Friday, May 29, 2009

Frantic Friday in Atlanta (6/5): Devin The Dude & 88-Keys, Camp Lo and FILA Party

Consider this a 7-day heads up. Some of ya'll might have seen the tweet I made about Atlanta the other day and this is a prime example of it. Not really complaining over this one, but damn, I feel like I need to have three me's if I want hit up each of these shows. Check after the jump to see what I mean.

Devin the Dude and 88-Keys
Ambient Studio
585 Wells, Atlanta, GA 30312

My favorite rapper and the man behind one of my favorite albums of 2008 are on the same bill at Ambeint Studios (yeah, I don't know where that's at either) and I have to be there. Devin hasn't been in Atlanta since DJ Princess Cut brought him through Club Crucial 3 years ago.

Forever I Love Atlanta (FILA)
595 North
595 North Ave, Atlanta

I just found out about this party the other day from the homie Keinon of FCC. Every FCC party I've been too I've had a good time, feels like you're family even if you don't know na'an ngh in there. My blue Fila's got stolen out of my gym locker a few months ago (damn, I still haven't told that story) but I might just hit up Walter's and get a new pair just to hit this up.

Camp Lo
1259 Glenwood Ave (East Atlanta Village)

Crazy, me and my brother was just jamming to some Camp Lo on the way to Miami last weekend. From what I've heard, I hear they still got it. Plus the homies Binkis Recs and Senor Kaos are hitting the stage. I also want to check the dude Stanza out. On top of that, I am highly interested in seeing what that Lucid Absinthe talkin'bout. I read in either GQ or Esquire not too long ago that that stuff has been banned for like 90 years and just became legal again sometime in the last couple years. I want to try it, but if they're going to be doing all of this there, iono about all that shawty.

But yeah, there you go people. You have one week to decide what you're going to be doing with yourself next Friday. This ain't even counting what MJQ gonna be looking like. I hope you enjoy your decision(s).


Big Rome said...

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Devin/88 Keys or The Lo?

Decisions. Decisions. I'm leaning towards the Devin/88 Keys one though.

Anonymous said...

Camp Lo ftw fo sho. I've seen BOB like 90 times already this month. I've been waiting for a proper Binkis show since the Jax jump off at the Earl.