Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bangladesh ft. Neyo-"A Millie"

Shouts out to my nig Shondrae "Bangladesh" Crawford for having the biggest beat/song of the year and occording to some others, the decade. I used to do some lightweight PR and Graphics for dude a couple years back and he is truly one of the most creative, hardworking producers in the game. For some reason, folks just wouldn't fuck with him like they needed to or should have. Guess he wasn't industry acting enough for them. Well, his sacrifices are finally paying off as he's become a household name over the last couple months. I can't think of many more music cats more deserving of the shine he's getting right now.

Anyways, here is the latest apple to fall from the "A Millie" tree. I wonder if cats are gonna start making videos the way they was making songs with the beat?


SENOR KAOS said...

How Ne Yo got a video for a song that aint even his? What part of the game is this?

Janee TMB said...

Nice! I'm happy for him too -- one of my favorite Player Watch interviews.

Memph10 said...

he made all those, ok, good. i thuoght he was just some noname dude tat came outof nowhere.

Cypha said...

I cant front I'm not mad at ne Yo spittin', I know I should be but I'm just not!

And props to getting a fuckable chick in an "underground video"... Ne Yo is that dude!