Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Craigslist To Drop "Erotic Services" ads

Yahoo! News is reporting that CraigsList is dropping their "erotic service" ads section after catching flack from a masseuse being murdered by a client who responded to one of her ads. After reading the article, it looks like all they're really doing is renaming it to an "adult" category where people wanting to advertise their "services" will have have to be screened and pay a fee to do so, as opposed to the old method where you could just set up shop with a "got that p*ssy" sign.

Its sad that it took someone getting killed for somebody to do something about this internet brothel. I mean, I don't care too too much about things that I myself don't partake in, but the Craigslist brothel truly represented all that's wrong in the world. You can just buy p*ssy on the internet like it ain't nothing? On Craigslist? A site that anyone can go to, no matter who young you are? Crazy.

I got hepped to this by my boy Eric who wrote a story on Craigslist prostitution for Ozone's Sex Issue year or so ago. I mean, I always kinda knew folks was selling sex via internet under the guise of being a "model" on myspace or what not. But I never knew there was eBay for sex. So, the story was very interesting to say the least.

Out of sheer curiousity, I let my eyes fall upon the "exotic services" page a couple times and boy...that ish was wild. Especially the profiles with the pictures. Not going to get into details, but all I'll say is that Nas' "Black (White, Hispanic, Asian) Girl Lost" kept playing in my head.

Seems like ever since that story came out, the more and more I heard about dudes going on Craigslist and buying hoes. I had an associate who purchased a couple pieces from there. Said one experience was good, another was bad. I'm just glad dude ain't get set up, never know what folks true agenda is on the internet.

If you want to peep Eric's story, here are some links:

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