Monday, November 30, 2009

GTFOH: Steven Seagal's "Lawman"

I saw this while watching First 48 and man...

This is the cruelest joke in the history of television. Steven Seagal shawty? Really brah? This how you know it doesn't pay to be a criminal anymore. They're making your getting caught sheer entertainment. Its one thing to broadcast survallience videos of The World Dumbest Criminals...its another to run up on folks with the guy from Above the Law.

I swear, folks on this show are going to have one of two reactions. They either gonna think they are being Punk'd...or they think they are about to see a slow death because of scenes like this:

And really what kind of people are they going to be pullig over? From the previews it looks like they damn near pulling over dudes for parking tickets and yelling at their wife too loud. These dudes don't look like mobsters or nunchuck-wielding goons. And he teaching cops yet another way to f*ck somebody up on these streets...this is overkill shawty.

Plus, I'm curious to see what Seagal is even able to do anymore. I interviewed him once a few years ago and he looked very out of shape. Plus, in his last couple of movies he looked like a damn penguin the way he was flapping and flailing his arms around. But hell, anybody can be deadly with a weapon I guess.

But yeah, the show debuts on Wednesday on A&E. I really feel sorry for the dudes that are about to get jammed up on this show.

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Danielle said...

Sadly...I think I'm gonna have to check this show out tomorrow lol. I can't pass this up it sounds and looks hilarious.