions arise here. Freeway ain't wack but have DJs/Radio been turned away over the unstable circumstances surrounding his music of late? Did they really support his music whenever it came out...or were they simply responding to the umpteen calls and emails they might have been receiving from a Roc-A-Fella representative reminding them of their guy. Calls and emails that might have ceased after he left the label.

Is it the fans?
"Fan" is a loose term nowadays. I know folks that haven't bought an album from their favorite artist in years but still considers themselves a fan of their music. Admittedly, I can be one of these people too. I mean, I get music mailed and emailed to me pretty often. Sometimes, it will be a CD from someone that I am a fan of. And hey, I ain't rich. So shied, if a free copy of the CD shows up in the mail...I'm not gonna be compelled to buy it because hell, I got it now. I figure the least I can do is tell my friends about it and hope they go get it. Or purchase tickets to their show when/if they come to town. Or if I wind up in the show free, supply some media coverage on this site or via another media channel that I have access too. But yeah, the fans. I've never been one of the types that bought into the whole "Hip Hop is dead" or "all the music sucks" philosophy. Some fans just need to get off their ass and start seeking stuff out. Don't wait on the radio, TV or Kanye *cough, cough, snicker* to tell you if something is dope. Go out to shows. Ask friends. Click around on the internet. Do something. That said, when I shared my thoughts about this album with some people, alot of their reaction was "oh wow. I love Freeway...I didn't even know he had a new album out." Now, a phrase like that can be blamed equally on the three entities I named. Did the label bother reaching out to 30-something African American females who liked "Roc The Mic," "Flipside" and "What We Do?" Is the radio station letting people know "hey this dude who we used to play quite often years ago and still sometimes during our live remotes has a new album out!" Are the fans that "love" Freeway bothering to keep up with him, even if he's not in your face as much as he used to be? Just questions shawty.

But yeah...I'ma go ahead and wrap this up. This album must have really struck a nerve to have me writing about it like this. But yeah. Go check out this album, for real. The shit is jamming. Dope beats, dope lyrics, well written and executed songs. My only gripe is that not all of the beats knock in the ride as much as I'd like them too. But that's just the Southerner in me. I can't really expect for a rapper from Philadelphia and a producer from Seattle to turn in an album that's gonna beat the trunk up like UGK or something. But, I got my radio tuned up right, so the album still sounds great when you're riding. Plus, at least cop it for the packaging man. That shit is dope as hell. Its on sell at Best Buy for $9.99 right now.

Dreamer feat. Yelawolf-"Crazy Girlz"

Dreamer feat. Yelawolf-"Crazy Girlz"

Dreamer has been liberating a lot of his pre-Hollyweerd music lately. Guess he's trying to show that he's been ahead of the curve on quite a few things and ideas. Not mad at him. Plus, "Crazy Girlz" ain't going away no time soon so this song will be relevant until the end of time.

Reminds me, I need to go back in storage and see if I can find my older Dreamer CDs, they were pretty jammin...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scarface x Killa Kyleon x Cory Mo In The Studio

'Face, Kyleon and Cory Mo working at Mad Studioz in H-Town. 'Face gives Kyleon his official stamp of approval and brings up that he's coming out with a new album. They also discuss Uncle Brad's discography and share their thoughts on his classics. 'Face also reveals the "inspiration" behind those albums. I'm hoping he wasn't doing what I think he was doing on The Fix...given the packaging and all.

In my opinion it goes:

The Untouchable
Mr. Scarface Is Back
The Fix
The Diary
...the rest are interchangable depending on your mood that day.

Shouts out to the homie Naz for the footage.

Creative Loafing: Slow Fade, Atlanta's African American Landmarks Need Attention

Sadly appropriate for Black History Month, CL's cover this week talks about how Atlanta's African American history is withering away literally. Compound the fact that Black folks are being bulldozed and kicked out of the city as well as landmarks crumbling...only think Black's gonna have is Magic City Mondays.

READ: Atlanta's Forgotten Black History

Joe Scudda – "Not Your Average Joe" Promo Trailer

Dope trailer for the homie Joe Scudda's upcoming project Not Your Average dead serious, I thought this was an ad for a movie, not a mixtape.

Spotted at TSS

Random Jam: Angela Winbush-"Your Smile" (1985)

This is actually a Rene & Angela song, but Angela does all the singing and you don't even hear any background vocals from Rene either. But yeah, don't know what made this song pop in my head just now. I'd like to draft up some wonderful story about somebody special or some grand event, but eh...yeah.

Songs like this remind me of the days when female R&B singers were just that...singers. Not fashion icons, models, Mabyelene mascots, wanna be reality TV stars or faux-spokespeople for battered women. Angela was out in an era where you had Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, Stephanie Mills, Regina Belle and even Gladys Knight was still active. Even with those names I'm sure I'm still forgetting some. Angela also wrote and produced most of her stuff and even did some of her competition's songs too.

But yeah, enjoy.

UPDATE: wow. actually found the video for the song.

Mama's Mustache-"Job Hunting" video

Here's the video for Mama's Mustache's (Jeff B and Mr. DJ of Outkast/DF) video for "Job Hunting." Count your blessings ya'll.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

D.A.N.: Rap Group/Gang Records Crime Evidence Music On Youtube

About to start another random category on the blog...this one will be called Dumb Ass Niggas. Watch the above news clip about a rap group/gang that went on youtube talking about all the stuff they've done...and how now its about to be used against them as evidence.

Only person that could do that and not look lame is Mac Dre. Rest of ya'll clowns need to stop it.

Cy Hi Da Prynce-Prynce of Jacks (mixtape)

If you're a frequent visitor of this blog...clap for yourself. You knew about Prynce before Kanye!

Prynce pretty much just beat jacks on this tape so no originals here. This mixtape is the first of a four part series that will include Prynce of Spades (for the streets), Diamonds (motivational/bottle popping music), Hearts (girl/sex records). Get it the concept?

DOWNLOAD: Cy Hi Da Prynce-Prynce of Jacks

Monday, February 15, 2010

El Prez feat. Freddie Gibbs-"Contact"

El Prez feat. Freddie Gibbs-"Contact" prod. by Dae One

New music from El Prez featuring Freddie Gibbs. It comes from Prez' new mixtape Animal Style that just dropped a few minutes ago. Buddy pretty cool. Kicked it with him Sean Falyon over the summer after the A3C wrapped up. We was popping Bud Light at Shout like some true ballers.

Mixtape pretty jammin so far. Check out HERE

And remember to fall through 529 this Saturday to catch, Freddie Gibbs, Yelawolf, Bobby Creekwater and a few others! Tickets are just $12 and the beer is cheap there too.

R.E. feat. Scar – "Lustful"

R.E. feat. Scar-"Lustful"

Posting some more stuff from this cat R.E. that I'm familiarizing myself with. He's DJ Toomp's new artist and he's hooked up with the homie Scar for this joint. Its also produced my by my guy Nesby Phips who ya'll should really be paying more attention to.

Spotted at BLVDST

Devin The Dude x Coughee Bros Interview

RISE TV caught up with and apparently smoked with Devin before this interview. Devin says his new album Suite 420 will be in stores on when else? April 20th.

Props TNT

Yelawolf x Cy Hi Da Prynce x Pill "I Wish" Remix LIve at Fuggin' Awesome

Couldn't make out to this show after the Bilal/Anthony David show because I was skating on black ice. But shouts out to the homie Micheal Jordan for shooting this over to me.

If you couldn't make it out there, make up for it by falling through 529 this Saturday to catch Yelawolf, Freddie Gibbs, Bobby Creekwater and few others! Tickets are just $12 and the beer is cheap there too.

Friday, February 12, 2010

"Hip-Hop Meets Classical": SMKA x Aleon Craft X Atlanta Symphony Orchestra On CNN

This story aired on CNN this afternoon. Really cool look. I remember Dr. Dre saying that he wanted to head an orchestra in an interview a while ago. Looks like SMKA and A.Leon Craft beat him to the punch.

This is a very special and unique collaboration between Hip-Hop and Classic that is truly the first of its kind. SMKA was commissioned by The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra to remix a piece for their "Concerts for Young People" series. The song 808 Blake created is called "Music is My Life" produced by SMKA, and it is written and performed by Aleon Craft. Additionally, Parker Smith played the guitar and Brand Dorfman scored the peice. It has been performed 20 times since October 2009. CNN covered the collaboration last week and aired the special today. SMKA is proud to be a part of this project, and grateful for the opportunity to work with the ASO.

When A.Leon says that music is his life...he ain't lying. Dude been in music for as long as I've known him. He used to get down when he was drum major in the band in high this role is fitting for him.

I'm hearing that the upcoming SMKA x A.Leon Craft project is coming along pretty damn good too. Hopefully I'll have some details to share with you soon.

DJ Toomp x Re: The Regeneration Project

Don't know much about this cat other than the time I saw him perform at an Almost Famous showcase. He's supposed to be sending me some music, you'll find out more about him at the same rate that I do. I'm posting this out of good faith since Toomp is messing with him. Speaking of which...where's Suga Suga?

Yelawolf feat. Cy Hi Da Prynce and Pill-"I Wish" video

Alot of rap cats like to brag about being places you can't pronounce or going where others are afraid to. Well, shooting a video at the Foundation is like the skaters answer to a "real nigga" shooting a video at The REALLY have to be down to make that happen. That said enjoy this Omnipower directed video for the remix to "I Wish." Shout out to Sean Falyon, DJ Burn One, SL Jones and Bravo doing the cameo thang.

Oh yeah, if you trust your driving skills in Atlanta's weather today, make sure you fall through Lenny's for the return of Fuggin Awesome where all three of these gentlemen will be performing.

Joell Ortiz feat. Novel – "Call Me"

This song is nice. Still tripping on how NYC'ers used to call Reebok classics 54.11's.

Spotted at 2DB

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Playboy Tre: Look At This Shit "The Break In"

Welp...looks like someone was housesitting for Playboy Tre without his permission. This is absolutely terrible...but as usual Tre makes you laugh at all that's messed up in this world.

Laws: 4:57 Listening Session

Decatur Dan shot and edited this footage from Laws' private listening session for his Don Cannon hosted mixtape 4:57. This is a pretty dope concept.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Colbert Report: Celebrate Black History Month With Heiniken

"Without the Dutch...they'd still just be African"

Man, I saw this last night and just knew I was gonna post this today. Hilarious, shawty. Simply hilarious on so many levels. As much as Black folks drink Heiniken, you'd think it would make sense for them to do what they did in this clip...but really, it doesn't at all. Funny stuff.

Oh yeah, click after the jump for an equally funny bit about this male prostitute who compares his plight to that of Rosa Park's and Ghandi's

Alley Boy feat. Young Dro-"Tall"

Can't sit here and act like I'm a big Alley Boy fan. I'm probably the loner amongst my peers as far as my opinion about his music. I like some of it, but not all of it. However, while I may not dig dude all the way or relate to all of his content...I do get the sense that Alley goes in the studio and puts his best foot forward lyrically everytime which is all I can ask a listener and potential fan. That said, you can't deny a ridin song when you hear one. Him and Dro go off on this joint.

Its from his upcoming mixtape, The Definition of F*ck Sh*t. Not all the way clear on what the title is supposed to mean...I for one don't enjoy f*ck sh*t when it happens to or around me. Guess I'll have to listen to it to get where he's going with it. Either way, listen and enjoy.

Bobby Creekwater-"Dear Ghetto" video

Bobby Creek stay dropping something new. Apparently this video comes off of his upcoming project Back To Briefcase 2: The B Side...which is not to be confused with Back To Briefcase that just dropped last week.

Either way, this video is pretty cool. Looks like they shot it down there around Forsyth/Poplar/Luckie area between The Rialto, Landmark Diner and across from The Mark. Shouts out to the homie Fray and Visual Vinyl. Looks like they're about to resurface on the video scene here. They were actually one of the original independent video production units shooting "viral" in the city before internet videos became the common route to go.

Oh yeah...its me, or does Bobby Creek actually kinda look like Marvin Gaye in this vid?

While you're thought I'd tell you that Bobby Creekwater has just been added to the Digital Icon Tour that's coming through the 529 on February 20th.

You can purchase tickets HERE for $12 or hope that you win some off me next week. I suggest you go ahead a buy you some to secure a spot.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

XO feat Raheem Devaughn-"Take Home"

New video from D.C.'s XO featuring the Mid-Atlantic's favorite, Raheem Devaughn. Usually not a fan of "sexy rap" but this joint is kinda cool. Might be listening too hard...but it don't sound like buddy reached for any condoms in this song...dude just went in. Practice safe sex people.

Random Jam: The Coup-'Takin These" (1994)

Browsing the web I stumbled across this site that had The Coup's "Taking These" CD single available for download. Got my mind going and figured I'd share this jam with ya'll.

I know NWA (and then G-Unit...I guess) called themselves "the World's Most Dangerous Rap Group"...but, I think that title is more fitting for The Coup. I mean, damn, just look at their name...The Coup. That speaks volumes in itself. I mean, The Coup pretty much made audio versions of Black Panther Party pamphlets and The Anarchist Cookbook over some of the funkiest beats you'll ever find.

But the thing I dug about them most was that while you could call them "conscious" they were real more than anything else. They were from Oakland and still made songs with folks Spice 1, E-40 and Ant Banks...unlike other "conscious" rappers who feel like they are too good, uppity or saintly to make songs with certain artists.

"Takin These" was the second single from their sophomore album Genocide & Juice and its pretty much about robbing folks. But not robbing people that live next door to you...but rather rich corporations that set up shop in the community but do nothing to help it out. They talk about overthrowing factories and taking the spoils back to the hood to feed the hungry. Think Robin Hood in white tee.

Crazy...this video was made in 1994. I can't imagine in 2010 that we'll ever see a video featuring a bunch of poor Black people running up in mansions and office building hanging rich white guys out of windows and talk about about "throwing the Mayor's body in the ocean to see if it would sink or float."

Monday, February 8, 2010


Photo by Maurice Garland


Pill has been on twitter for the last week and some change promising to lock himself back in the studio and bare his soul and "Thoughts" is the first fruit of his labor. No hooks or bridges. Just Pill getting some stuff off his mind, revealing the experiences that made him who he is and even his twisted idea of what paradise is. Its also the first leak from his next mixtape 1140: The Overdose

Produced by Teknowlogy

Previously: Pill Covers Creative Loafing

Playboy Tre: "Look At This Sh*t" car rental

Playboy Tre is back with another video from his "Look At This Sh*t" video series. This time he, B-Rich and TJ Chapman find themselves at the jankiest car rental place in California. Comedy.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Shawty Lo Ft. Luda, The-Dream & Gucci Mane “A-Town”

Well...I'm not really the biggest fan of this song. Sounds like a Hip Hop version of that "ATL" song that Dallas Austin, Monica and them made a couple years ago. But yeah, who am I? Gucci verse go hard though.

Killa Kyleon feat. Z-Ro-"Swang Real Wide"

Killa Kyleon feat. Z-Ro-"Swang Real Wide"

I'm a couple days late on this one...but giat dayum this shit jammin. Killa Kyleon always been dope and has been doing his thing for years. But it looks like in 2010 he's really gonna get noticed beyond his Slim Thug/Boss Hogg Outlawz affiliation, on a national level at least.

This track "Swang Real Wide" was produced by Sound Mob and mixed by the homie Cory Mo.

The above video is some studio footage the homie Naz got of Z-Ro laying down his part of the song. I'm also glad to see Z-Ro fucking with more people too. When I interviewed him for Ozone a year and some change ago, he said he was going to start collaborating with more of his Houston peers.

Song spotted at DGB

Killa Kyleon's video for his "I Wanna Rock" freestyle is after the jump.

Freddie Gibbs-"How We Do" (Live)

Cool stuff. This was one of my favorite joints off of Freddie Gibbs' re-introductory mixtape The Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs. He goes in over Souls of Mischief's "93 Til Infinity" instrumental. Crazy, I remember him telling me he was kinda iffy over rapping on this beat. Glad he did though.

Spotted at NR

And don't forget, February 20th, Gibbs and Yelawolf will be headlining the Digital Media Tour when it stops in Atlanta at the 529 in the East Atlanta Village. Tickets are $12. Cop now, the place can get packed pretty fast.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Put A Mandingo In Ya Mouth

Pretty much everybody I talk to via Gchat asks me where the hell do I find videos like this at. I honestly do not know. But, let me assure you of this. I was not on the internet googling "mandingo." I was looking for something else, an ad popped up, I investigated and waa-laah...I come across Mandingo Roots Tonic Wine.

This is crazy...its like the real life Anaconda Malt Liquor from Black Dynamite. Hope this stuff doesn't give you "oooooooo."

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Remnant feat. Scar-"Know This"

Ay...I'm really feeling this joint. I don't know alot about these brothers other than we obviously have a few mutual friends around these parts. The homie Scar is on the hook though and these cats did their thing with the verses. Lovely song and dope video. Check it out.

Random Jam: Kool G. Rap-"Its A Shame" (1995)

Some days random songs just pop up in my head when I'm in the shower and this was the latest one. Well...not the whole song, just that singing part at the end.

This is one of the many rap videos that really made me put life into proper perspective. Not gonna sit here and act like I've ever been close to hopping in those streets heavy...but hell, growing up a Black male in America that option is always right around the corner. "Its A Shame," the song and video really showed me that all that kingpin stuff don't come without guilt and stress...and I wanted no parts of it.

But above all else, this beat was straight fie and G.Rap went off on this track with his rapid-fire lisp flow intact.

Z-Ro Speaks

More footage from the homie Naz. This clip has Z-Ro breaking down his many aliases and why he's not ashamed to sing on his records.