Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eastside Pride: B.o.B. Gets His Own Reebok Sneaker

B.o.B.-"Atlanta, GA" (2007)

Granted, they aren't as popular as they used to be, but having your own Reebok Classic is the shit if you're from Decatur, which is why I'm posting this. As much ish as people may talk (me included at times) about B.o.B.'s musical development over the last couple of years, I got to say I'm happy as hell to see this. Score one for the hometeam...

I remember we used to wear Reebok Classics religiously. They were the perfect shoe. They matched with everything from a crispy creased Tommy/Nautica/Polo outfit to whatever you just happened to throw on. Most of all, before you started working and making your own money, they was pretty much the only good-looking affordable shoe that your parents didn't mind buying you for school time. Damn, I miss my Classics.

Man, Reebok Classics are sooooooooo Eastside, and to have the release go down at South Dekalb shawty? This idea is pure genius and its only right that an Eastsider get his own pair. Like really, I don't think ya'll understand where I'm coming from on this.

See, as much unity there is in Atlanta, there is also subliminal segregation. There was a time when folks could tell you wasn't from their side of town based solely on how you dressed. Any of ya'll can correct me if I'm wrong...but it always seemed like folks in Decatur wore Reeboks. Westsiders wore Jordans and Southsider wore Air Max's or whatever the "hot" $100 sneaker was at the time. Granted, people from all sides of town wore these sneakers at the same time, but you were just more likely too see one of them dominate the area. Which is why folks always knew I was from Decatur.

Case and point. Before I got a car, I was on MARTA. So when I'd want to go visit some girl across town or hell, just go to a mall other than South Dekalb, I'd hop my ass on MARTA and ride out. It never failed. From the time I'd go past Five Points headed either West or South...cats always looked at me funny. Not funny as in they were about to jump me, but just that "I don't know you, you ain't from around here" look.

After while, I realized it was because of what I was wearing. Like I said, Atlanta niggas all kinda dressed alike for the most part back in the day. But if you from East Point and you saw a dude riding the 182 headed to Greenbriar, decked out in some Reebok Classics with a matching Reebok t-shirt (and shorts if you was doing it like that) you absolutely knew his ass from the Eastside. And it went vice versa for niggas falling through the Candler Road flea market decked out in Jordan gear. Folks rocked Jordans on Eastside, but never quite to that extent.

Or it could just be the way we walked. Because I remember walking through Greenbriar rocking some '96 Olympics Air Max with the matching shirt and still catching a couple "iono buddy" looks.

But yeah, congrats to Bobby Ray landing his own Reebok sneaker. Not that it was ever to be doubted before, but this cat is officially a Eastsider, hahahah! Depending on how I'm looking, I'ma try to cop a pair to show support. I just hope Reebok finally did something about the toe tip on the shoe. Everybody knows that you can only go for so long before the toe tip start flapping. And there is no fixing that shit. Superglue, tape, staples...yeah, I've done it all trying to salvage my Classics. I'm really hoping they've done something to solve that problem.

But yeah, if you're around come through and show some support:

Bobby Ray x Reebok
Thursday, May 28, 2009
Foot Locker at South Dekalb Mall
2801 Candler Road, DECATUR, GA


air max said...

good post, always glad to hear about success for BOB. im from the north side and it was mostly east side kids that got bussed up here to go to school. i never made the connection before but youre right, everyone wore classics. they were just as popular as forces for a while. nowadays everyone acts like nobody ever wore reeboks. lately though theyve been putting out a lot of tight colors, tighter than a lot of the nikes coming out

M said...

damn this was funny..

KaMo said...

hilarious... but so true... Classics used to be everybody's back to school staple...I love the Eastside!