Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Behind the Scenes Pics: Bun B x Pill x Motion Family x Bertell

Yesterday the OG Bun B was in town to shoot a video for this song "She's Bad" with Bryan-Michael Cox's artist Bertell. He hit me and invited me out just to chop it up for a sec and fall through the shoot. As expected small crowds started forming when Bun was spotted walking around and posting up. Sheid, folks was running up on Pill too.

The video was shot at Dallas Austin's ROWDY store at Lenox Mall, they actually had some ish in there that was kinda fresh. Quite snug, but fresh. The video was shot by Motion Family. Figured I'd take some pics for the cause. Hopefully I'll be using this above pic for a track that I'll get to leak in the near future...

Chris Johnson, Bun B, Pill and Whiteboy D

Bertell, Case, Bryan-Michael Cox, Bun B and Pill

Bryan-Michael Cox, Bun B and Pill

Bun B and "She's Bad"

Pill and David KA of Motion Family

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