Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sights and Sounds From Sweet Auburn Fest

Just checking in briefly with some pics and video from the Sweet Auburn Fest. I went down there yesterday evening and hung out for a little while. Figured I'd break the camera out and take some shots here and there.

Greg Street

This was easily the shot of the day though:

"Futuristic" water...I bullshit you not. When I saw this, I just knew some "swag" water was going to be around the corner. I didn't see any though. If you are wondering what "Futuristic" water looks at taste like, visit your local grocery store, go in the bottled water aisle and pick up some Deer Park, because that's all it was. Maybe the blue ice cooler they kept it in is what made the water "Futuristic."

Oh yeah, in case it didn't go out on twitter, I got some Qik footage on what was supposed to be a Slam Dunk contest. Very entertaining.

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