Tuesday, November 24, 2009

www.MAURICEGARLAND.com Ticket Giveaway: Big Boi x Clipse x Yelawolf at The Gallery at King Plow

Thanks to the wonderful folks of The Gallery Group, I'm able to giveaway two pairs of tickets to this incredible show which goes down this Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. I'm letting one pair go today and another tomorrow.

As usual with my giveaways, were going to do some (simple enough) trivia:

Out of these six facts about them, name three that Big Boi and Clipse have in common:

1.) Has served in the US Armed Forces
2.) Has been nominated for a Grammy
3.) Has owned a clothing line
4.) Has been Punk'd by Ashton Kutcher
5.) Has been signed to Jive/Arista Records
6.) Has recorded a song with Bun B

First person to leave the correct answers in the comments section gets the tickets! Make sure you leave your email addy or twitter or something so that I can contact you with how to claim your prize. Good luck folks.

Tickets also available HERE

UPDATE: Contest is now closed. Check back tomorrow for the next giveaway.


Janee TMB said...

The Clipse and Big Boi have 3. 5. and 6. in common. They've all had clothing lines, been on Jive/Arista and worked with Bun B.

1106 said...
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Jason C said...

1.both have been nominated for grammys
2.both have had a clothing line
3. both have worked with Jive/ Arista


Dust said...

2. (Grammy nom), 3. (clothing line), 5. (Jive Arista).


Danielle said...

Hmmm...I could be way off, but here goes:

2.) Has been nominated for a Grammy
3.) Has owned a clothing line
6.) Has recorded a song with Bun B

Did I winnnnn??


Danielle said...



Miss Solow Dolow said...

Okay, now that I just woke up! 2, 5, and 6. Boaw boaw!

misssolowdolow said...

Oh yeah, iahanotu06@yahoo.com. =)

M said...

grammy nom, jive/arista, clothing