Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oprah Is Keeping It Grill

Oprah Wing-frey is feeling it from the recession too I see. A couple of years ago she was giving away cars, nowadays she's giving away chicken. My brother thinks its rather coonish. I'm just skeptical of all of this damn chicken being given away all of a sudden. Popeye's, El Pollo Loco and now KFC? Something has got to be up whenever something is just given away for free or super cheap all of a sudden. Ya'll talking about swine flu, you need to keep an eye out on these chickens. But yeah, if you want some free chicken, you have until tomorrow to download the coupon and the 15th to use it. Tell'em Oprah sent ya!


zone3 said...

what up with the free pollo loco? i musta missed that.

Anonymous said...

LOL that was too funny from cars to chicken.