Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Take That, Take That": Justin's Atlanta scores 68 and then 80 on Health Inspection

I saw a couple of tweets about this this morning. Apparently Justin's in Atlanta needs some culinary ProActive. A CBS Atlanta report revealed that the restaurant scored a 68 on a health inspection back in March and then scored an 80 on a re-evaluation the next day. I mean, make no chicken bones about, that's some nasty sounding ish. But I have to ask...

If I was to bust up in your kitchen right right right now...would it be spic and span clean? You wouldn't have not one crumb on your George Foreman grill? You wouldn't have not one dirty spoon in the sink? Don't be so fast to judge these folks, they might have been having a bad day.

I've worked at a restaurant for a brief time and my ex used to work in one. I can tell you, those health inspections be random as hell and they look and every small minute detail as soon as they hit the door. Not saying that they aren't supposed to, but still. They'll give you a bad mark for having a magnet on the refrigerator.

Anyways, enough with the enabling. The CBS report stated that "chicken, pork and shellfish were at unsafe temperatures. Plus, there was mold in the ice machine and fruit flies in the restaurant." Yeah that sounds pretty crucial. Maybe Chef Ramsey should pay them a visit.

I'd like to know who still actually eats at that overrated restaurant anyway. I've never really enjoyed a dish there. Only time I even halfway enjoyed the food was when I had a few drinks up in me. To me Justin's has always been a spot to go to if you felt like being seen out and about or if you were an out of towner who didn't know any better.

Anyways, to anyone who still frequents that spot, I wish you good health. Food poisoning is not the business. Oh yeah, make sure you peep the rest of the restaurants on that list, they're actually worst.

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Mike Jordan said...

Damn. Does that affect the collard greens and yams too? I love the '80s like anybody else, but not on a health inspection test.