Monday, November 16, 2009

Hollyweerd feat. A.Leon Craft-"So What"

The fellas from Hollyweerd invited me over to the studio not to long ago to let me hear a batch of the new stuff they were cooking over there. All of it was pretty dope. Folks was comparing them to 'Kast at one point in time, but I think that was moreso because anytime someone does something odd or different in Hip Hop, 'Kast is always the closest frame of reference. But the stuff I heard over there really shows that Hollyweerd is building their own musical identity. This is one of the joints they let me hear. Its going to be on the new SMKA The 808 Experiment Vol 2 project.

Oh yeah, I'm glad I get an excuse to post this dope ass art work Corey Davis did for it. From what I see they must be using this as a theme because they used it for the "I Wanna Meet Her" track they did with Spree Wilson as well.

Spotted at GBL

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QuantumPeach said...

i am sooo digging this track. i been jammin to it and Freeway's latest mixtape all weekend! I cannot wait for Hollyweerd's next album. I hope its in stores because I really want the purchase a disc for the liner notes and artwork.