Thursday, May 28, 2009

Whats On Lucious' Leftfoot?: Big Boi Rocks Fakes?


Ok. I guess I can't just act like this ain't happening. So...

The net is buzzing about Big Boi's "Space Jam Jordans" that he rocked during his Sneaker Pimps performance a couple weeks ago. As you already know, I was at the show. Front row even. And like I told you there, they call out folks rocking Fakes. So when I saw Big Boi hit the stage in these J's I was like, ehhh, they don't quite look right.

I swear I started to roast Lucious' Leftfoot, but I was like nah, I'm not super sneaker head like that. I didn't want say something and be wrong. Plus, at the same time I was like, shied, this is multi-millionaire Big Boi, ain't no way in hell this man has some fake Jordans on. They must be some super-duper rare exclusives or something. And between the shows hosts, Dave, DJ Clark Kent and Greg Street's jonin ass, surely one of them woulda called him out. But again, this is Big Boi we're talking about, even if they are fake, who was gonna call this man out, on stage? He warrants too much respect. That's like going on stage during a Parliament Funkadelic show and asking George Clinton "you been smoking rocks tonight shawty?" Even though its a harsh truth, I've both seen and heard of Mr. Clinton with pipe in hand, and this Clinton does inhale.

However, I shoulda known something was up when C-Bone asked Big "whats those on your feet?" and when he replied "oh, some of them...Space Jam Jordans" the crowd gave a collective Scooby Doo "huuggghhh???" and laugh.

But yeah man. I don't know if all of this warrants me hopping across the street to ask this man "Where'd You Get Those?" But damn, if I do happen to see his car parked out front today, I will be tempted to.

But yeah anyway, lets end this on a good note. If you happen to be on the Eastside today, fall through South Dekalb Mall and check out B.o.B.'s Reebok release. Once again, I reiterate, Reeboks were the shit growing up. Hell, its what kept alot of kids who couldn't afford Jordan's, Deion's and stuff like that in style and away from having to rock XJ900's, Pro Wing's and Hoop-It-Ups. Folks that went to Miller Grove remember those fake ass sneakers. Instead of the Jordan logo, they had two dudes going for a jump ball...hellllll naaaaaawwww.

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