Wednesday, May 13, 2009

M-E-T-H-O.D. Men

My brother just put me onto a story about a 350-pound Meth bust up in Duluth. That's a whole Premro Smith worth of that bad. There was a time in my past where I spent an extended amount of time around some meth heads (you can ask why, I don't mind...and no I wasn't smoking or selling), and that stuff is bad news. That ish just might be worst than crack, I could be wrong.

But, the reason I'm posting this is for two reasons.

One, these dudes made history in their own little way for getting busted in the largest seizure in the eastern U.S.

Two, once again, I notice that how when ever a minority commits a crime, they plaster their face all over the place. But when White hoodlum does something similar "police are not releasing names or pictures at this time." It seems that even amongst the Black and Brown there's a pyramid going on too.

With this particular story, you had read and click around to see the photos, still. But, if this were to happen off Boulevard, you woulda seen a young Black kids face all over the story. Case and point, as I'm typing this the same news site has Jonathan Redding's face on the front page.

Am I tripping right now? I am leaving my saneness up for debate this second. Let me know.


Nadine G. said...

Aww, dude. You already know what it is... SMH.

Баян said...

i can see truth in what u say and relate to it, in Israel whea they don't like jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union (Russia and others), once a "russian" (which is a word for a russian speaking jewish immigrant) commit a crime, his name and persona get quickly publicized, even in the local newspapers, while native israelites are providently spared of such kinda luxury

Баян said...

oh, that's called discrimination BTW LMAO