Friday, October 31, 2008

Bobby Creekwater-BC Era Mixtape

Ok. I'm killing two birds with one stone here.

First, I'm posting this vid the homie Sol Messiah sent over not to long ago. He's been pretty busy in the studio and documenting some of it on camera. Here's a brief drop with him and Bobbby Creekwater giving you a prelude to what's about to happen with them. If you don't know Bobby Creek used to be in a duo called Jatis around the turn of the century. They were signed to Loud which was also home to Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep and dead prez just to name a few. Alot people likened them to 'Kast at the time, but things ain't really pan out. Then Bobby Creek resurfaced on Eminem's Shady Records back around 04-05. He still hasn't dropped an album over there, so the wait is still on.

However in his time over there he managed to drop two dope ass mixtapes, Anthem To the Streets Volumes 1 & 2. Today he dropped his latest joint The BC Era. I haven't listened to it yet, but Bobby Creek hasn't let me down yet, so I feel comfortable posting it. If its wack ya'll be sure to tell me...aight?

DOWNLOAD: Bobby Creekwater-The BC Era

Its A Celebration! (part 3)

I haven't posted any funny party flyers in a minute because shied, I haven't been out partying. Know why? Because its a recession going on.

That didn't stop these folks from capitalizing though. If you don't have anything to do tonight nor the money to do it with, consider stopping by Club Mariachi for RECESSION FRIDAYS. That's right RECESSION FRIDAYS.

Its free all night, they got $3 drinks and 2-for-1's on the bottles! You might just win a free gas card! They need to be giving those away to everybody, I've never heard of Mariachi but that shit sounds far. And tonight they're having a Halloween Bash with a live performance from Gorilla Zoe. I hope he don't wear all that ice to the club though, got damn recession shawty.

Once again RECESSION FRIDAYS ladies and gentlemen. Why let your current financial situation keep you in the house when you can go drink and dance for cheap? We complain about all these other spots bustin' heads at the door. Celebrate your brokeness at the recession party! Broke & Boujee ain't got nothing on Broke & Broker.

{Rick James voice} Its A Recession, Bitches!

Killer Mike SMM8 Commentary On "Delilah"

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Giaaaaat Daaaaaaamn

Z-Ro is one of my favorite rappers and songs like this are reason why. Soundtrack to my life right now. I swear I need one of those "Shit Happens" bumper stickers they said Forrest Gump invented.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Swag Is Down

I spotted this at

According to an alarming new study published Monday in The Journal Of Applied Behavioral Science, the time-honored American activity of swaggering, an extremely arrogant manner of walking, has dropped by nearly 90 percent since 2007. (click here to read the rest)

Somebody needs to tell Soulja Boy this, because according to him, his swag is at an all time high.

I'm sorry. I had to do it. This song is absolutely terrible, but DAMMIT, its catchy as hell. DAMN! This song is more than a guilty pleasure. Its just bad. I told someone this song is like smoking Newports. You know its bad for you, but you just can't help it. If you absolutely hate Soulja Boy, do not click on the video or stop it now. Because you are going to be singing along to this damn song by the end.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bad News=Bad Broads

A post over at Complex reminded/inspired me to briefly speak on some thing me and my boy Eric been talking about for some weeks now. Is it us, or does it seem like the badder the news gets in this country, the better looking the anchors get?

There are times when I'm watching CNN, Headline News or even some of the local news...and just be like damn she looks good. So good that the fugged up ish she's reporting probably isn't hitting me as hard as it needs to be hitting me sometimes.

I swear, all that bailout news CNN was reporting on a couple weeks ago, it took me a little longer to realize just what the hell was happening. One, because the shit came out of nowhere. Two, the news wasn't really breaking it down for people who didn't work on Wall Street. Three, because I was distracted by the female reporters looks.

It probably goes without asking if this is blatantly done. Lord knows you don't wanna hear bad news from a Whoopi Goldberg looking mah fugga. I mean, of course there's never just been a bunch of just ugly ass people doing the news, ever. They know that you want to see a pleasant face on the TV. Its all science. Its just that, it seemed like back then, the anchors were just pleasant in the most non-sexual way possible. But now sheid...but like I said, its a science, they know what people want to see.

I remember in one of my news reporting classes in college they said most news channels either try to avoid or don't allow their anchors, especially weatherpeople to wear the color red because its too alarming. I feel that, red most definitely turns heads. When they showed us an example where the weather reporter was talking about a tornado in red jacket as opposed to a dark blue one, it made a big difference. That red jacket had me bout scared than a mah fugga.

But yeah, back to what I was saying about the looks. I guess it goes back to even when we were kids. Hearing something messed up from an ugly person is worst than hearing it from a good looking one. I remember when I was in 3rd grade, this girl named Sheroneeka (with her California Raisin with a dried up jheri curl lookin ass) had the audacity to call me ugly. I got mad as hell at her and threw my eraser at her. But when this other girl Katrina (who was the consensus "cute" girl in class) said something similar I didn't get mad and throw nothing at her. I think I just said "shut up" and sulked on the inside.

Hmmm, not sure if that example conveyed my point, hahhaa. I guess what I'm saying is if someone looking hit was telling America "yo, shit is fucked up!" people are probably going to get madder than usual because that persons face is already threatening them anyway. But when you got a nice looking female saying the same exact thing, people are gonna be like "damn, shit fucked up, damn" and just kinda sulk.

Sistas, how do ya'll feel too. I ain't afraid to say, but it seems like these news networks are also trying to hire more handsome and hipper males as well. Does that make your newswatching experience any better?

But yeah I wouldn't put it past these folks to hire exceptionally attractive women to not only boost ratings but make hard news a tad bit softer. After all, the same people who are putting these pretty faces on the screen are the same folks who always seem to stick the brotha in front of the camera when its time to report on some foul, heart-wrenching, heinous shit. While their counterparts of a lighter shade be reporting on bakes sales at the Humane Society and shit.

What ya'll think?

p.s. Yeah, I know, a couple of them pics are very average. But trust me, all of these women be looking good as hell on TV.


The homie B.Dot sent this to me. The Whaaasaaaaap guys from the Budweiser commercials are back. Not as happy though.

Killer Mike's Sunday Morning Massacre 8: "Delilah"

"I coulda been in Newbirth this morning..."--Killer Mike

Actually, that's where I should be right now as I'm dropping this post.

But OK. Back on schedule. We know its been a minute since a Sunday Morning Massacre actually dropped on Sunday. Be we back now.

This latest one comes as the flipside to SMM7-"Samson." Its known that whores are exciting people to be around. If you don't think so, you're lying to yourself. No one said they were good people to be around, I said exciting. That being said, ask anyone whose dealt with one and see how they end up. Broke and/or embarassed.

As usual, video will be coming soon, but for now now here is a message from Mike explaining the inspiration behind this song:

The standard Hebrew meaning of Delilah of is "one who weakened or uprooted or impoverished." This song is the other side of the Samson Story. We all know of great heroes and their epic falls, but what corrupts beauty and blackens a womans heart? Its growing up in dire poverty under the headmaster (no pun intended) of the school of hard knocks. And the 1st lesson to little pretty girls in the ghetto is that your body has a price. When this is the lesson women learn how are they to respond to men? I figure much like the black widow or a venus fly trap, looking beautiful and enticing men to utter death. But Brother I tell you when death looks that good in the club its hard not to wanna dance with this she devil. Delilah is more than a girl, its a mind state. A mind state we as men create when we put a price on the pussy. Ain't it only wise then for the person with the supply to charge according to demand? Just some thoughts, peace. Hope you enjoy.

Killer Mike's Sunday Morning Massacre 8: "Delilah"

Produced By B-Don For DMG, Vocals By A Game of DMG

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Rezidue Run 10.24.08

Shied. I got some decent feedback via email and chat from the first Rezidue Run so...I figured I'd do another one. Making this one really helped get my mind off some other ish. It wasn't THAT cathartic though, no messages, well, maybe a couple. But really, its just another collection of cool ass music. Yes, these are going to be very random. Tracklisting and link below:

Big Boi feat. Khujo Goodie & Cee-Lo-"Reset"
Van Hunt-"Hello Goodbye"
D'Angelo-"Devil's Pie"
Slum Village-"Fall In Love"
88 Keys-"Stay Up"
The Coup feat. Spice 1 & E-40 "Santa Rita Weekend" (rare gem from '94)
Yelawolf-"Brown Sugar"
Q-Tip-"Do You, Dig U?"
The Roots-"What They Do?" (inst.)
Bootsy Collins-"Munchies For Your Love"

DOWNLOAD: The Rezidue Run 10.24.08

Damn You, Maurice Garland

The homie Grim over at UNN emailed me this this morning. Seems like ol' Maurice Garland is a wanted man on the internet again.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Rezidue Run 10.21.08

I got a little bored today. So my mind started wandering. Thought about the other day when someone asked me what I listen to in my downtime or when I'm just doing stuff. Figured I'd answer the question this way. I put together some songs I tend to listen to every now and then when I'm just doing whatever. Tracklisting and link below...

Erykah Badu-"Soldier"
Black Spade-"To Serve With Love"
Blu-"Greater Love"
MC Eiht-"All For The Money"
The Roots-"I Will Not Apologize"
Devin the Dude-"Yo Mind"
Goodie Mob feat. 8Ball & MJG-"Soul Food (rmx)"
Cee-Lo-"Basshead Jazz"
Outkast-"Liberation" (inst.)
Eddie Kendricks-"Intimate Friends"
Black Spade-"Evil Love"
Killer Mike-"Gonna Go To Ghana"
Plantlife-"When She Smiles She Lights The Sky"

The Rezidue Run 10.21.08

Let me know if you enjoy it...

Happy Birthday Pops

My father back in day...

Happy Birthday to the coolest guy I know.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Devil Is A Lie

Crazy. The Tampa Bay Rays are in the World Series. Congrats to them.

After 10 years of existence the young team is in the championship. Just goes to show you that rolling with the devil is never good. As soon as they dropped the Devil part from their name they wind up in the World Series.

Indeed The Devil Is A Lie, word to Killer Mike.

Oh yeah, in the post game interview, series MVP Matt Garza said he was listening to 2Pac before the game, thought that was kinda cool.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Quick Laugh...

This reminds me of a time when I used to work at The Varsity during a Christmas Vacation. I was getting off at North Ave station and saw this skateboarder attempting to jump off of a platform...15 high 15 feet far into the middle of the street. When traffic slowed and finally did it...dude landed in the street and fell down hard as hell. He got up trying to hold 8 different spots on his body at the same time. I'm sorry that shit was funny....

This vid, ooof, I don't know if it funny. This shit looks like it hurts for real for real. Damn buddy...

Big Yo feat. Big Rube-"We Saying The Same Shit"


But yeah, this is a new joint from Memphis, Tenn's Big Yo featuring Rube. Pretty much speaking on how even the most intelligent cats from the South get looked at funny because "we talk funny." If you ain't up on Big Yo, go head and look him up, he's got some dope ish for all you crate diggers out there. Anybody that can reunite South Circle for an entire mixtape/album is cool in my book.

Big Yo feat. Big Rube "We Saying The Same Shit"

Spotted at 4COL

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Killer Mike's SMM (Wednesday Bible Study Special)-"Samson (A Message To the Young Black Athlete)"

"The devil got bitches on the strip like Delilah..."

No one makes it to church EVERY Sunday. Not even the pastors. So that being said Killer Mike is dropping a special Wednesday Bible Study version of the Sunday Morning Massacre.

Here Mike gives us another original concept over an original beat, speaking on the spirit of one of the Bible's most infamous tragedies, Samson and Delilah.

Of course, Mike puts the story into modern context comparing it to the downfall of Black Athlete and affluent men in general due to those dangerous creatures that some like to call women.

If you dig complete story telling, you'll love this one. I could drop some hidden jewels in the song, but you guys are smart enough to walk away with your own interpretations.

Killer Mike-SMM7 (Wednesday Bible Study Special)-"Samson"

Playboy Tre In Creative Loafing

Peep this Creative Loafing piece I did on the homie Playboy Tre, a rapper who actually gives my side of town something to be proud of.

Shout out to Rodney C. for letting me get this in. I'm just glad I was able to get my dude some more love, people are sleeping on cuz for real. Hopefully more heads will wake up soon.

If you still haven't downloaded his Goodbye America mixtape, please do yourself a favor and get it. Great music to listen to as you decide if you're gonna leave the country or not if McCain messes around and waddles into the White House.

Sup Swatts...

T-Pain-"Chopped & Skrewed"

This joint been out for a couple of days now, but just in case you haven't peeped it yet. I'm digging how he's keeping a theme to his videos for this new album so far. They're the same, but different.

Luda snapped as usual, but it woulda been nice to have Houston rapper on there somewhere, being that the song is called "chopped & screwed"...just sayin. Shit jammin tho.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Knux-"Fire"

Shit jammin.

I ain't gonna lie, I judged this book by its cover when they first started dropping stuff on the net earlier this year. I still can't get with tight jeans and bright colors, but these dudes be making some jammin ass music. I interviewed these cats about a week or so ago and left with a different perspective of them.

Prior to talking to them, they just seemed like some more funny dressing, funny acting dudes. But when I got on the phone with them, they sounded like some regular ass niggas from New Orleans. Cool ass niggas at that. Anyways, I don't feel like typing these dudes lifestory right now, so Google them for right now and check out this new song Eskay just posted.

Shit jammin.

The Knux-"Fire"

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hi Hipsters! (Hi Hater Parody)

Happy Monday to you. I spotted this over at UNN and it gave me a laugh to start my day. Hope it does the same for you.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Killer Mike on Loud Favorites

Breaking down the lyrics to "God In the Building" amongst other things. Oh yeah, the Sunday Morning Massacres will be back on schedule this weekend. Did you miss them?

Whaddup Shake

Thursday, October 9, 2008

That One '08!

Show your support for "That One" by copping some gear.


'Face on John McCain

Eskay just posted a vid from my old job doing an interview with Scarface. I'm sure as this video makes the rounds its going to spark some thought i.e. controversy. What Luda said about Hillary ain't got nothing on this.

I'm actually kinda confused. I interviewed Uncle Brad a month or so ago and he was acting very tight lipped about his stance on the election, Obama, etc. Shied, it was his tight lippedness that inspired the video I did with UNN...

Guess he don't care now...with Obama's lead in the polls widening and all. What do ya'll think about what he said. Yeah, he was clowning, but if the Fox News' of the world decide to jump on this if/when they see you think it can be detrimental? The election is only weeks away now, good or bad timing? Or am I thinking too much into it...after all, he never really actually said "fuck McCain, vote for Obama."

Shout out to J.Boogie for doing the actual interview although they didn't give her her propers.

Yung L.A. feat. Young Dro & T.I. "Ain't I" (rmx)

Man, this song is jammin' like a mahfugga. Yung L.A. did his thing. Dro came on there and got damn snapped, dropped one of them verses you just got to sing along to. Tip went the fugg off too. All of them sound good on this ish. This is my favorite song right now shawty.

The video itself is, cool. Some of the shots and color manipulation is cool, but it ain't really do anything to add (or take away) from the song. But fugg it, this one of them songs where if you already like it, it don't really matter. You know what, after a couple more looks, the video dope too, fugg it. Shout out to director Flyy Kai.

Kinda sad how they straight Wes Fif'ed my nigga Big Kuntry off the song, but its all good. Shit still dope.

"Polo to the floe, yeah muddafugga ain't iii"

I'm sorry shawty, this song is fie!!! One time for Yung L.A., Young Capone and everybody else representing Thomasville (Stat Quo where you at?)

Previously: behind the scenes at the "Ain't I" video shoot

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Quick Laugh...

Yeah...its coming up on Halloween season and people are gonna be out trying to scare folks. Just be careful who you run up on, especially when dealing with the brothas.

I used to be that "let me hide (under/behind) here and pop out" ass nigga back when I was younger. I'm not gonna get into what happened that made me stop that ish, but needless to say, I don't do that no more...hopefully this kid learned his lesson.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Sign From God?

Aight. Some of you who I talked to yesterday know that I was thinking about going to see Bill Maher's documentary Religulous (a portmanteau of "religious" and "ridiculous"). Some of you know that I was kinda scared to go see it because I didn't want to get struck by lightning in the theater. I had been going back and forth on going to see all day because I mean I ain't a Bible thumping Christian out here, but I still have questions and at the same time I'm still curious about what other thinkers think. I've never claimed to be a super-religious person. I go to church pretty regularly, but I ain't gonna lie, church really turns me off sometimes. It be feeling like I'm at a Tyler Perry show sometimes. Especially if I happen to walk in there late.

See, when you get to church on time and sit down, you get to see it from the beginning, so you'll witness how everybody may get caught up in the holy ghost. But man, if you walk up in there late, in the middle of the Christian Crunkness? Shied, you'd swear Jesus and Jay-Z was up there rocking. It looks just like how it gets mocked on TV. I ain't saying anything is wrong with you getting caught up in the spirit. I'm just saying its a trip when you walk in and thats the first thing you see because you can't tell if you're in a house of worship or at concert.

Anyways, back to what I was saying. I still have a lot of questions about religion, not my faith, I'm straight on that, but religion period. I mean, I know a lot of people consider themselves "saved" and feel like they're getting a first class ticket to heaven when they die. But, what about little kids in Pakistan? Are they not "saved" because they might have never heard of Jesus Christ? Are you not "saved" if you might have lived a number of years on this planet doing all the right things in life, but when you hear about Jesus and you're not totally sold on him? Are deaf and/or blind people not saved because they can't hear and/or read the word of God?

So yeah, I was curious to see the movie. Not that I was going expecting for Bill Maher to give me all of life's answers. I just wanted to see what people's reactions were going to be when he went around asking questions...and get a laugh or two in the process.

I was planning on going to see the movie by myself because nobody I knew was effing with it at all. Until I heard from a friend of mines, Fadia, who just so happens to be Muslim, who said she'd roll with me because she was genuinely curious about the film too. From that point on, my anxiousness only increased. Not because I, a Christian, was rolling with a Muslim to watch a film that mocks every religion under the sun. I was just nervous, just because...I knew this movie, although made by a comedian was gonna be some heavy shit. I was also nervous because I actually agreed with a good portion of what Maher had been saying in interviews in the days leading up to the film's release. As much as I think Scientology sounds like the cookiest shit ever, I can sorta understand how someone not raised up to be Christian can look at Christianity with a side-eye. So when he compared the two in an interview, I was mad because it kinda sorta sounded like it could make sense.

Then I remember hearing another interview where Maher felt that "faith" is too often used as a crutch or enabler for people to do crazy shit. Now that, I can agree with. The U.S. wreaking havoc on the Middle East in the name of oil, er, democracy is NOT a mission from G-O-D. That's a mission from G-W-B. But then Maher said some shit about faith only being useful to people who ain't got shit else, like prisoners serving life sentences. That I can't agree with...

But yeah, I was supposed to go see the movie last my friend flaked out on me. Why? I don't know, I didn't ask. I was kinda relieved. Because by that time I was really feeling strange about going to see it.

So right after that, I hopped in the car to head to head over a friends house and just chill out. In case you don't know, the CD player in my car has been acting a fool lately. I have to be very careful about what I put in there because there's no guarantee that it will ever come back out. So far its been a manageable problem because the two CD's that I have put in there since its been acting up have been great. The first one was some fresh out of the studio new shit from the homie Yelawolf. After the CD player finally decided to relinquish that CD I had to make sure the next one to potentially get stuck in there had to be something I didn't mind hearing everyday all day. So I popped my Goodie Mob Soul Food in yeah, I've been listening to Soul Food endlessly for the last month or so.

So yeah, to bring all of this together for you...I was about to see Religulous. Got flaked on. Hopped in the car and Goodie Mob was playing. The crazy thing about this is not the fact that of all CDs to be stuck in the car it was Soul Food which is pretty much closest thing you can get to Gospel rap without entering the halls of corniness. It was the fact that the CD was on the last song on the album, "The Day After." Yeah, THAT song. Anyone that owns this album and has heard this song knows exactly how I'm feeling right now.

80% through the song playing, I was just tripping off of how out of all the songs that could be playing on my radio right now, THIS one pops up. But then Cee-Lo’s verse came on and I was immediately taken back to my Sophomore year in high school when I first heard the song and heard Cee-Lo say:

I know of a place not too far away
That maybe you and I can both go someday
But I gotta make sure cause I ain't tryin' to stay here
Don't y'all realize that the end is so near
But don't have fear cause you still got time
I hope you wanna come when I'm done with the rhyme
Let me explain so you won't claim you didn't know
And you can make sure that this is where you wanna go
It's all about preparing yourself for the return
And a trip to your soul is the only way you'll learn
But if you choose not to go that ain't my concern
I guess in hell you'll just have to burn
The devil will tell lies and try to trick yo soul to receive it
They tell you that my Lord ain't coming' back and you believe it

Regardless if you listen to me
In the end we'll see...

Needless to say, that verse effed my head up all over again.

Since that was the last song on the album I let go ahead and start over. Soul Food opens with the intro "Free" where Cee-Lo is singing/praying. The first word out his mouth is "Lord." Of course I knew this, but its signifigance wasn't pointed out to me until a year or so ago when I interviewed Goodie Mob about the album, I don't remember which one said so, but I do remember one of them pointing out to me that the first word uttered on the album was "Lord" and that they meant to do that.

But yeah, at this moment I was just thinking about everything else on the album how shied, this album probably had more of an effect on my faith, spirituality and world views than any church preacher or church person has had. Hell I even started thinking about the album cover where all four of them were praying at a dinner table and how Khujo, Big Gipp and T-Mo were praying with their hands open facing up and how Cee-Lo was the only one praying with his hands folded. That image in it self showed me that while people may have different faiths and beliefs they can still co-exist with one another and come to the same table and eat, right?

That takes me back to the original reason why I wanted to see the film Religulous. I wanted to see the ridiculousness that a handful of people have brought into the world via religion...that was all. Like I said earlier, I'm not a super-religious person. I don't think that other people aren't "saved" because they weren't raised the same way I was. I do think that unfortunately, religion has become one of the most divisive ideas on the planet. We can't be cool with each other because we don't practice the same religion or pray differently? I have the right to blow you to smithereens because you ain't getting down with my program, and vice versa? I'm not even going to get into the folks who have turned church into a business that laces their pockets and ravages the pockets of others.

I ain't gonna lie, I'm still curious to see it, hell, I might still mess around and see it. I don't think Maher is bad dude for wanting answers for questions. Contrary to popular belief, dude isn't an atheist. He just doesn't believe in religion and I agree with him on some of his viewpoints towards it.

But at the end of the day, I might still go see the movie, but only when I think I'm ready. I don't think I was quite ready to see that film last night, that's probably why I was nervous. Not saying that I could have been swayed, but hey, anything is possible.

I guess the string of events that happened last night wasn't necessarily God telling "if you pay to see this movie I'm striking you where you stand." I think he was just pulling me to the side for a minute to make sure my mind was right before I did.

All praises due...

Monday, October 6, 2008


I was told earlier today that as an Eastsider I am obligated to posting this video. Yeah, that is damn near true...but please know there are a handful of Eastside music that I am not stepping anywhere near.

But I fux with Capone though, he makes some jammin ass songs. Peep this new vid from UNN on his reintroduction into the game.

What up Grim.

Oh yeah, download Capone's new single "Shawty"...yeah, I'm kinda biased when it comes to my Decatur ish. Had this kinda song came from anybody anywhere else, I prolly wouldn't even sneeze at it. So what though. Don't worry 'bout Shawty's blog...

Young Capone-"Shawty"

A Message From A.LEON CRAFT

Sol Messiah just sent me over some new ish from A.Leon Craft aka Big Mark of Da Backwudz/Labratz fame. He just made his latest mixtape, Mothership Dillaleon, available for download on the net. I haven't listened yet, but the homies haven't let me down yet. Peep it out...

DOWNLOAD: A.Leon Craft-Mothership Dillaleon

Don't Be Surprised When....Episode One

Don't be surprised when... hear about this son of a rich man rapper Stack$ getting his wig split and his shit stolen. Congratulations young man, the entire world knows that you are driving around in $700k car and evidently have more where that came from. Kudos on telling everybody that you live in the Miami area as well.

We here at don't wish harm or illness on anybody. We're just saying...don't be surprised if this cat becomes a victim very soon.

R.I.P. Johnny J

This past Friday producer Johnny J died from an apparent suicide in LA County Jail. If the name doesn't sound familiar it because Johnny J was a producer operated in a way where he simply let his music do the talking for him. Though he had a pretty extensive catalog, he will forever be known as "2Pac's producer."

That's the thing about Pac's music, you was so caught up in feeling it that you never really bothered to ask or care "who made the beat?" 9.5 times out of 10 it was Johnny J. Being that you didn't hear dude get named dropped a lot, you get the sense that Johnny himself didn't care that people knew "he made the beat."

For those of you who've bought Pac albums and read the credits Johnny J was already a familiar name. For the rest, just know that the music world really suffered a loss with this one.

R.I.P. Johnny J

Friday, October 3, 2008

Willie The Kid Speaks On "Thang Back"

Not too long ago me and the homie R.E. got invited to Aphilliate's studio to peep some tracks from Willie The Kid's new mixtape project Absolute Greatness. While I was there I asked him a couple questions about the songs he was letting us hear. The song he's talking about here is "Thang Back" which offers his reports on the gun violence in his home town, Grand Rapids, MI aka "Gun Rule."

Song is too appropriate because shied, every time I think of Michigan and its gun lovers, I think about that scene from Bowling For Columbine when Micheal Moore went into this bank that rewards you with a free rifle when you open an account and deposit a certain amount of money. That's wild.

Anyways, check out the video and the song itself, feel free to leave your views.

Absolute Greatness is in stores and online now.

Download: Willie The Kid-"Thang Back"

p.s. this is my first vimeo post. still learning how to use it, and I'm not a big fan of it right now. If the video above video doens't work right for you, click here to peep it on YouTube.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dear Joe Biden....

"Whattup Joe?" That's a little Chi-town slang for ya, I'm sure Obama's hit you with a couple of those by now. You probably aren't going to get a chance to read this since you're busy preparing for your debate. I'm just writing to make sure that you are doing just that, preparing.

I know its funny to talk about and its provided a lot of comic relief, but don't go into this thinking that Sarah Palin is dumb as a doorknob. Because if you do, you're falling right into the trap. I'm no debate expert, but in my years, I've noticed that debates aren't always about who's right...its about who sounds right.

Yeah, Palin hasn't exhibited the ability to answer direct questions, but, most debates aren't about answering direct questions...they're about talking about what you feel and what you think. Palin is really walking around this bitch thinking that she should be Vice-President and that John McCain is the best man for the Presidential job. A friend once told me, a person who has convinced themselves that they're crazy is way more dangerous than a person who is actually crazy.

So Joe, what I'ma need you to do is enter this debate as if YOU'RE the underdog. Don't fall for Palin's playing dumb routine. You've been on this earth longer than me, you should know by now that a lot of women looooove to play dumb. Some of them do it to seem less intimidating, others do it to fool suckers into doing whatever it is they want. Don't be a sucker Joe.

I need you to act like she is the smartest, best, greatest debater walking the planet and you need to do all that you can to win. Act as if she has all of the answers. Act like she's NOT wearing a skirt.

Even when she doesn't have the answer, don't fall for that shit and stoop to her level by offering a dumb ass answer of your own out of sympathy.

I know its gonna be difficult. You don't wanna get her too bad because then some of these dumb ass voters are gonna claim you was picking on a girl. But fuck that, this is a debate, not a domestic dispute about not taking out the trash. Get her ass Joe. She's in the debate just like you and best believe, she's gonna swing on yo' ass with every intention of knocking you out. Women don't hit dudes not expecting to get hit back*, so give her the business like she stole something. Give her the business like she turned off the football game. Give her the business like she ain't got dinner ready Joe. Whup her ass!

Aight, peace.

*For the record, a woman told me that. I don't hit women, even if they've hit me. Just had to clear that up. I know how people read stuff wrong on the internet.

Grind Time X Grand Hustle?

Tip dropped his album this past Tuesday...did he also drop a hint in this interview? All I know is the other times these two dudes have hooked up have been nothing less than fie...if all of this comes to pass, we could be looking at a straight up Southern Roc-A-Fella/Dip Set type thing. I'll keep ya'll posted if/when/as stuff develops.

The "era of the bullshit" just might be coming to an

Clip spotted @ Kaos' Spot

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rock City Puts Out A "F*ckin'" Mixtape

If you ain't up on Rock City, here is your chance to get introduced...

I've been watching these cats since they was rocking Club Crucial a few years back. Its been said that they are too Dancehall for Hip Hop and too Hip Hop for Dancehall...either way they make some dope ish. After building an industry buzz from writing some of your favorite pop records, it looks like they're finally getting the looks they need as artists. They are set to drop an album on Interscope pretty soon, but until then check out their Put The F*ckin Album Out mixtape.

Download Put The F*ckin Album Out