Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Thought He Had 'Caine But It Was Gold Medal Flour": Willie D. Busted for iPhone Scam, Facing 20 Years

AllHipHop is reporting that Willie "Muthafuckin" D. is facing 20 years for his involvement in a international iPhone scam. They're saying he was using eBay to sell electronics including iPhones to people, taking their money, but not sending the phones out. When they'd complain, he'd tell them the package was probably stolen and that he couldn't refund them until the package was found. Eventually he'd lose contact with them. Classic hoodwink, just gone digital.

This is crazy because I was just singing "Mind Playin Tricks On Me" when I was getting dressed the other day and when I got to Willie D. part, I was like damn, he was dirty cat on this song.

"Is it the fool that I ran off the block? Or is it that nigga last week that I shot?/Or is it the one I beat for $5,000? Thought he had 'caine but it was Gold Medal Flour."

Dude. That my friend is shiestiness at its finest. If this story is true its a damn shame. I thought Willie was doing some real estate in the Middle East or something.

Sounds like Willie has to swallow one of his own pills in this case: "game recognize game, shiesty ass nigga"

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Баян said...

could that be the type of real estate Mark "you know who" from Houston was involved in?..