Monday, November 23, 2009

Prynce Performing "Studder" at Hot Beats studio in Atlanta

Last Friday night Greg Street invited me a few other folks to Hot Beats studios to check out Prynce and hear some tracks from his latest mixtape What The DEC Been Missing Vol. 2. If you've stopped by over the last couple of weeks you already know that I'm up on this tape. But I figure the purpose of this listening was to let people meet Prynce and get to know him a little. All I'll say is that dude didn't dissapoint anyone (neither did the hot wings, Ciroc and wine).

Dude can really rap his ass off if you didn't know already. He performed a couple songs in the studio and did a damn good job. He also let us hear a couple tracks from his album thats set to drop on Konvict Muzik/Def Jam sometime next year. Granted, Prynce is being backed and supported by one of the biggest radio personalities in the country, the biggest rap label in the world as well as Bu Thiam (Akon's brother) who is now VP at Def Jam...but even with all of that I'd still think that dude would make it on his very own, dude is dope. And I'm not just saying that because he reps for my side of town (hell damn near my street).

I'm slowly making the transition away from Flip cam footage but I captured some of Prynce performing what's probably my favorite song on the mixtape "Studder." If you didn't catch this song or tape when I posted it last week, here you go again.


DOWNLOAD: Prynce-What The DEC Been Missing (mixtape)

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