Monday, May 4, 2009

Jon Barry Suffers From Bitchassness

City of Oakland, how did such a douche get to be born in your city? Do you claim him? Georgia Tech, how did such a {whew, not sure if I want to use that word here} end up coming to your school? Do you claim him? Bucks, Warriors, Lakers, Kings, Pistons, Nuggets, Rockets...and sadly even my Hawks (twice), how did you allow yourself to employ such a bum?

Calling Jon Barry names on my blog won't prove anything. Hell, posting his ugly mug on my site might just throw my layout off and detract visitors from coming back. But on behalf of Hawks fans everywhere FUUUUUUUUUUUG YOOOOOOOOOU!

Coach Woodson summed it up this morning on 790 The Zone (5:16 mark).

Jon Barry is truly the new Bill Walton. An undeserving ex-NBA bum who has been given a platform that he shouldn't have.


Anonymous said...

He went to Tech. That should explain everything. They are all douches there.

southpeezy said...

@ Anonymous you must be a 'Dawg. hahaha

M said...

motherfuck a jon barry... if i see him im gonna slap his bitchass