Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sugar Hill's Last Jam Re-Cap and Photos

Happy Hangover Day everybody. Hope all of you enjoyed your Cinco De Mayo activities. I know I did. Me and a few of the homies hit up El Ezteca (boy has THAT place changed) and then ducked down into the El Bar for a few ticks. After that we all mobbed over to Sugar Hill for their grand closing of sorts.

As you saw here last week, Sugar Hill is closing its doors. Now, co-owner Richard Dunn said their going to be moving to another spot, but until then its a wrap for the Hill. They went out with a bang though.

Walking in their kinda felt like a family reunion. You ever walk into a place and felt like you knew EVERYBODY in that b*tch? That's how it felt in there, good time was had by all.

Richard Dunn, J.Carter, Salah Ananse

DJ Dibiase and Dres Tha Beatnik

[nice young lady who's name I forgot] Deshawn Kennedy, Nikki Marshall, Branden Peters and Bem Joiner

Scar and DJ Princess Cut

I really don't have too much to say about the night that I hadn't said on Twitter already:

At sugarhill last jam....joi is fine as hell!!!!!

@bemjoiner where u at? i need to get this pic of you and jabari

@aceduece on stage at sugarhill right now

I captured some Qik cam footage of Phillipia and Anthony David hitting the stage, as well as a send off from the homie Senor Kaos. You check the vids out up in the right-hand corner.

But yeah, as usual, check out the photos. Keep in mind, last night was sponsored by two pitchers of margaritas, so...yeah. Peace.

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Mike Licht said...

Fight fiesta hangover. Eat menudo.