Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Stumbled across this video of a dude ranting about how terrible the free chicken promotion Oprah Wingfry is spearheading. Sure, he makes some good points...but damn, damn near everything we consume is bad for us in some way. There is no perfect food. My thing is, all of these health nuts going on and on about how terrible this chicken is, but hell, people are hungry. When the health nuts start giving away free brocolli, then we can talk. Until then, chill out, juuuust a little bit. You ain't about to convince people who pay for chicken everyday to not take advantage of free chicken, I'm sorry. I think ya'll would be more effective if you encouraged people to excercise after eating it.


Ain HD said...

Exercise after eating it? That will do nothing about the toxins in the chicken, sweetheart!

southpeezy said...

Ain HD

Wouldn't that lead to sweating and defecating the toxins out though?