Friday, May 15, 2009

Wish/Supra x New Era/Tradition Re-Cap and Photos

above: Stevie Williams, DJ Don Cannon and Terry Kennedy

Last night I hit up a couple events last night and pretty much saw the same people at both, all good though.

First I stopped by Wish in Little 5 Points to check out the Supra/Terry Kennedy Event. They were releasing TK's latest SUPRA sneaker called the "Society."

I can't mess with the purple ones, but the black/red joints are cool. There were a few familiar faces floating inside and outside the venue.

Dow Jones and Henny of Tha Bizness

Terry Kennedy and Stevie Williams

TK, Stevie Williams and Angel (founder of SUPRA)

When all of the pictures got taken, liquor ran out and "different" looking cats started falling in, folks started making their way over to New Era for Greg Street's event.

Greg is teaming up with New Era to put out a hat series called commUNITY Neighborhood Collection. The hats will feature the names of different 'hoods in Atlanta. The party also doubled as a pre-party for the Sneaker Pimps show at the Tabernacle tonight.

As I said before, pretty much everyone just left Wish and came over to New Era. I was kinda disappointed because they were supposed to be debuting the video for Prynce's "Georgia" but there wasn't any sound they said effit and turned the game back on.

A couple folks came through here as well:

D. Map of Convertible Bertt, Cedric King of Dap Rugget and Chilly-O (three of the city's dopest fashion designers...stop sleeping on Dap Rugget though)

Don Cannon, Tim, Chilly-O, Jerome Warren and Bem Joiner

Sneaker Pimps founder Dave and the rest of his crew

They had some lovely ladies in the house as well

As always, you can see the rest of the pics, maybe even yours if you were here, in the galleries.

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Thanks for spotlighting the diamonds in the rough!