Thursday, November 12, 2009

This Saturday November 14th, 2009: Fahamu Pecou's Whirl Trade art show

This Saturday Fahamu Pecou will be hosting the opening reception for his new Whirl Trade exhibit.

WHIRL TRADE is atlanta based artist Fahamu Pecou’s first solo exhibition with Get This! Gallery. The show will focus on a new suite of NEOPOP paintings inspired by his travels abroad and specifically in Africa. WHIRL TRADE addresses the impressions, interpretations and misconceptions of blackness that African descended communities perform for each other. Referencing the photos of West African photographer, Malick Sidibe, Fahamu has created a series of black and white images that are interpreted as faux magazine covers. WHIRL TRADE is the mash-up of black bodies influencing and being influenced by one another through popular media and entertainment.

A few words from Fahamu Pecou about WHIRL TRADE:

“Hip-hop has become the dominant contemporary American cultural export. As a US-based artist who grew up as part of the first wave of hip-hop, I often experience a degree of culture shock when I travel to cities, towns and villages around the globe and watch the context and form of my “home” culture appropriated in ways that appear misconstrued and distorted. In part, WHIRL TRADE re-presents, questions and plays with these global representations.

Likewise, African American cultural art forms, like hip-hop, have often recycled the same misinterpretations of African culture and Africanisms that US citizens are fed through media, music and entertainment. WHIRL TRADE, then, is my own dizzying struggle to discover what “blackness” we learn from each other through these cross-cultural fun house mirrors as well as some of the African roots we miss through these distortions.”

The exhibit will be on display until January 9th, but we all know that the opening reception is when it really cracks. Sol Messiah is DJing so you already know what it is. Oh yeah, on the back of the flyer I have it says "presented with support from Pabst Blue Ribbon." So you know what that means!

Get This! Gallery
662 11th. Street
Atlanta, GA 30318

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