Monday, May 4, 2009

Black HERstory Month: Ida Ljungqvist

I know I know. I don't usually post too many girlie flicks on the site, but I'm making an exception today. Ida Ljungqvist (um, I think its pronounced Lind-quist) is the 2009 Playmate of the Year, making her the first African to be bestowed the "honor." She was born in Tanzania.

You can visit her Wikipedia page or google her if you like to find out more about her. Google for racy pics too, 'cause I'm not posting them here.

My opinion? (glad you asked) Yeah, she's a winner. I mean, anyone that knows me knows that I like'em with a little more meat on their bones though. When I heard 2 Live Stews talking about her on the radio this afternoon saying she was the first "African" to be a Playmate I was thinking chocolate skin and curves, they said they hadn't seen her yet either. So when I looked shawty up, I wasn't really surprised to see she was of the Traci Bingham variety. Thinking or expecting her to "look" a certain way was probably ignorant on my part though. Guess I'll have to flip through Straight Stuntnin to see some "sistahs."

Ida don't have much of an ass, but who looks at Playboy for the ass, everybody knows their known for the "articles." But still, Ida is nice. I mean, if she came up on me and said "hello Maurice, would you like my phone number?" I'll say "yeah."

Either way, congrats to Ida L. Judging from this accomplishment and the hate that's already coming with it, she should be star for years to come.


Баян said...
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Баян said...
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Баян said...

her sirname is sexy too LOL

if it was me who she came up to offering her phone number, I'd say "Well thank you, you can have mine" LOL
or in another scenario, if it was me who she came up to saying "Maurice, would you like ...", although i'm not Maurice I would have to agree I am

from her Wiki:
"in November 2008 MSNBC reported there was a custody struggle between the two of them over their pet chihuahua, Bonnie."

shit, i'm speachless

Anonymous said...

Ida was the most beautiful playmate of 2008 and I've been campaigning for her all year. Did you even see her centerfold spread, her ass is nice and her entire body is perfect. I'm a 16 year old white kid from San Diego so maybe I don't consider a butt the size of a 1963 Volkswagon the perfect size butt, however her butt is large enough to use as a pillow. I tell that's what a perfect woman looks like to me and if I could spend the rest of my life with someone that looked like that life would be sweet.

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