Thursday, July 31, 2008

Immortal Technique In Atlanta

If you went outside at all for the last couple of weeks you saw that yellow posters with Immortal Technique's mug were plastered throughout various spots around the city. I was on the fence as to if I was going to go or not...I'm glad I wound up there though. There was alot of energy in the building. I captured some video to share with ya'll. Cherish it if you're a fan of his, because I don't imagine dude coming back for a while.

Immortal Technique--"3rd World" (acapella)

In case you ain't catch what buddy was along:

i’m from where the catholic church is some racist shit,
they helped europe and america rape this bitch,
they pray to white spanish jesus whose face is this,
but never talk about the black pope gelasius,
i’m from where soviet weapons still decide elections,
military’s like the mafia — you pay for protection,
catamite sex tours is what the country sells,
and rich white business men make the best clientele,
i’m from where they too pussy to come film survivor,
and they murder coca cola union organizers,
i’m from where the justice system está podrido,
fuck government niggaz politic over perico,
rebelde concido, enterado vivo, como otro argentino desaparecido,
cuz rico laws don’t apply to the cia,
and muthafuckaz make sneakers for a quarter a day,
i’m from where they overthrow democratic leaders,
not for the people, but for the wall street journal readers,
from where blacks, indigenous peoples and asians,
were once the slaves of caucasians,
and it’s amazin how they trained them,
to be racist against themselves in the place they was raised in,
you kept us caged in,
destroyed our culture and said that you civilized us,
raped our women and when we were born you despised us,
gentrified us agent provocateurs divide us,
and crucified every revolutionary messiah,
so i’ma start a global riot,
and not even your fake, anti-communist dictators can keep quiet,
fuck your charity medicine tryna murder me,
the immunizations you gave us were full of mercury,
so now i see the 3rd world like the rap game soldier,
nationalize the industry and take it over

If that intrigued you...peep the full track here.

The fans also got treated to a surprise appearance from Killer Mike who stopped by to do some his track "Pressure" featuring Ice Cube. I didn't record the stuff IT was saying before bringing Mike out, but it was some real shit (i hate saying that). But for real, he was speaking on how Blacks and Latinos share similar struggles and need to unite because going at battles alone ain't always the answer...I think. But anyway, with him being Peruvian and Mike being Black, it made the moment kinda profound.

For the moments that I was there, I have to say the show was very intense. If you ain't up on Immortal Technique, I have to warn you, he ain't for the weak of heart or mind. He may not grab you if you ain't on the shit he's on. But at the end of the day though, he is a very dope MC. I myself probably ain't as big a fan of his as his fans in the crowd were. But the songs that I did like from him, I walked away liking them even more after seeing him perform them live.

As a bonus, I got treated to seeing some great turntablism from DJ G.I. Joe:

And then to a B-Boy battle (if you want to call it that) between some fan from the crowd who decided to jump on stage...

And DJ G.I. Joe him damn self...

Yeah see...that's why the stage is reserved for the pros.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

classic folk

FireBrand said...

I can't tell you how mad I am I had to work and miss this.