Monday, March 31, 2008

Walkin' That Aisle!

This weekend wrestling legend Ric Flair fought his last match and officially retired on Monday night. Emotional shit for sure. But, before I go any further let me say, if you didn't watch wrestling growing up, and you were a dude, man, I feel sorry for you. Actually, I take that back, I don't know what to say to you. If you wasn't watching wrestling as a kid, man, you must have been baking cakes and playing with My Little Pony. If you at least watched G.I. Joe and Transformers, you might still be cool, but its still a stretch.

Anyways, the Nature Boy Ric Flair is the all-time great, eff Hulk Hogan! Ric Flair was the most shit-talkingest wrestler ever. Coolest white boy ever. If you look up swag in the dictionary, it should have his face next to it, for real. He had quotes galore my personal favorite was "In order to be the man, you gotta beat the man!" and that shit rings true in every aspect of life.

He was probably the first bad guy that you still cheered for. I mean, he called himself "the dirtiest player in the game" and he lived it. That man cheated his ass off, but you still had to like him though. I think the only time I didn't really like Ric Flair was when he was beefing with Sting and later Bret Hart. Other than that, Ric was my dude.

But, as much as I liked Ric Flair and wrestling, I also kinda blame him for ruining it for me. When I was about 9 or 10, me and my family went on a CNN Center tour. Ted Turner owned WCW, the wresting league Ric was in at the time so, it was nothing to see him strolling through CNN Center, probably picking up a check. But, I fucked around and saw him and Lex Luger chilling and having lunch together. Mind you, these two was at the zenith of their beef. I just saw them beating the breaks off each other weeks prior. From that point on, I had to go ahead and believe what my mom always told me, wrestling is fake. I was still a hardcore wrestling fan up until I turned about 16. Because even though I knew it was fake, it still looked believable. But somewhere in the mid-90s that shit just got too outlandish. Nigga, I had 6 year old cousins calling that shit fake.

Through it all though, I'd still tune in just to hear Ric Flair talk shit and do that crazy ass thing where he'd let someone punch him and he'd flip over the ropes, stumble down the ring apron and fall on his back. Granted, I saw him do it a thousand times, it was always entertaining. I still like to see him do that chest slap and ye'll "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO."

So, when he retired this weekend, it was sad to see, but I was also kinda happy to see him go, I mean, Ric was looking bad out there. He was getting old, and I was feeling old just looking at him. I have a younger cousin I watch from time to time and he's at that stage where all that matters is wrestling and video games. He was watching SmackDown on time and I saw Ric Flair and the Undertaker fighting. I was like DAAAAAAMN! They still wrestling? My cousin didn't want to believe me when I told him that Undertaker's name used to be Mean Mark and that Ric Flair used to have a head full of hair. He just shot me a look like "nigga, you old."

Anyways, since I did the same for Chris Webber, I had to do the same for the Nature Boy! Here are some of his finer moments. I did little something over on Black Ice @ too.

Pauly Shore: Not Racist, Just Not That Funny

Well, Pauly Shore had the internets buzzing when a youtube video of him dissing Black comics surfaced.

Well, he has a second one up hoping to clear up the situation with some of the angered comedians he mentioned.

{the video was disabled at one point today...big up to to Xplosive World for the re-up}

Your thoughts please.

[spotted at The Kaos Effect]

Can You Hear Me Now?

So, ever since the latest issue of VOGUE with LeBron and Gisele Bundchen hit stands, alot of people in the media (and the office and the bar) have been going back and forth as to how they feel about the cover image and its racial connotations. Anyone with two good eyes can look at it and see what's really going on. I'm not saying to raid the streets with molotov cocktails over this, but to have a "whats the big deal" attitude about it ain't acceptable either. But, for those of you who still don't get why this cover is deemed offensive to some, The Starting Five found a visual for you that should make the picture clearer.

Peep their on-point commentary HERE.

Brothas Gonna Work It Out

Congrats to Antron Brown. This past weekend he made history becoming the first (not first Black, but first period) driver in National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) history to win races in both the Pro Stock Motorcycle and Top Fuel divisions. Meaning dude has won races on both a motorcycle and in a hot rod.

As many speeding tickets black folks get, I always wondered why there aren't more of us interested in auto racing as a sport, let alone actually being involved in it. A couple of years ago I got the chance to actually sit in a NASCAR car with it going at top speed around Atlanta Motor Speeedway. GAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAAAWWWWWWT DAAAAYUUUM! That shit was fun. Better than any roller coaster I've ever been on.

Anyways, here's a website on dude. Sounds like we're going to be hearing more of him in the future.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Going down to my Alma Mater to talk at a forum my younger brother put together. Should be interesting, alot of intelligent people involved. I'm curious to see who's actually gonna get a chance to talk. Any panel with Killer Mike on it is usually a one man show.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cold Hearted

I know we were all raised not to lie, but sometimes, a lie is appropriate.

C'mon now, she could have at least just said yes out there and then told him no when they left...I could take that.

(Spotted at Q-Storm's blog)

Courtroom Crunkness!

Aight so, I'm out riding today, running errands, handling business. I keep getting phone calls and text messages with folks asking "ay, you going down to the courthouse?" Of course, I respond with "for what?" And they all would respond as if I was silly with "T.I. nigga!"

Excuse me. I didn't know that the T.I. sentencing was the place to be. Please forgive me. Its not that I don't care about dude going to prison or not, because I actually do. But, I've never thought of the courthouse to be a popular place to hang. Every time I've been to one, the outcome was never good.

Since when was seeing a dude going to the big house the event of the day? I mean, I know I'm in "the media" so folks was probably assuming I'd be there for whatever reason, but really...thats some shit I'd just leave to Monica Kauffman and John Pruitt. I could see if there was some kind of fuckery going down where T.I. was being treated unfairly or being framed for something he didn't do. But shit, he got caught breaking the law. Yeah, its messed up that his bodyguard baited him into the sting, but it was T.I. that set the stage for it. Whats the use in going down there? To witness a piece of history? I think not.

Now, to all my folks that went down there today to work on assignment, aight cool. But man, I just found it pretty corny for folks to be talking about the courthouse hearing like it was a damn Braves game. Folks talking about "man, you missed it, everybody was here!" No the hell they weren't. Crazy, I actually had to drive by there today on my way somewhere. Mah fuggas was outside camped out and shit like they waiting for U2 tickets....fuggouttaheeere.

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UPDATE: T.I.'s Post Plea Press Conference

(swiped from Nah Right)

Still Here...

Since a few folks have been asking...yes, I still blog for XXL. Its been a while since my last post but, I'm still over there. I just didn't have anything to say really, well, I've had shit to say, but nothing I deemed necessary to sit down and write a blog about as it pertained to whats going on in Hip Hop right now. I mean, there's only so much I'm going to say about 50 Cent and Lil Wayne which seem to be the favorite topics around those parts. Plus, a couple of the other bloggers there (Noz!) beat to the punch on a couple things anyways.

But yeah...Black Ice @ XXL is still in operation and there will be some new posts in the coming days. I posted a brief yesterday about Eazy-E not being dead enough to warrant any attention yesterday, the 13th anniversary of this death.

Oh yeah, while you're at it, please pick up the book I borrowed the above image from. Black Ice is a book about the Colored Hockey League of the Marintimes, an all Black hockey league that was in Nova Scotia, Canada in the late 1800s and early 1900s, very interesting read. When it came out I tried to get Sports Illustrated and a few other mags to let me write about it...each and everyone of them called me back only to say "great pitch, great story, not interested." Go figure.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Trails Chris Webber

Today one of my favorite players growing up retired (finally), Chris Webber. I can't think of any pre-teen basketball fan that didn't ride for the Fab Five in the early 90's. Really, I can't think of any young, urban basketball fans period for that matter. If you didn't ride for the Fab Five, your coolness immediately went into question. In fact, I think the first ever article of clothing I actually bought with my own little money was a University of Michigan hat when I was on a field trip in D.C. I bought it during tourney time, one week before the infamous "time out" call.

Anyways, Webber got drafted with the #1 pick in the 1993 NBA Draft by the Orlando Magic, one year after they just picked Shaquille O'Neal. They wound up trading Webber to the Golden State Warriors for their #3 pick, Penny Hardaway. I mean, Shaq & Penny did their thing, but man, I dunnno shawty. I think I woulda kept C-Webb. Can you imagine that? Shaq & C-Webb on the same team?

Well, C-Webb faired pretty well out in Oakland taking home Rookie of the Year honors and teaming up with Latrell Spreewell and Billy Owens (Tim Hardaway was injured and out for the season and Chris Mullins body started breaking down) to become one of the more exciting teams in the league. They got put out in the first round of the playoffs by Charles Barkley and the Phoenix Suns, but everyone was already looking forward to seeing them next year. Unfortunately, Webber and coach Don Nelson had a falling out and he got traded to the Washington Bullets.

Once again, shit was supposed to be off the chain! The Bullets had Webber and Juwan Howard! But Webber got hurt. Then they drafted Rasheed Wallace the next year! But Webber got hurt again. The Bullets wound up making the playoffs once under Webber's watch but got put out by Jordan and them. This was also around the time Nike came out with those ridiculously priced C-Webb Air Max's. I know of at least two dudes got got robbed for theirs. I'm glad I was raised to know better than to spend $130 on some damn sneakers.

Webber started getting in a little trouble out in D.C. so he got traded to the Sacramento Kings. And from that point, he pretty much helped but that franchise on the map (and put out a rap CD). Their first squad with Jason Williams, Corliss Williamson and Vlade Divac had a good season ending with a playoff defeat at the hands of the Utah Jazz. They later switched things up trading for Mike Bibby and Doug Christie...but they couldn't get past Shaq & Kobe in the 2002 Playoffs, because they got cheated.

Webber went down with a major knee injury the next season and he'd never be the same from that point. He got traded to the 76ers, then he signed with the Pistons and got to the Eastern Conference Finals but lost to Lebron. He signed back with the Warriors this season and barely played.

I know I got kinda long winded, but I got caught up in the moment. I really liked C-Webb, I even got the chance to talk to him in the locker room once when he was in town playing the Hawks. He told me that he was starting to make beats, but wouldn't say for who. Last year a track of his surfaced with Nas rapping on it.

Anyways, I just wanted to send dude a little sendoff (I must be in a sendoff mood today).

My brother dug up a nice piece of nostalgia too...

Ain't Too Proud To Beg

Call me cruel, but I am {this} close to buying one of those shirts. I'd hate to have to do that because I'm a pretty giving, encouraging and helping guy for the most part. But got damn, these folks in Atlanta be BEGGING!

Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm better than anyone and I understand that I could be a few checks and a missed prayer away from being on the street, especially in this economy, but got damn, that begging shit just get on your nerves now.

I used to be that guy (and occasional sucker) that would just give folks out on the street some change or money because deep down, I really believed that they needed the help. Plus, I believe in the whole if you give you will get twice back thing. But, over the last few years of living here, I've grown to realize that we just got a city of careers beggars. Really, not even that, just a city full of sorry ass mah fuggas who just think its cool to ask for shit all the got damn time.

Last night I was walking out of Wal Mart after stocking up on some medicine, tea and other things to help me battle this hay fever cold thing I got going right now. As I'm going to my car, this dude creeps up in a Ford Explorer. At this point, I'm thinking this dude is about to either ask something of me or take something from me. He starts talking and he's like: "hey, brotha...I was wondering if you could "help" me. I just put my last $2.50 in my gas tank and I'm on E. I'm not going to make it home."

Now, the nice guy in me gave the dude a couple dollars to match that bullshit $2.50 he was talking about. The tired-as-hell-of-this-shit guy in me straight up told him: "brah, if thats the case don't you need to be AT THE GAS STATION asking for help, why are you driving around in the Wal Mart parking lot wasting gas?!?"

Am I being mean for thinking that this nigga was just going around trying to beg for money? Because that's what it felt like. If I was down to my last dollar and needed gas, nigga, I'm gonna be at the fucking gas station...I mean, thats where the money AND gas is, aint it?

That reminded me of another time, also dealing with gas. I was walking out of the cigar bar one know, doing "research" for this story I was writing on at the time. The bar is in one of the newer gentrified areas of the city where everything is a loft. Its down there around where Usher's restaurant is. Anyways, I'm walking out and from about 30 feet I could see a shadow standing on the corner. Now, I hate to sound like a conclusion-jumper but, a nigga standing on the corner, in the cold, in a nice neighborhood usually ain't waiting on a taxi.

So, I have to walk past dude to get to where I'm parked. Of course, he starts talking...opens with the "i was wondering if you could..." line. Here's how the conversation when.

Dude: I was wondering if you could help me.

Me: With what?

Dude: I'm not from around here. Me, my wife, my kids and my mother drove down here from Kentucky. I ran out of gas about 10 blocks away from here. The ATM machine took my card so I can't get any money to get gas. My family is in the car right now. I had to leave them behind so I could go out and try and find away to get back on the road. And I was wondering if you could help me.

Me: So what are you asking me?

Dude: For help?

Me: What kind of help?

Dude: Anything you can do to help?

Me: Like what, what are you asking me?

Dude: Are you driving?

Me: Yeah.

Dude: Well, I'll give you the title to my car and $500 if you can help me. I've been standing out here for an hour waiting on this guy who said he was going to help me, and he never came back. He said he was gonna run to the ATM and help me with some money, but he never came back. They said that this is a nice part of town with nice people and I was just looking for someone to help me out.

Me: Ok. So...what are you asking me?

Dude: For help.

Me: A ride? Money? What are you asking me for?

Dude: Cmon brotha. I don't mean to bother you, I'm just trying to get home. My family is freezing in the car.

Me: Ok.

Dude: So can you help me?

Me: DUDE! I'm trying to see if I can, what are you asking me for!

Dude: Well. I heard there is an ATM machine around the corner. I was wondering if you could let me hold few dollars and then take me back to my car.

Me: Got damn nigga...

Dude: I know man...

Me: So, you still gonna give me the title your car and $500? Why aren't you using the $500 for gas?

Dude: Well, because its in my account and remember the ATM took my card.

Me: So where are you parked?

Dude: Down by the hospital.

Me: Thats far as hell dude.

Dude: I know, but, if thats too far, we can just go to the ATM I was talking about.

Me: Oh really?

I'll end it there but, know that I was tipsy and thats the only reason I even entertained that shit for that long...I guess I needed a laugh. But, this nigga left his "family" ten blocks away, isn't from here but knows where the best ATMs are and once again, needs gas, but isn't at the gas station...cmon now. Then this nigga was giving me directions to where his "family" was using streets that even I didn't know could get me there..."im not from here," nigga please. When I walked off on his ass, he had the gall to say "man, I thought Atlanta people were nice." Whatever dude.

The begging in Atlanta is so out of control that I don't even like going certain places anymore. Mainly Slice on Peters St. Them niggas are out of control. I remember one night I was talking to an old friend outside, he was sitting in his car. A dude came up and interrupted our conversation with that "excuse me brotha, I..." shit. We shut him down and told him we were talking...but he didn't leave, he just stood on the wall and waited for us to finish. Then, a second dude came and stood next to him. Then a third dude came a stood on the corner. I mean, damn...are these niggas about to rob us?

So after we finished talking, one by one these niggas came up begging. One wanted something to eat, but he didn't want me to actually get him something to eat, he wanted the money to get something to eat...riiiiiight. The other dude just came out and said "im out here fucked up, i dont even be out here begging like that everyday, i just need some help." His face went cold when I told him "nigga, i just gave some money yesterday, yes, you do be out here everyday." The third dude asked me if I wanted to hear some poetry. I told him no because he came at me with that line last month, and the poem was wack and I wasn't going to pay him again for that shit.

Sorry if I'm sounding mean, but damn, that shit is getting crazy. I mean, I tend to keep my car clean and I'm not a club I don't need my car washed or my flyers handed out...but, if I did, I'd give them money for that if they offered. At least they offering a service. But shied, I don't even see alot of them anymore. These new niggas just beg for the sport.

They be doing shit like standing in parking spots talking about "$5 to park here, I'll watch it for you" like its their lot or they actually gonna do something if someone messes with my car, shied, its yo ass that needs be getting watched.

I can't be the only person that feels this way. I mean, I still "help" some of these folks out if it feels like they really genuinely need it. Unfortunately, I'm not Jesus so I don't know how to gauge if these folks be lying or not, but, I'd like to think that I'm pretty good at determining if I'm being hustled or not. I understand that employment and homelessness is a problem not to be made fun of, but man, some of these folks out here just lazy people man. They don't want to "help" themselves.

I wish I could find my Ready To Die CD, so I can just start blasting "The What" and turn up the hook when ever these cats come around.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hate That I Missed This

Fuggin Awesome is one of the many, well not many, underground shows in the A that showcases some the dopest and coolest music in the city. I got a chance to go the the first one and really enjoyed myself. They're held at the Drunken Unicorn which probably has the cheapest drinks in town. It gets smoky as hell in there, but its still cool. The environment really makes you feel like you are witnessing history every time you go.

Well, I missed the one they had this weekend because I was at the A3C (Chris Rock, Jannelle Money, Van Hunt...damn, alot of shit was going on on Saturday). But here is some video and pics of what went down courtesy of The Hydrilla. I heard the shit was crunk and it damn sure looked like it.


Yelawolf, Gangsta Pill (from Grind Time) & Suntoucher

Blinds Have All The Fun

I mean got damn brah, newly-appointed New York Governor David Patterson has led a busy life hasn't he? Much props to dude for making it from Brooklyn to the Governor's office without even being able to see the path he's walked. But shit, this dude is doing alot.

In case you haven't heard, in attempts to avoid the scrutiny that his successor Elliot Spitzor (and Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick) have been receiving in lieu of their sex scandals...Patterson figured it would be a good idea to just put his past out in the open. You know, like how Obama did when he admitted to VIBE that he'd punched a white boy at a basketball game and that he partook in dank, drank and crank when he was in high school.

Well, first Patterson told the media that yes, he's cheated on his wife. More than once. Okay, no big deal I guess.

Then, today he admitted that yes, he's done drugs. More than once.

I mean yeah, no one is perfect. But got damn buddy. I don't know if I want to hear anymore. I know he's a politician, but shit, he can keep somethings to himself. Lord knows what else this man has to reveal.

But, kudos to him for living his life I guess. I don't know any blind people personally, I've only met two blind people in my life. One was Stevie Wonder and the other was some rapper in Macon, Georgia. And yes, in case you are wondering, he went by FBR...First Blind Rapper.

I was ignorant, literally blind to the fact that blind people could live extraordinary lives until I saw Ray for the first time. But even then I was still like, "man, thats one in a million." But I guess I'm wrong...blind niggas be doing the damn thang.

Let me close by asking this, and I'm not trying to be funny or rude. But I mean, with Stevie and Ray, okay, they were entertainers. So yeah, thats all good. But damn, how a blind dude get to be Governor? Don't they have to sign bills into law and shit? And you're not going to convince me that they are printing up thousands of braile pages just for him...something don't look right.

The Greatest Soap Opera of All Time?

Yesterday, I kept having old Alexander O'Neal and Cherrelle songs popping up in my head for some reason. I grew up listening to these songs on the radio and I remember seeing the videos on TV. But you know how it is when you're a kid, you know the words, you know the melody, but you don't completely grasp on to exact meaning of the feel me? You know, like how people like to play Earth, Wind & Fire's "Reasons" at their wedding...if you listen to the words, you'd know that's not the look.

Anyways, as a grown man, I'm really just now starting to understand exactly what Alexander O'Neal and Cherrelle were saying in their songs. I mean, I've known what they've been saying for some years now, but I mean, what they are saying to each other. Am I late to the game for just now discovering this? Obviously they were singing to each other on the many duets they had, but, their solo songs seemed to be a part of a long saga that Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis might have thought up.

Now before I get into this, let me start by saying that that damn Alexander O'Neal was a straight up p**** hound. This dude went hard on his songs! My brother said that from the looks he used to shoot the camera, he seemed like the kinda cat that thought like "ok now, I can sing and you can give it to me...or I can yell and I'll take it!" That said, lets start with the scenario from this "Innocent" video.

Playa ass 'Zander O'Neal walks into a diner (probably after an intense night of playing with his nose) looking like the got damn Big Bad Wolf. He spots a sweet, cute little Cherrelle and they exchange a couple looks. From the looks of it, 'Zander is the man around town as all the ladies in the diner are throwing themselves at them as if its nothing new. Cherrelle is trying to play the "innocent" role, turning down 'Zander's offerings of "alot of love." She looks like she's starting to break, but dude might have messed up saying some bold shit like "you know you could lose your innocence." When ol' girl hears that she snaps, slaps dude and runs in the bathroom to cool off. But, the Big Bad Wolf done laid his mack hand down so strong that she think she sees this nigga in the got damn mirror! That's not all, check this shit out. Dude left his car keys on the jukebox earlier so that when she walks out, she can choose or lose. She straight chose, took the keys hopped in his car, pulled up and told him to get. That's some cold game dude laid down. Peep the story for yourself below.

[Side Note: Its always a trip how back in the day the word "love" was used to substitute the more graphic terms we use when talking about sex. Oh yeah, see if you catch the "that's fragile" reference. That's some slick literary allusion right there.]

"Innocent" Alexander O'Neal f/ Cherelle

Aight, so, after they ride out, some miscommunication must have went down on the way to the crib. Evidently, Cherrelle's "innocent" girl routine turned out to be exacly what it looked like, some straight up d*** teasing. I'm not sure if they made it to the crib or not, but at some point between the diner and the house, she got on that bullshit talking about "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On." From the looks of the video, 'Zander must have gotten pissed...he went from Big Bad Wolf to straight gorilla pimp on her ass.

Cherrelle "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On"

Now, you know how niggas do when girl get on that bullshit. They do one of two things: get mad and snap or beg their ass off. Sounds like my man 'Zander O'Neal opted for the latter.

After calming down (and probably coming down from his coke high) he got emotional realized that he wasn't going to be hitting that night, and probably no time soon. So what does he do? What most niggas with blue balls would do...he hits the streets looking for the next candidate. You have to remember now, he's far from the diner where all the willing hoochies were at. So, after roaming the streets and coming up empty, he takes it to the crib where it looks like gave his mattress and pillows the business. See it for yourself in the "If You Were Here Tonight" video.

After all that dry humping, I guess 'Zander O'Neal got himself back together and decided to give it another shot. Much to his surprise, Cherrelle was entertaining his advances. Now, seeing this change in behavior, I have to assume that Cherrelle must have been playing those games because she already had a dude she was messing with, but things were going kinda sour at the time.

Cherrelle "Artificial Heart"

You know, since things in her relationship weren't exactly on the sunnyside, she probably wanted to hook up with ol' 'Zander but didn't because she wasn't all the way sure about how to do it. So looking back on the situation, she handled it like a lil' player, you just can't be having niggas from the diner all up in the house when you got a dude who just might be home or on his way there. So, after a couple conversations and rendezvous, 'Zander and Cherrelle decided get sneaky freaky on the weekends.

Alexander O'Neal & Cherrelle "Saturday Love"

[there aren't any story telling scenes in this vid, but the lyrics at the end tell the story for you: Never on Sunday, Monday's too soon...Tuesday and Wednesday JUST WON'T DO!...Thursday and Friday, we can begin...But our Saturday love, Will never eeeeeeeeend, *sugar*]

Eventually they must have got their schedules down pat to where they could see each other more than just once a week, but they still had to keep it on the low.

Alexander O'Neal & Cherrelle "Never Knew Love Like This"
[notice that they are never actually seen together in this vid until the very end. They are in different places playing phone tag and hiding their relationship from the cameras until they catch them at the end.]

Now, besides folks being all up in their business, everything seems to be going pretty good. They got a cool little understanding going on here. I mean Cherrelle was really down for this shit. Peep these vids:

"Affair" Cherrelle
[the hook says "I don't need commitment...all I need is just to be close to you"]

Hell, she even tells 'Zander that he's on his job, for real for real.

Cherrelle "Everything I Miss At Home"

Somewhere something happened though. Their little arrangement started falling apart. I think this is around the time 'Zander O'Neal started going overboard with the booger sugar, because he just started going off for no apparent reason. It didn't help that dude in the video above obviously wasn't him. That must have got him feeling all defensive and paranoid and shit.

Alexander O'Neal "Fake"
[peep how he going off about how the woman he's singing about having long hair one day and short hair the next. funny how Cherrelle went from short to long back to short in the video above]

Alexander O'Neal "Criticize"
[peep how he was sweating hard as hell singing "don't criticize my lifestyle!"]

Eventually 'Zander's outbursts became too much to deal with so Cherrelle started cheating on 'Zander and Jimmy Jam and Terri Lewis by rolling with some of Whitney Houston's producers to put out an album. The single was "Never In My Life." The song is pretty much about growing tired of a relationship that just ain't right, wanting something new. Peep it or listen.

Doesn't sound like 'Zander O'Neal was really faded though. He got back on his Big Bad Wolf and got back on the prowl. From the looks of this video, he upgraded from cheap diners to more classy establishments. Hell, at some points, he even sounded like he was telling Cherrelle "you still got the number."

Alexander O'Neal "All True Man"

Now, to the best of my knowledge and research, all of these songs are presented in chronological order. So in saying that, man, there had to be some real life shit going down between these two. You don't just make songs like these and release them in this order by mistake. Either that or them and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis done fugged around and crafted an epic audio soap opera that deserves some type of award.

Once again I ask, am I late in discovering this? I mean, I already know I'm crazy for putting this long ass blog together, so that's not in question. But really though...ya'll got to feel me on this one.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Field Trip!

Looks like the kids are having fun on this field trip to the gym. Why couldn't my school take me on ones like this? Don't nobody wanna go see no damn Fernbank! (peep the little dudes to the far right, is this what they learn in school where they're at?)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Where's The Beef?

So I'm watching some Sunday night tell-lie-vision. A Wendy's commercial came on and I realized that someone in their marketing department finally decided that the whole men wearing wigs campaign was not a good look. Now, they just have regular commercials with normal people in it. They've opted to actually use images of Wendy instead of dudes rocking fire red pigtails.

In looking at the commercials, I got the thinking. Why don't we ever see the rest of Wendy's body? In all my years of eating and even working at Wendy's in high school, I can't remember seeing the rest of this chick's body, ever. The above logo would have you believe that Wendy is some cute freckle-faced girl who enjoys a nice hamburger (with fries and milkshake and chili and sometimes a salad) from time to time. But after seeing the shit Wendy's has been selling lately, I'm starting to think that they don't show the rest of Wendy's body because she probably looks like this.

I mean really, look at the burgers Wendy's has been advertising lately:

The Spicy Baconator. The Baconator. The Triple Stack. As Clipse and Pharrell would say...GOT DAMN!

I ain't gonna lie, I messed around and got that Baconator (twice). And yeah, the shit tasted good as hell. But, halfway through that second time I got it, I started feeling bad. I felt like a damn slob. Granted, I thought I was being somewhat "healthy" by ordering mines sans cheese with lettuce, tomato and know, vegetables. But I had to ask myself, what the hell was I doing eating two pieces of beef with 6 slices of bacon? That shit don't make no damn sense. And now to see that they are hawking Spicy Baconators with who knows what kind of sauce, jalapeno peppers and pepperjack cheese? Got damn, they must be trying to kill their customers.

As crazy as those two burgers sound, I'm most surprised to see that they are actually advertising the Triple Stack hamburgers. When I worked at a Wendy's in 11th grade, that was some shit that most customers didn't know of. Mainly, because no one (except for me and my greedy ass friends who worked there with me) would even think of ordering a hamburger with 3 pieces of meat. But, sho'nuff, there was a "triple" button on the cash register, so if someone did want it, they had it for you.

Now that I think of it, there was a bunch of crazy shit on those cash registers. I worked at the one near Cumberland Mall so, you had a bunch of snobby, rich folks who always made sure you followed the "customer is always right" mantra. This one lady came up and asked for a half-burger. Naturally, I'm like "we don't do that here." She barked that we did. I replied, "how you gonna tell me what we sell, go'on with that foolishness." To my surprise we did. The manager pointed out that there was a "1/2" button on the register. So yeah, we actually cooked this woman a whole hamburger, cut it in half and sold it to her for half the price. That was the dumbest shit I ever saw.

No hold up, the dumbest shit I ever saw was when this other lady walked up talking about she'd like a "Biggie fry with no salt." Of course, I laughed at her ass and was like, "ha, funny." But she was dead ass serious. Again, I was like "nah, we don't do that." And, again, the manager came up and pointed to the "no salt" button on the register. WTF??? So yeah, we had to dump out the already cooked batch of fries...clean the thing out to get rid of any salt residue...cook a whole new bag of fries just to give this woman one six ounce box of fries. I had half a mind to be like "nah, b*tch, you taking all these damn salt-less fries!" While were on it, what the fuck did she think she was doing? Watching her health? You order fries with no salt, but get the biggest size on the menu...the fuuuuhg???

But yeah, back to the point. Why don't we see the rest of Wendy's body? I really want to see whats up. We get to see Ronald McDonald. We get to see the Burger King. Shied, we even get to see the Jack In the Box. Why not Wendy? She probably doesn't exercise like the fellas. Looks like she does hamburger curls.

Friday, March 21, 2008

You Don't Be Takin' Care of Your Kids, HA?

So, on top of getting that Outkast email yesterday...I saw some other randomness go down. Me and R.E. were riding out to the A3C yesterday and he got a phone call. I wasn't paying attention because it wasn't my business, but he told me what was up. He was explaining to me about how Joy Deleston, the mother of two who was gunned down, along with her two young daughters by her 17-year old son was a relative of his. As you may already know, one of the daughters was the child of Juvenile.

Anyways, R.E. told me that another relative, who is currently incarcerated got in contact with him, wishing to air out Juvenile for not taking care of his child in a proper manner. If you're unaware, the whole Juvenile-child saga has been in the news for some years now. I first heard of it when he was scheduled to come down to my alma mater, Fort Valley State for a show but didn't make it because he had a warrant for his arrest and was pulled over in Macon. The warrant was over unpaid child support.

Well, R.E.'s relative wrote him a letter voicing his displeasure about the whole situation. In case you didn't know, Juve didn't attend the little girl's funeral because he said he didn't want it to become a press opp with cameras flashing. But, this letter (and the jovial look on Juve's face at a show the same day as the funeral) looks to be painting a different story.

I mean, I don't want to pass judgment on dude. I know plenty of guys who have children with women they wish they hadn't and I know that "it just be like that sometimes." But, at the same time, this looks very foul on Juve's part. From what the letter is saying, it sounds like he pretty much denounced his daughter's existence all together. But, read the letter for yourself and develop your opinions from there.

Big Boi f/ Andre 3000 & Raekwon - "Royal Flush"

Its days like this where those damn iPhone commercials really make me feel like I need the internet in my pocket. My homie Jeron Ward of Royal Flush told me he was gonna email me some new new new new exclusive Outkast shit he produced. He kept his word. But, when he emailed it I was at the A3C festival enjoying the Wale/Jeru/Little Brother/Del show.

By the time I got back to a computer the song had made its way from Atlanta radio up to DC radio where Noz got his hands on it.

Well, I got the CDQ version of the track for you guys to download. Peep it out.

Big Boi f/ Andre 3000 & Raewkon - "Royal Flush"

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dizzee Rascal feat. Bun B "Where Da G's"

This song is kinda old (to my ears) and they shot the video so long ago that I thought they just up and forgot about it, but this shit is still hard. Everybody I've tried to put up on Dizzee always complains that they can't understand what he's saying, he's really not that hard to listen if you just relax for little bit. Anyways, I've been liking dude for a few years now and it looks like he's about to get some major attention over here in the states. Peep this vid, I liked what they did at the end.

Monday, March 17, 2008


First off, I apologize if I have been guilty of this myself in the past, but, I just realized how annoying this shit can be...

But don't you just hate it when you're on the internet, and you see a friend on AIM or Gchat or YahooIM and you hit them with a "hello, how are you doing?" or "hey, what you up to?" and they hit you back with a gotdamn link to something?

Example 1:

ME: Hey, whats good?

Example 2:

ME: Hello, whats going on.

Example 3:

ME: YO! What you been up to?

WTF? I've always thought the internet makes people impersonal without them knowing it (I've been told that its had that effect on me in some respects), but damn man. That shit is almost more annoying than those niggas who answer to everything with "grinding".

Like I said, I apologize if I've done that to you in the past. I know I've had the tendency to come out of nowhere and hit folks with some news story link or a link to a blog post. Then again, alot of us have done it, and probably didn't realize how crazy it can look. But, being on the other end of that shit consecutive time gets very annoying.

So, not saying I'm the judge and jury on internet ettiquite, but, if you see a friend online for now on, take the time and courtesy to at least type some words to them before you just cut and paste some shit in the message box. Sometimes folks just might be thinking of you and wanting to say hello...or, you never know, that friend might really need to talk to you...

The KING of RIDES goes XXL!

The place I got my first check and the place I get a lot of checks hooked up a couple of weeks ago to celebrate editorial guru Datwon Thomas' recent move to Editor-In-Chief of XXL Magazine. Rolling Out has some video of the event. Check it out here. Let's see if this post gets me invited to the next one ;-)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This Show Was The Sh!t

Last night I went to a dope ass show. I was going to support the homie Small Eyez, but I didn't quite know what to expect from Spree Wilson and Tendaberry. I'd heard some of Spree's music before, but I really didn't enjoy it at the time. Tendaberry, well I'd never heard their stuff.

But man...I think I'm a fan of everybody on that stage now...all three of these acts ripped it.

Spree went on first and dude pretty much set the tone for the night. Dude played guitar, rapped, told jokes...quite entertaining. But, and I'm sure others will admit to this as well, his drummer stole the show...hell, he damn near ended it!

First, I saw the drummer doing shit I'd never seen before. He would be banging out on the drums and then he'd get up and walk around the drumset, still playing and playing on beat! At one point he messed around and let one the sticks fly out of his hand, so someone tossed it back to him and he caught it on some one-handed Randy Moss shit and stayed on beat with what he was doing.

Unfortunately, he was rocking out so hard that he put a hole in the snare. So at that point, Spree's show came to an end. And it also put Tenderberry's show in jeopardy too, being that they are a punk rock band.

After that, Small Eyez went up and did his thing as usual. I've only heard his stuff through myspace and CD, but seeing him do his thing live was an added bonus. I suggest that you keep up with his schedule so you can see what I'm talking about.

I think he only planned on doing a certain amount of songs but he kinda had to stall until that snare drum got replaced so that Tendaberry could go on. He did a good job in stalling because all of the songs he did were damn good. "Score," "Blink" and "Cruise Control" were my personal favs.

By the time Small Eyez finished a new snare had showed up so the show could go on. I'm not gonna lie, when I saw Tendaberry, I didn't know what to expect. I don't judge people by their appearance, but, from looking at these cats, you knew what they were NOT going to do, but not exactly they were going to do.

Turns out, they were a Punk Rock band and they are dope as hell. Seeing them perform reminded me how much I like Punk and made me go home and dig up some of my old Bad Brains records. I really need to cherish my little punk collection more than I do. I think the last thing I bought that could be classified as such was that first Yeah Yeah Yeah's album a few years back. I'm slipping...

Anyways, these dudes had a wealth of material in their catalog and all of it was dope. They also played some punked out versions of "Cherchez La Ghost", Prince's "Controversy" and Kanye's "Can't Tell Me Nothing." I was in that bitch rocking out!

The climax of the night was when all three acts ended the night with a jam session where Spree and his guitar joined Tendaberry to play a punk rendition of Outkast's "Elevators" with Small Eyez freestyling over it, shit was dope. Oh yeah, the drummer was banging out on the back door...

Anyways, I just felt I had to share that. I have so many peers complain about the quality and freshness of music, but yet, I don't see alot of them in the quality and fresh places. I mean, yeah, I do my share of complaining about what's out there, but I've found that in order to find the new new, you have to go outside and play. Its that simple.

Seeing this show last night really has me kicking myself for not buying a video camera yet. I have to put that on my list of purchases for next month. This would have been a perfect youtube moment.

You can peep the mixtape made to coexist with the show HERE

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Something To Talk About

Since I'm blessed enough to have a handful of friends who are teachers, I occasionally get the honor of being invited to speak to their students for Career Day and other forums. I've spoken at quite a few Elementary, Middle and High Schools...even my college Alma mater. But next month, I am especially looking forward to talking to some students at my old school, Redan High School.

Now, I wasn't the best student in high school. In fact, alot of my teachers probably considered me one of the worst. Not as in fighting, bringing weapons or selling drugs...just as in being rebellious, mischievous, disinterested, lazy and blatantly disrespectful. I wound up having to go to alternative school my entire senior year playing catch-up behind that dumb shit.

But, I did go to college, graduate and become a productive citizen, so, yeah, I am really looking forward to going back and hopefully running into old teachers who counted me out (my punk ass Spanish teacher Mr. Dorce, "como estas nuuccca!")...and the ones who knew I was better than how I was presenting myself.

When I've spoken to kids in the past, I've tried to encourage them without selling them fantasies. I also encourage them to do their own reading and not just take everything in the textbooks as law. I hate to sound cliche, but I "keep it real" with the students.

I like to think I have a positive impact most times, since I tend to get invited back to talk to them year after year. But, I think a lot of them are just impressed that I've met some of their favorite singers, rappers, actresses, athletes, etc. Oh well.

Anyways, most times when I talk to the kids the teachers give me an outline of what they want me to talk about with them. Other times I'll just come up with my own points to make. But, this morning, I came across some scary news that I feel I might just have to touch on with them.

This morning CNN reported that at least one in four teenage girls nationwide has a sexually transmitted disease. That's a whole damn lot of kids man. I mean, when I was in high school, yeah, STDs were around but it didn't seem to be THAT BIG of an issue. I mean, we'd see the stuff in the newspaper ranking what high schools had the highest number of infected students. My school usually ranked 2nd or 3rd in the county, which is the main reason why I didn't mess with any of those chicks, as fine as they may have been.

But even then, it didn't seem like we really took that news that seriously. Really, we used joke about the shit because our rival, Southwest Dekalb (SWD) would always rank 1st. So, at the basketball and football games, we'd counter their "S-W-D" chants with "S-T-D"...cruel? Yes. Funny? Hell to the yes.

But, after seeing these kinds of statistics as an adult, that shit ain't no joke. Makes me worry about these kids even more. I mean, we all like to think we know whats going on with these kids, that's why we're always so quick to call them crazy, retarded or high off drugs. But man, to have a report like this just stare you in the face, got damn.

So, I'm gonna try and figure out what I can say to tell these youngsters to be more careful out there. I don't think there is much you can say to keep them from having sex. I mean, education and even scare tactics may work for some, but not all.

Any suggestions?

Since most of them are Lil Wayne fans, maybe I should bring this ad for Strapped condoms with me...

Monday, March 10, 2008

B*tch Please!

I haven't voiced alot of opinions on this blog about this presidential election. I guess I spend so much time talking about amongst my family and friends that I never think to post alot about it. But, you should know that I'm rolling with Obama (and yeah, its because he's Black). But besides that, I really think that dude has some of the answers we need in this country. Everybody talking about this "dream ticket" stuff, really, I would have liked to see Obama and Huckabee join forces, dude had some dope ideas.

Anyways, I wanted to do a post about two things that's been on my mind lately and it seemed like the stars have aligned for me to do so.

First. I had another one of my random YouTube flashback moments. I'm sure you've had them too. You know, when you go on YouTube and just look up old ass music videos, SNL skits, interviews or sports highlights. Well, for some reason I'd gotten the urge to look up some old Xzibit videos, man, that nigga was a beast! I always thought dude was dope, but I never just waved the flag for dude like that. But, I just started remembering that I pretty much liked everything dude ever put out up until maybe 2005 or so. It really made wonder what the hell happened? I mean, you used to be able to turn on your television or radio and hear songs like "Front2Back" and "What U See Is What U Get." Just raw shit, not that "for the club" or "for the ladies" shit.

The second thing on my mind pertains to the election. Me and my brother actually got into a brief argument with our parents about them choosing to support Hillary instead of Obama a few months ago. I'm glad to say that since then they have come to their senses. I'm hoping that the rest of the country does too. Hilary ain't about shit and she proves it in her tactics.

Her latest example is how she's been going around talking that mess about her and Obama being a "dream ticket." She's trying to put out the notion that Obama (who is winning) should bow out and be satisfied with being vice-president. Now, just for comic relief, I used to agree with Chris Rock. You know, when he said no brotha should try to be the First Black President because it would be hell. Instead, he said that the brotha should run for VP and just hire some niggas to assassinate the Prez so that he could take over.

But now, nah, I'd really like to see Obama win the whole thing. Plus, how does Hillary come of her face and say this right after declaring that Obama isn't fit to be the president, yet.

Well, I don't really have say much more about it because earlier today Obama went off in a speech, pretty much saying "Bitch please!"

So, keeping in that context, I am sending Hillary a YouTube tribute courtesy of Xzibit and Snoop Dogg.

"Bitch Please"...Hillary's arms are too short to slapbox with Obama...fall back in line, breezy.


I don't do this often because um, I not too fond of lawyers and lawsuits. But I figured I'd share this with a couple of ya'll.

Smoke Sessions, Vol.1 is Devin's first release since he left Rap-A-Lot earlier this year. It sounds pretty dope, but, there aren't many of the Richard Pryor-moments that you'd expect to hear on a Devin release. Its basically just a bunch of A.D.I.D.A.S. wearing going on here. Not that that's a surprise with him, its just that there's hardly any of the sobering moments, working-class humor or straight up genius shit that you've grown to love. But, if you are a Devin fan or a avid smoker, then this is the CD for you. I guess what I'm trying to say is listen for yourself, because the last time I said anything less than favorable about a Devin release, niggas went off on me!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mos Def Comedy Jam

Judging from the last few years of his career, it seems like we should expect to hear Mos Def on everything but an album. Regardless, he's still entertaining, even when he doesn't mean to be. Check out this trio of hilarious vids on KarmaLoopTV of the Mighty Mos speaking on...

Obama > Clinton

Mike Vick

Roger Clemens

Friday, March 7, 2008

Where's Negro?

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. That's not Tim Reid standing between Jack Black and Ben Stiller. None of the actors in the picture are black.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bad Day, Worst Day

Man, its been a pretty tough day for Ceelo and Danger Mouse. First their album leaked early this morning (no links here folks). Now the video for their single "Run" has been banned by MTV, perhaps the only channel that was gonna play a vid like like that in regular rotation.

If you haven't seen it yet, here it is. If you catch a seizure, don't blame me.


I rode out to that Snoop album last was aiiight. For some reason it was sounding better on my computer than in the car which is really ass backwards, I'll give it another try but all I know is I was doing a lot of skipping. Some of the songs sounded 3 years late with the chopped & screwed hooks and he was even rapping like Mike Jones on one of the songs. I've only liked Snoop on three Pharrell beats in my whole life and none of them are on Ego Trippin'. I dunno, maybe I was expecting another Blue Carpet Treatment. Anyways the homie R.E. had a new video from the album over at his blog. Since its one of my favorite songs right now, I figured I'd share it here too.

Snoop Dogg feat. Terrace Martin and Uncle Church "Neva Have To Worry"

Oh yeah, Terrace Martin made the track and he's the dude playing the sax. I told ya'll that dude is the truth, watch what I say.

The World Is Watching

Well, I went to another Hawks game tonight. We played the Warriors. I'll save you the play-by-play analysis by telling you that the highlight of my night was copping an old school, Wilkins & Willis era, McDonald's colors warm up jacket from the team store. I'm never going to give up on my team but gotdammit man!

Anyways, in between the timeouts, they have contests and stuff where they get fans from the crowd involved. Most of them are pretty cool, but sometimes, the stuff you see on that jumbotron really makes you scratch your head.

For instance, around the 3rd or 4th quarter they do this thing called the "Kiss Cam" when they cut on Marvin Gaye's "Lets Get It On," put the camera on random couples in the crowd and encourage them kiss each other. Sometimes its cute, sometimes its entertaining, sometimes it catches you off guard because they might just mess around and put the camera on your ass if your seats are in the camera's view. I got caught in the "Kiss Cam" one time with a girl and we kissed. I warned her ahead of time about it so she wouldn't embarrass me and give me the cold shoulder. I've seen that happen to other guys in the crowd and I can only imagine that its not as funny as it looks.

When you get caught in the "Kiss Cam" everybody sees you. As soon as I kissed the girl I was with, I got like 5 text messages either saying "I see you nigga!" or "she's cute." Before then, I didn't know I had so many friends going to Hawks games, makes you kinda cautious about who you roll to the games with, ya feel me? Lord knows you don't wanna be seen with someone you have no business being seen with.

That said, there must be a whole bunch of dudes going to the games with women they either don't expect to be seen with or don't want to be seen with. Because more often than enough, dudes be on some Homies Over Hoes shit when the "Kiss Cam" gets put on them.

I know folks don't go to basketball games to play kissyface, I know that. I understand that no one wants to be put on the spot, especially all my playas out there. I also understand that some people go to the games on some straight up platonic shit, but still...When I see these cats pulling away from the female on the "Kiss Cam" it really makes me scratch my head sometimes. Its bad enough that Atlanta already has a rep for dudes not loving the ladies, so having the image of a dude frowning at the idea of kissing a woman is negative PR for the city dawg.

I mean, you don't have to just slob the girl down or gently caress her jawbone, just peck her on the lips brah. What's the harm in that?

Another sight that bothers me on the jumbotron is when they do the "Dance Cam." This is the part when they put the camera on random (usually drunk) people and try and get them to dance to what ever song the fans voted to hear in the previous timeout. Whoever generates the most crowd response wins a prize. Just like with the "Kiss Cam," sometimes its cute, sometimes its entertaining, sometimes you just shake your head at what you see.

Alot of times they will put the camera on a group of kids who just jump around off beat. Other times they'll put it on grown folks. See, when I see grown folks acting a damn fool on the screen, I don't really think nothing of it. They usually have at least a bit of sense. They don't flash body parts (sans the occasional beer belly guy) and they don't dance too suggestively (save for the occasional cougar who likes to drop it like its lukewarm). But the young girls? Oh my god! They are off the damn chain.

4 out of every 5 teenage girls they put on that "Dance Cam" dances as if they are auditioning for a Magic City promotional video. I don't care if its Justin Timberlake, Cupid Shuffle or even that "Hey Now, You're an All Star!" song, those little girls are shakin' their T&A's. The crazy thing is the crowd be egging that shit on, so, they usually win the prize. What kind of message do you think that sends? I know: "if i shake my ass hard enough, people will give me free stuff." We know what that usually leads to. I guess I can't be too too surprised, after all shake dancing is Atlanta's unofficial favorite pastime.

That's about it, I just had to speak on that because I know I'm not the only one to have thought of this shit.

Special shouts out to:

Brandon a.k.a. DJ Quiet Storm a.k.a the Hawks DJ for hooking me up with good ass seats here and there.

JBoogie for the hook up on the Warriors tickets (Marcus Thompson too)

K-Lock for the tix to the Spurs game

Demarco for the tix to the Hornets game

Rob for the tix to the Nets game

And my pockets for the rest of the games I've been to this season

Monday, March 3, 2008

Stuff People Like

Seems like there is a new phenomenon spreading throughout the web. Sparked by the increasingly popular blog Stuff White People Like, it seems like everybody likes to list things that people they know, like.

First of course came Stuff Black People Like.

Then came Stuff Asian People Like.

Today I found Stuff Educated Black People Like.

So far, Stuff White People Like is still the funniest out of all of them. But man, Stuff Educated Black People like is funny as hell too. Funny because I know Educated Black People like that. I myself have been falling into #3 lately.

I need to hurry up and come up with my own before this shit gets played out. Any suggestions?

Oh yeah, speaking of "likes" I heard a crazy ass song today. That G-Unit flunky Hot Rod has a pretty damn vulgar song out, but its so ignorant you know its going to find its way into your existence sooner or later, especially since its getting hotter outside. Its called "I Like To F**k." I am predicting that this will be the song that White girls who turn into lesbos when they drink at the club will go crazy to for the next 3 months.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

GTFOH! >:-(

So, I just paid my phone bill. As usual it was a surprise. Especially since I don't even talk on the phone that damn much. I thought I solved the problem a couple years ago when I upgraded my plan, but boy was I wrong.

Evidently, the wonderful folks at AT&T added a bunch of shit to my plan that I never even knew of. On top of that, they added shit on there that I was told differently about. One of the things was this early-evening package that has your evening minutes start at 7pm instead of 9pm. They pretty much charge you extra money to be able to have free calls starting at 7pm. Like I said, I don't be on the phone that much for that to even benefit me.

Most of the time that I'm on the phone, its business related and most of the people I do any kind of business with, I have the luxury of being able to talk to face to face or talk to over email and IM. My bill was always high as hell and this early-evening shit seemed to be doing nothing to help the cause.

The other thing they had on my plan was some bullshit text messaging plan. The thing seemed innocent enough, $5 a month for 200 text messages. Little did I know I was talking like a mah fuggah with my thumbs. So that $5 was multiplied times a helluva lot since I was going waaaaay over 200.

Well, this guy named Ralph in customer service fixed the problem for me. I got rid of that 7pm thing and he integrated my texting into my Blackberry messaging plan so I don't get charged extra for it. He was even nice enough to knock off a couple Andy Jackson's off my bill.

I was about to email all of my friends and tell them not to text me anymore unless it was really important, but now, I won't have to do that. But still, even though my high ass text bill has been eliminated, I still might scale back on that shit. After all, Gin Rummy did make a good point when he spoke on it.

Boondocks - Text Messaging