Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So, today the nets are buzzing about a news story out of Rochester, NY about Popeye's running out of chicken. Alot of people are crying "racist" because of the way Black people in the video are made to look like they just can't live without their chicken. Boo...fuggin...hoo. We really need to get over ourselves sometimes. Ya'll know ya'll would have been cussing mad too if you drove to Popeye's expecting to get some chicken for the low and they didn't have any. Only difference here is that news cameras were on hand. I wonder who called them out there? I bet it was a Black chicken lover. Me personally, hell, it think its just one of those things. I found it more silly than I did offensive.

But like brother Chappelle said in the above video, what is it about chicken and Black folks? I mean we really go ape shit over chicken. I've seen dudes fight over the last chicken wing at Dugans. Seen family gatherings go awry if it ran out. Hell, I've seen moods completely change if the chicken wasn't seasoned right. What is it about chicken and Black folks. Do white people go this crazy over asparagus?

Better yet, what is it about Popeye's chicken? People seem to be losing their minds over this stuff, for real. Its good as hell I must say, but damn, just look at the how these folks are acting in the video below.

Sadly, Popeye's Pandemonium doesn't end there. In Jacksonville they are robbing at gun point for it.

Damn damn damn...


simply_unique said...

LOL Omg I so agree this was crazy! SMH Such a sad day

Lowskiwoski said...

I don't understand it when people get mad at a business that can't take their money. The lady that act like she was relying on that deal to feed her kids really let me down.